Have Your Shit Together For You…Not For A Man Or A Woman

So many times when we are going through something and trying to get our life in order. We say “oh let me get my shit together for this woman or for this man”. No, get your shit together for you and only you. If you meet someone and you are going through something, if they don’t want to be there for you during your struggle, then they shouldn’t be there for your success.

I’m so tired of people not being there for one another, just because somebody is going through something. You mean to tell me, that just because someone doesn’t have a 9-5 or they work part-time or work from home or they don’t make six figures, that they are not worthy, that they can’t be friends with someone or they can’t be in a relationship?

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I understand that money is a part of the whole courting and dating, but it isn’t everything. Why are people so shallow. Just because someone is not where you think they should be, doesn’t mean you should write them off. There are ebbs and flows in life and for me, I notice that whenever I’m going through something and I meet someone, if I even hint around that I’m dealing with something.

It shows that persons true character about how they feel about me. God is showing me, who’s not for me. Men are doing to women, what women have been doing to men for decades. Writing them off because of money or not having their own material things or property that they think one should have at a certain age.

You never know what happened in someone’s life and why they are where they are. There are so many free things one can do. Whatever happen to enjoying someone’s company and getting to know them and just enjoying spending time together, because you like them and want to get to know them. Why does everything have to be wrapped up in money.

I’ve met men that after a few conversations or after meeting one time, they want me to help them with their bills. I’m like say what now?? WTF!!! I don’t even know you or love you like that to share my money with you. We just met…..slow down.

Everything that I’m working on and doing is for me and my future and my security and if I happen to meet a man and we have the same goals in life and love each other, enough to share our lives and everything else than so be it. But I’m not getting my shit together for some man.

As much as I want love. There are no guarantees. There is no blueprint that says once you have things in order, that the right man or woman will appear. Why do I need to have things lined up, for someone else to enjoy the fruits of my labor. How do I even know you are worth it?!

Have your shit together so you can feel good about the goals and accomplishments you set forth in your life. Don’t ever think that having things in order that someone will love you, because you have all these things. They are fleeting! You can have your shit together and realize that that person, only wants you for the things you have and not for you as a person.

2017 is almost here and we really need to get back to REAL LOVE and being GENUINE. I ask myself, why is everybody so selfish now a days, wanting something… Sex, money, material possessions, a mother, a sugar daddy,a maid, a baby. Is this really why some people want to be in a relationship?? Because if so this is sad especially when its done for all the wrong reasons.



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