Forgiveness Radiates Strength And Beauty

Remember forgiveness is always for you…it’s not easy to forgive when someone has hurt you, but you must so that you do not become bitter, cold and shut your heart off to love. I used to think I was weak for forgiving people, always seeing the light in them, because I was always choosing love. It’s like the more I forgave, I still got disrespected and got treated wrong. My forgiveness was taken for granted. My kindness was not reciprocated.  The people who hurt me, never apologized because I chose to forgive.

Yet, when I called them out on their behavior, they made it seem like I was the one with the problem. There was no accountability. I realize some people have to much pride to say I’m sorry, to admit that they were wrong. I’m not weak to forgive. I’m strong because I have a big heart. I know that there is only one of me and the love and loyalty I extend is rare. I know that they’ll never find another me. So I can forgive, I can be love, still be sweet. For I know God knows my heart.

It doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t see my good intentions or refuses to listen. I send light and love anyway and ask God to heal them in areas they need healing in. Some people have been through so much that they just have an ego. Eventually someone will give them a reality check and knock them off their high horse called pride. So continue to be love, continue to forgive when it’s the hardest because we all mess up. We are not our mistakes. Forgive because God forgives us when he sees and knows our hearts are sincere.


5 thoughts on “Forgiveness Radiates Strength And Beauty

      1. Yes, I hated the way I felt when I got disrespected I felt my energy drop. I wished for any moment that it could have been undone, but once words are said they can’t be taken back. I felt like all my love and support, just down the drain and ruined in that one moment.

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