Men Really Are Quite Simple

When it comes to men and women and how they think. Yes, there are some differences but when it comes to understanding men.

I find that men really are quite simple creatures. They really are not that hard to figure out. I’m not talking about simple as in just feeding them and having sex with them.

No, I’m talking about everything they do and everything they say. There are several keys to understanding a man. One of those keys is to listen. A man will tell you everything you really need to know, if you would just listen to him. Even if he is not direct just pay attention and be silent.

Know how to be observant and understand what he is not saying. Get out of your own way and don’t make it about you. How he feels is not about you all the time. It’s about him and he needs you to get that. When a man wants to be silent and relax, it’s not because of you. He just wants time to be alone to get into himself and hear his own thoughts.

Sometimes a man will be with a woman other than his S.O. (have an emotional affair or bond and attachment to another woman) because she allows him, to be himself and doesn’t try to change him. She doesn’t nag him or expect to much from him. Thats also the key to getting what you want, not expecting it or demanding it. Space is what he needs to access his thoughts.

A real man who needs space is just trying to evolve and be the best man he can be for himself and for you. I find that women are always blind-sided when a man does or says something. Thats because they are not paying attention. We’ve all been there. Sometimes for me, I’m oblivious to when a man is attracted to me because I’m not paying attention. My mind is elsewhere.

It’s only when I’m alone with my thoughts and I backtrack and revisit a conversation, I’m like ok, he told me what he wanted or hinted around to it and I completely missed it, lol. It happens. I’m also not thinking every man I meet wants me. Every time I explain to women what men are thinking and I’m right about something.

They always want to know, how do I know? Simple, I pay attention. Men are surprised too when I understand them. Now on the contrary some men don’t like it. I’ve had men tell me, I know too much or that I’m to deep, whatever the hell that means. Those are just selfish boys who want to run game and don’t want a woman with an evolved mind, to question them or their intentions.

I don’t think women should think like a man to understand a man. I don’t think it’s that serious. Women should act like a lady and think like a lady but understand a man. Not think  like him or seek to be on his level. Because guess what? You’re not a man. You’re a woman and you should act like one at all times. I don’t need to think like a man to understand a man.

When a man feels that a woman gets him. Several things may occur, he’ll either gravitate towards her or he’ll back away. But if he is intrigued and mentally stimulated, he’ll stick around in some way. When a man feels understood by a woman enough to let down his guard. It makes him more at ease to talk to her.

I notice that the men that do talk to me, they feel very misunderstood by society and the woman in their life. Half the shit that women think about and complain about, men are not even thinking about. When it comes to a mans wants and needs, men are really simple. It’s women who require more of think they do. Men don’t have a long list of what a woman should have but women do when it comes to men.

When a man wants to settle down, he just wants the basics which are simple. How many women pass up a good man because he doesn’t have a college degree or two or if he doesn’t make a certain amount of money. These good men get passed over all the time. Some women aim real high, they’ll go after a singers, entertainers or athletes.

They are not stupid. They know exactly what they are doing and who they want to get involved with. They are looking for what they think is long-term financial security. Thats why men in the industry really need to be careful, with the type of woman they get involved with. They have to be very cautious because they have so much more to risk.

Thats why when a man comes across a simple women, who makes it easy for him to just be a man. That man will try to hold on to that woman in some way. When a man takes a liking to a certain kind of woman whether he is single or not. Thats a red flag to a man, because it means that on some level, he is missing that with the woman he is with.

Being attractive and attracted are two totally different things. From my experience and interaction with men. I know that men avoid temptation depending on where they are at in life. They don’t want a woman throwing a money wrench into their life. Let me give you a few examples. When a man finds himself interacting with a woman by any means of communication.

Whether it’s texting, calling, emailing, social media, liking post, commenting. Something is going off in that mans mind that. He is seeking or something caught his attention. I know this because men have told me this and I am very observant. Men have also told me directly or indirectly that they are avoiding me. Men avoid women that they are attracted to. Especially if they are involved and they don’t want to fall into temptation.

