Ok God I Get It….Men Can’t Be Friends With A Woman

You know I’m the kind of woman who believes, friendship is the foundation for a long-lasting relationship. But it seems likes in this day and age it really is hard for some men. The things that have been happening to me lately for the past few years with men, really don’t make any sense. It really doesn’t. I’m tired of men abusing my trust.

The stuff men do to me and I’m not even dating them is ridiculous. Men never stop to think, am I making this woman feel uncomfortable. I shouldn’t have to feel uncomfortable, every time I step outside my door that some man is lurking around my house, trying to see if I’m with another man. Friends don’t do this to friends, but I see some men have trust issues when it comes to women.

I really, for the life of me, can’t understand why this is so difficult. I’m tired of men saying oh we can be friends, when there is a hidden agenda usually they want sex, of they’ll make time for that and flirting. I’m like ok God, I get it! When you don’t want to see something, God will continue to show you the same thing over and over until you get it.

A friend of mine said to me, “I don’t understand why would any guy miss out on an opportunity to be with a good beautiful woman such as yourself, you’re like perfect” that compliment was nice but it made me sad. The answer is simple, some men are stupid and assholes, LOL. They don’t know any better, it’s not their fault. They just don’t think.

I’m not saying some men can’t really get to know a woman, I’m just saying it’s hard for some men. I can see why the men I’ve met don’t have female friends. Thats because they don’t know how, to be a friend to a woman without thinking about sex all the time or without rushing. It’s crazy how their mind is at the altar after one day of being around me.

Remember when I wrote that I’m taking control of my love life in 2017…well scratch that….I’m not doing anything. I keep running into the same thing over and over again and I’m not even trying. I’m tired of possessive, controlling men, making it difficult to be friends, talk, hang out and have friendly conversation. I’m tired of men stalking me, men with issues and men that are emotionally unavailable.

I’m so tired of men trying to confuse me and send me mixed signals, men trying to string me along. I’m tired of being uncomfortable with men because they don’t know how to love. With the crazy shit I’ve been dealing with, I know God is trying to tell me to be alone and I am, “when people show you who they are believe them” no matter how much good you try to see in them. Being friends should not be difficult.

I’m a simple woman, don’t ask for much and the B.S. will not stop. But it will now, 2017 is almost here and I’m just really want to be alone. I know people say oh don’t let a few bad ones ruin anything… I’m not I just don’t have the time nor the patience. I’m to grown for this shit. I’m tired of men making me feel like I’m negative, because I question their behavior and want them to stop playing games.

What kind of “friend” just pops up at someone’s house and looks around and tries to see what I have going on. I’m not trying to be anything more with this person. I’m turned off and I’m tired. I’m not looking for anything. But a phone call and simple shit is too much to ask for. Apparently one must not be that busy to be popping up at my house unannounced.

This is the B.S that comes my way for no reason, when I’m a good woman and I get the shit treatment from men, then when I say something I’m attacking someone and I’m negative. Every woman has a right to know what a mans intention is. Whats his plans are for her. This is exactly why I’m celibate and proud of it because this is some B.S. I’m experiencing.

I relocated to start my life over and get away from negativity and now I’m dealing with it over here. Well it ends right now, because this is not love on a friendship level or even for a romantic one. All the things that I thought would be possible it’s null and void. I’m done trying to be a friend, when it’s obvious that I’m the only trying. It is what it is.

It would have been nice to share my life with someone, have some companionship now and then but I see that’s not possible with any man I meet. So God if you want me to be alone, fine, I been alone all this time, you have been keeping me and I see it’s for a good reason. I’m not looking for love, but I’ll just let you do your thing and write me a beautiful love story!


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