Everyone You Meet Is An Opportunity To Learn About Yourself, Others And To Grow

img_0064When I encounter other souls, I know that it’s not by happenstance. I know that they have crossed my path for a reason. And I’m always opened to knowing what that reason is for. It could be something that I need to learn. It could be an answer to one of my prayers.

Not everyone we met is meant to stay in our lives long-term. The problem comes in, when we try to make seasonal people stay long-term, when they simply have a job to do and exit. It doesn’t matter if a relationship last a couple of weeks, months or years. How we measure time is not how God measures times when we need to grow spiritually.

When it comes to men and the things they say to me and the things they do. I really do want to know why I’m met with such behavior. I say to myself what is it about me or them, that makes them act this way. Do I need to look deeper inside myself. Am I heavily guarded. Am I in my own way? I tend to meet extremely needy men. I mean extremely needy. And I wonder why my nurturing nature, they gravitate towards it.

I say to myself, I’m very self-sufficient, I can do things on my own, but it would be nice if my needs were met in my relationships. I see that these men, are reflecting what I need or want in a relationship. They are just mirroring me in some way. My needs are not being met and neither are theirs and that meeting these men, it’s ok for me to know where I stand and to get my needs met in a relationship.

Now I’m no fool sometimes people are straight-up assholes, lol. If I’m feel I’m being disrespected of course I’ll walk away or defend myself. Sometimes you can’t argue with a fool. Lol. Some people think because they are older than you, that they know everything. So I just let them talk because I know that’s their ego mind and not their spiritual self.

Sometimes people are who they are and whether we like it or not, everyone is entitled to feel how they want to feel, even if it makes no sense to us. Sometimes people are confused because they really don’t know how they feel and they need to sort out their feelings. It’s up to you whether or not you think they are worth it.

People simply need patience and understanding when it comes to feeling things that they never felt before, especially when it comes to love, in both giving and receiving. I tend to meet people who have a hard time trusting. Who have a hard time opening up. It’s so difficult getting though, it’s mentally exhausting.

No one has the type of time, men want from me. But they will make time to be intimate, but can’t express how they feel. Men never want to tell me where we stand. So I just walk away. It’s unfair to hold on to someone and not have clarity that they are seeking, and because you don’t want to give it to them for whatever reason. Sometimes you have to wonder, what are they hiding.

Every one should want to grow and evolve. We should all be striving to learn from one another and to change, more so for ourselves than others. It’s hard for people to grow in love when they have been burned so badly that they refuse to trust. It’s also no way to live either. Being so guarded all the time. Tension builds up in your heart.

You only also trust yourself and no one else’s feelings matter. You justify your mistrust with other people’s feelings. When your guarded, you feel attacked when a person wants answers. Everything becomes about you and what you want. Loyalty, trust and love is abused, simply because you want your way.

When you encounter such people, with such reluctance, ask yourself, what is it teaching you. Maybe you need to teach that person something. Maybe you can make a breakthrough. It’s gotta be pretty exhausting for one to have their guard up all the time. To not trust. You can’t invite love in with a close heart. You can’t grow. So learn, grow and evolve, it’s the only way to live life abundantly.


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