Naked…..Love The Skin You’re In

Do you love yourself? I mean do you really love the skin you’re in? I was lying in bed on my micro-plush sheets, just reveling on how good the sheets felt against my naked skin.

My music volume was up and I felt the lyrics traveling on and throughout my body. Hmmm, you didn’t know music could do that huh? Yes, it does but you gotta be naked in order for you to feel it :).

More people should love to be naked but yet some don’t. I never understood that at the end of the day, after your body has been in clothes all day. That when one comes home and relaxes. Then takes a shower.

As soon as you get out the shower you put on clothes again. It doesn’t make any sense. Your skin needs to breathe. Every part of your body needs to breathe.

Once I’m in for the night and someone ask me to go somewhere. I’m actually debating on whether or not should I go. Going out requires me to put on clothes and that just doesn’t sound fun for me, lol. It better be worth it if I have to get dressed, after I just finish freeing my skin. Ok I get that some of you may have kids and you don’t have the freedom to walk around naked like single people.

After the kids go to sleep, lock your door and get out of your clothes, got dammit, lol! Be free! Love the skin in you’re in. Look in the mirror and love the beautiful vessel, that God blessed you with and be good to it too. There is no such thing as the perfect body, if you don’t like the body you have you can always change it.

The body is an amazing machine. Be good to it and it will be good to you. Get naked and look into your soul and just love the image that is staring back at you. If you don’t ask yourself why? We all have our insecurities things we need to work on.

There can be many things going on in our life, that can make us not feel beautiful or sexy in the skin that we’re in. There was a time I didn’t feel attractive. Men, for the longest used to say things about my body and even family members and friends and it made me feel very self-conscious.

To the point that I would try to cover up every chance I’d get. I didn’t notice at times I was doing this until people pointed it out to me. I would go into the store and find something to cover my hips and butt. I would wear baggy pants to cover my legs. I went through my whole Aaliyah phase when I was a teen.

Only wearing a body suit and the rest of my clothes was baggy. Still wanting to be feminine but not draw so much attention. I felt ashamed for being a woman with curves. I wished that I could look like a little girl and felt cursed for developing so quick. I wanted people to see I had a brain. I wanted people to see pass my physical.

When I saw that other women felt the same way and when I saw them embrace their bodies. It gave me the courage to embrace mine. To embrace being a woman. I’m not naive. I know we’re visual creatures but when that’s all people see is how you look, it makes you feel invisible. I had to get to a point where I really felt comfortable in my skin. I had to love myself more.

When it comes to men, I never cared for the attention because it was always negative  with very few positives. I just wanted one person to fall in love, with my naked soul and see that I was beautiful on the inside than out. Being naked is not just about how you look on the outside. It’s about how you feel on the inside which radiates on the outside.

Loving the skin you’re in and being naked makes you feel sensual. It makes you feel beautiful. It makes you feel like a woman! If your blessed enough to have a lover in your life. Sleep naked more. Infuse yourself in each others bodies. Touch each other. Make love without saying a word or without penetration. Look at each other and look deep within each others soul. That to me is ecstasy!


10 thoughts on “Naked…..Love The Skin You’re In

  1. Oh I totally agree with this concept! I was always a tiny person but I never felt comfortable in my body, because I felt I was too plain on basic for a guy to like my body. However I discovered that my body is just right and that my naked body, is for the person that loves my naked soul- the true me. I now love my naked body and your post reminded me of just that. Thank you!!

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    1. Your Welcome Jazz, Women need to celebrate their bodies more. Society body shames so much and people want the perfect body so bad. The more you love yourself, the more you’ll feel beautiful in your own skin. The older I get the more beautiful I feel and it’s an inside job and one day the person who is meant to love you, will love you, because you love yourself and you will not look from validation from any man. Not everyone is mean to see your soul! Be very selective 🙂

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  3. Thank you for sharing your inspiring and beautiful experience.

    May being naked continue to bring you joy and peace, and may you always love all of yourself.

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