Why else would a man avoid having great conversation with a woman or ignore her. Men avoid women they are attracted to in some way, because they don’t want to fall hard. Because when a man is really, really in love with a woman. He wants that love returned. Falling for a woman raises his insecurities in some way no matter how confident he may be or who he is. At the end of the day he is human and he is a man.

When a man falls, which he should really be ascending in love. Because love is supposed to lift you higher, not make you do crazy shit. Thats the down fall of love, not the ascending of love. When a man is in love, there is nothing that he will not do to make a woman happy. Men are not macho all the time, they are really simple and sensitive.

Real men, evolved men. They know their role in a woman’s life. They know that God called them forth to provide for a woman, not just monetarily but on all levels. Real men know that they are leaders. When it comes to relationships, I like the lyrical lines from the song “Do What I Gotta Do.” By Ralph Tresvant. When he says, “Any good relationship starts inside of happy man.

Now if you really pay attention to those words and let it marinate. You will understand exactly what he means. He is saying that men set the tone for a relationship. Now you may not agree and you don’t have to but it’s true. It’s not a sexist statement. It’s not that a woman doesn’t have a say, she does especially when it comes to what she wants and sex but men really set the tone in a relationship.

If a man is not happy, it will throw the whole relationship off. There will be chaos. There will be arguments. A woman will not want to love. It will be hard to love a man who is not happy. Now a woman will try to. We all see how a woman will try to love an unhappy man. It gets her nowhere but heartache and wasted time. She loses herself in the process. Thats because men are natural-born leaders.

When a man is happy with himself and he loves himself and he is evolved on some level, then the woman he is with will know how to respond to his masculine energy. When a man is happy in a relationship It allows a woman to be a woman and not to step into masculine energy. When a man is not being a man, a woman will point this out in one way. The same goes for a woman when she is acting like a man.

Now there are woman out there who understand, the difference between masculine and feminine energy and they have no problem being submissive to that. I see so many women trying to be the man in their relationship and they wonder why they are so unhappy. They wonder why they can’t get what they want, thats because men don’t respond well to a woman acting like a man. Thats his lane that he wants you to stay out of.

When it comes to sex, yes what man doesn’t desire sex, but I find that the majority of men, want a mental connection with a woman. They just do. A man can have sex with a woman who is beautiful and has a nice body but after that its like ok, what else is there to you? Some men do want a friendship with a woman.

On that level you get to know who she is before you make a life long commitment. I don’t think people realize how friendship is the foundation for any long-term relationship or marriage. They get it twisted thinking it’s sex and attraction and it’s not. Yes, be attracted to the person you’re with but that will not carry you long-term, just like material possessions.

When I’m around a man, I just like to chill and watch him do his thing. I don’t have to say or do anything. All I need to do is be peaceful and listen to him. Thats why men want to be around me. Thats why men want me around long-term because they sense my peace and my simplicity. I dated two guys who simply just wanted me around.

They would take me with them to work, they just wanted some positive energy around them. They wanted at the end of the day to have a home cooked meal. Quiet short conversation and for someone to appreciate them  and what they had to offer. One guy begged me to stay with him. I thought he was crazy but I did. He just wanted a loving woman around him. Someone to talk to.

He was busy all the time, working over time and he found a way to fit me into his schedule. He just wanted to look over and see me. He told me that he slept better because of me. I would catch him staring at me while I was reading and it dawned on me, that men want peace when it comes to a woman. We never argued.

On days I stayed home, he would come home to a nice home cooked meal and he loved the fact that I was selfless. Now a days it’s hard for a man to find that simplicity and peace in a woman. Peaceful simple women are out there and its rare because women today just want to much. That a man has to keep searching and searching. Same goes for women to find a good man.

Pretty much at the end of the day be a simple person. Be happy with who you are. Understand the basics of what you require when it comes to being with someone. Make sure that what you ask for you can give that and be that. Because when you think about it, you want someone who  doesn’t make your life complicated. You want someone who makes it easy for you to love them.

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