Be The Passionate, Beautiful, Sensual Woman That You Are

img_0559I was listening to an old sensual classic from the 80s, Sign Your Name” by the legendary Terence Trent D’Arby (who goes by the name Sananda Maitreya now). What I love about this song is that its so sensual.

The music alone intertwined with his voice, puts you in a euphoric state. The soul in his voice mixed with euphoric sensuality. It’s so masculine and vulnerable.

Sensual songs like this are in your DNA. The lyrics feel like braille on your skin.

I love artist who connect with their lyrics and music and who feel their music lyrics. Not just sing it. I pay attention to the tone of their voice and where they grab those emotions from, from deep within their soul. I pay attention to the way their body moves when they perform.

I can feel the emotion they feel when they hit a certain note. It’s a beautiful thing to experience, when an artist can catch the spirit of their music and convey that to an audience. When they are in the studio recording and then bring those same emotions, when they are performing live.

I remember auditioning to this song years back when I wanted to be a dancer. I chose this piece to audition to, for it just made me feel so sensual. I connected with the passionate music and lyrics. My dance partner was there to complement me, but it was not his audition.. I just needed his masculine energy there. When it was time for me to do my solo @2:12 to 3:12.

My eyes were pretty much closed the entire time. I just wanted to feel the music. I wanted to dance as if nobody was watching. As I don’t like people watching me, nor do I like being the center of attention. I know…. it’s an oxymoron when you like to be creative or you’re in a creative field.

I remember @3:43 when Sananda says “heeeeeey”. My partner grabbed the small of my back and pulled me close to him. I knew it would be time for him to grab me, but it was different in the audition from the rehearsal. It was more intense. It startled me a bit as I did not know he was near me. He grabbed me like he needed me, like he wanted me.

img_0573The rest of the song we just free-styled but our bodies were in sync. He never let go of my hand, even when I tried to turn my body away from him to spin around. He would still grab me, firmly but gently. I felt so safe. When you dance, you have to trust your partner, that they’ll never let you go. The song ended with him holding my hand over his heart.

It was great to have a dance partner, that could actually dance and move his body with such emotion. To convey those emotions through music, lyrics and through dance. The people holding the audition, I remember the look on their face after we were done. Them telling us what a pleasure it was to watch me dance. They loved how I connected with the music, to the lyrics, and didn’t miss a beat.

I had a visual of this video. How at the end they looked at each other and passionately kissed.When I hear this song, it just makes me feel like a beautiful, sensual woman. Thats what a lot of artist make me feel like. Music and dance can help you connect with your feminine grace. If you want to connect to that part of you, that is sensual. If you want to feel sexy, beautiful. Connect with music.

Some say I’m too much. They can’t take how deeply I feel and how passionate I am. I’ve never been a half ass woman and I’m not going to start. Just because someone can’t take the intensity of my love doesn’t mean I have to stop. I am a very passionate woman. Always have and always will be.

When I hear music that I connect to, I know I need someone in my life who loves and feels just as deeply as I do. I need music in the flesh. I need that masculine vulnerable energy in my space. So that I can be the sensual woman that I am. So that I can exude love and make love with passion.

If you know yourself and you know you are a passionate sensual woman. Don’t hide it. Express that in the space of a man, who will embrace it and not run from it. If you meet some one and they do not exude that type of intense passion and depth. Kindly walk away. When a person doesn’t express themselves, if will make you shut down, especially if its unrequited emotions.

If it doesn’t make you feel like music, then don’t pursue it. I’m not going to apologize for my intense passion. For my depth. Yeah I’m too much, I know.. and I love it. It’s what makes me…me. I feel very deeply. It’s what makes me feel beautiful. It’s what makes me love harder and to give love. My depth helps me to use all of my senses and to be more intuitive towards myself and others.

The energy, the vibration helps me connect and hear the holy spirit. In passion and sensuality there is a call to surrender. I can not shut down my emotions just because someone chooses to suppress theirs. What is love and passion if you can’t love and feel with every fiber of your being.

Hearing those lyrics from this song. It just puts me in a mood, to want to be held, to love, to make love. I want to feel the way I felt at my audition. I know these signals are going to go out into the universe and that the right man, will pick up on my intensity and give me exactly the love and passion that I desire.

We will be drunk off of each others love and passion. If you don’t feel this with the one you are with, then wait for it. Wait for the man who is just as passionate as you are. That will complement your sensuality, that will not be afraid to express himself. Be The Passionate, sensual woman that you are…wait for the man who makes you feel like music.


5 thoughts on “Be The Passionate, Beautiful, Sensual Woman That You Are

  1. Beautiful!❤ I love how you painted the imagery of your souls connecting. I’ve always loved music and dance but have never been good at dancing. This time when I try it I’m going to throw cares to the wind and let passion be my guide.

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    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting! You ever heard the saying “Poetry in motion” Well thats what music and dance is. As long as you lead with your heart and put your heart and soul into it. You can be good at anything you set your mind to :). Practice makes perfect! When you connect with your body and music, you get to know yourself, it’s a divine spiritual connection too! You ever watch a musician queu his band, and know when they are off beat and when they should come in or they automatically know when they should come in? It’s the timing. Watch dancers and live performances of artist and dancers, so you can get a visual.

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      1. Yes you are right! I will definitely watch more artists and try to see live shows on a college budget😁 but you are right about practicing for perfection. I feel like my personal confidence levels will grow.


      2. Youtube is free :), lol. You can watch it over and over. Dancing is definitely a confidence booster. It makes you feel free just like music. Play your favorite songs, that make you feel good and just dance by yourself. Pay attention to the rhythm, choreograph a move and move to it as the music plays. Move slow and mid tempo to a slow song and fast to a fast song. You’ll pick up the rhythm soon as the artist is singing and instruments are playing with the music, all in sync together.


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