Haters Are Every Where

I find it funny that when people read my blog, instead of commenting on the article and trying to learn something or using their brains. I get hate comments and I get comments as if I’m suppose to be writing a thesis. Everyone who writes, writes the way they want to write in their own style. Bloggers don’t need to corrected on their punctuation marks. If you don’t like my style of writing. Simply don’t read my blog. Go correct someone else. Your comments are not needed here. When I read someone else’s work, I’m reading to stimulate my mind, not to tell them you put your comma in the wrong place. Really??! Lol….I’m not being graded. Who the f*%# cares if you or I use “Lols”. Apparently someone with a lot of time on their hands. Hey….you can’t please everyone and you should try to either. Writers express yourself however you please..there’s always spell check 🙂 lol. Haters take your pet peeves somewhere else and kindly shove it 😂


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