Dinner Is Going To Be Good Tonight!!

In case you haven’t figured it out, I love to cook. I love coming up with creative ideas for food. I’m sitting here thinking about dinner. I have some chicken marinading in some teriyaki sauce, pineapple juice, brown sugar and some red wine and garlic…

Hmmmm so good, I can’t wait to get home and cook. Who says red wine is just for drinking :). With my chicken I’m going to pair it with, some garlic rice pilaf and some roasted, caramelized brussels sprouts mixed with pecans and walnuts…

Ok…. I’m salivating right now, Lol…sometimes I wish I had the company of a good man to enjoy a nice candlelit dinner, some music and some slow dancing…then we can turn each other into dessert :)…….whatever happen to romantic men?

Maybe one day….one second thought let me rethink that, lol. The last guy I had dinner with, got spoiled and never took me out, he tried to marry me after 2 meals lol..

Looks like it’s just a meal for one for now :), until I can meet a sane man one day, lol. Who will appreciate this woman who likes to cook, because she loves it and truly enjoys it!


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