It’s Ok To Admit You Want To Be In Love….

It’s ok to admit you want to be in love, God gave each and everyone of us the ability to love. It’s healthy to want love and to give love. When you do things out of love, out of passion, when someone makes it easy for you to love them it comes organically.

I’ve said It several times and I’m just going to keep on reiterating it….because some people just don’t get it… is not complicated people are. My first love we just wanted to love each other. We never had an argument, never disrespected each other, always made time for each other. The man lived in Atlanta and I saw him more times than someone who lives close to me.

We were best friends and although our lives took us in separate directions, the greatest most endearing compliment he gave me, was “I knew what to look for in my wife, because of the way you loved me”. I was happy for him, no jealousy, nothing.

The feeling was mutual. I know what I want in a man because of him and because I know who I am. Which is why I don’t date. I’ll know when he shows up. I’m not afraid to be alone and wait for true love. I know what good love feels like and I’m holding out for it.

I was never confused wondering how this man felt for me and how I felt for him. We said I love you and we showed it and felt it. He didn’t hold back on me on purpose and confuse me because he felt like it. He didn’t take my love or loyalty for granted. He was a man of his word and very consistent no matter how busy he was.

That’s because when two people know how to love, they don’t make it difficult. I was out shopping with a friend and I bought something for her that she didn’t expect it. It made me feel food the reaction she had, that I surprised her because we were both in the same store. It was nice to be able to give and do something for someone, knowing they would appreciate it.

In that moment I missed being able to have someone to be in love with, to buy things for. Just to see a smile on their face. I miss being able to cook for someone because I want to, not because they demand it. There are people out there who will appreciate your thoughtful gestures. People love to be around me, because I’m always doing something for them that they are not receiving at home.

They wished their spouse or significant other was as thoughtful. My friends joked and said can I clone you, but as a man, lol. Giving, receiving and loving is a two way street, remember that. I’m not ashamed to admit that I want to be in love and neither should you. We’ve all loved the wrong person at some point in our lives.. isn’t it time to love a good man or woman. I think so.

Until love comes, just continue to be you, do what brings your heart joy and know that God will complement your life with a beautiful love story ❤️


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