Relationship Advice For Noble Men

To all the good noble men out there, take a moment to listen to the advice I’m about to give you. Make sure you really take heed to what I’m about to say, because to be honest I’m tired of good men being taken advantage of by these selfish women.

I get flooded with emails from men who are being taken advantage of and it truly hurts my spirit, that you good men are going through this, because I’m a good woman and I’m tired of the back lash from men being so badly burned, that when they come across a good woman, they can’t even recognized the real from the fake.

Im tired of men putting me through the ringer when all I’m trying to do is be a friend, be supportive, show and give love, but I can’t get through to your wounded heart. I’m tired of good men shutting down, which causes a ripple effect for the woman to shut down. I’m tired of good men turning into bad men.

Men….. a good woman, who knows her role as your wife, as the mother of your child, as a woman of God,….needs you as her leader, her provider, her protector. A good woman, will not have a problem with you being the head of the your home, of your union and your partnership. That’s what God called you forth to be.

A woman who knows her role in your relationship, is going to see you as her equal as far as being one, but will not seek to be the man in your relationship. A woman who is confident, will not mind you taking the lead because she knows that, by you leading she gets to be a lady.

Men you know what you really need to friends with a woman, that’s right I used the ‘F’ word. Be friends with a woman. I know you don’t like it. I know you think with your other head, but you gotta stop it! Seriously…… you gotta stop being blinded-sided by every beautiful woman you meet.

You gotta stop rushing to get a woman in bed….In the friend zone there are perks. If you see the potential for there to be more with a woman. You gotta be her friend first. In the friend state, that will show you and teach everything you need to know…

Men it’s all about your approach, if you are seeking a life partner, if you are friends with a woman, you’ll see if she’s the one. If you want to find out how domesticated she is, don’t date her at first, don’t sleep with her. Be her friend. See how she keeps her house. See how self-sufficient she is.

If you want to be invited to her home, don’t come as a man who’s lusting after her. If you are keep it to yourself. We know sex crosses your mind. No need to make it so obvious. Be genuine. Go over as her friend. Don’t be her friend to get in her pants. Really take time to get to know her. Stop getting blindsided by sex or a beautiful face and body.

Stop doing to many things to impress a woman and just be your plain simple selves. A woman like me or any other woman can tell when you are doing too much. Just relax. I had to tell someone I was friends with, this is how you impress a woman. I’m still mad he spent $200-$300 on a woman he didn’t love or just met.

Don’t do stupid shit like that, lol. You do that’s on a first date, she’s going to look at you like an ATM and expect you to keep that up. Not only that, you’ll feel used especially if she’s not giving you anything in return. Courting doesn’t have to be expensive. Offer a woman what’s in your heart, not whats in your pants or your wallet.

Men I understand you dated some bad women, gave your heart to the wrong one, spent money on the wrong woman. But don’t make a good woman pay for your indiscretions. A woman wants consistency and you have to give her that. The same way you love the wrong woman, do that for a good woman.

Know when you have a Queen in front of you. Don’t test her for no reason. If you do, soon she’ll walk away. A good woman that’s ready for love, does not have time to play games. If you are not sure of what you want. Let her go.

Men please stop trying to play catch up when you meet a good woman by rushing. I lost track of every guy I’ve met, who didn’t get what they wanted with the last woman, and now they feel they are running out of time and want to move things along so quick.

Living together, marriage and a family takes time. These are not things you rush into. Men please be a man of your word. Don’t string a good woman along and play with her heart or waste her time. You didn’t do it to the last one, who was wrong for you, so don’t do it to a good one.

I really do want you good men to find love and to be happy. Especially if you are doing the right thing. But you have to be friends with a woman first and be patient. If you want to be appreciated by a good woman, you have to take your time. Soon before you know it, the king will have his queen.

Good men, please don’t be afraid to be single and wait for the one. She’s out there and she will give you the love you deserve. Please, when you meet this woman, do not make her fight for a space in your heart and in your life. Recognize that she is rare. That there is only one of her.

Don’t confuse her or send her mix signals, no one is a mind reader. Please be a man of your word. Pick up the phone, call her, put in effort, make plans, see her. Show her you want to be with her. Don’t give her  your silence and be busy all the time and expect her to know that you love her and appreciate her by being M.I.A.

Don’t say ‘I love you” if you can’t back it up and don’t mean it. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and talk to her and share whats in your heart. Be emotionally available. Talk things out. Just know that there are good women out there, who are looking for the same thing you are looking for. True love does exist but Patience is a virtue!

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