Fame And Isolation, Both A Blessing And A Curse

Fame and isolation…. A by product of the entertainment industry. When it comes to fame the majority of the world sees the glitz and glamour, the money, the house, the cars.

The many things they can buy and obtain. When it comes to being in the spotlight some people feel this is the only way, they can obtain wealth by becoming an entertainer.

This is the illusion that they have. Fame gives the illusion to some that you are somebody. That you finally made it. People will see your name and your face all over the world. Some people want it so bad while others avoid it. There are some creative people who really love the arts for what it is and not because of the attention or the award shows or the things they can obtain from it. These people really respect their craft and have a passion for it.

When God blesses you with gifts and talents that you are supposed to share with the world. It can be very overwhelming. You are like wow, I get to share my music or my art with people all over the world. In different states, countries, people who you may never meet. You get to touch them and inspire them. But through this gift comes great responsibility.

What the entertainment industry fails to disclose, is how isolating fame can be. Being in the public eye is both a blessing and a curse. You want to share your gifts with the world but at what expense? When you decide to live your life in the public eye. There are a lot of things that you have to give up without even realizing it like trust and privacy.

When everybody wants you and you’re hot and people find you attractive. It makes it harder for you to do things that other people can do, without causing an uprising. I remember when a few people recognized me on TV, I was riding the train and this guy kept staring at me. So I said something to him because he was making me feel very uncomfortable staring at me and then he said, I know where I saw you from and everybody looked.

I got off the train and waited for another one. Peoples eyes on me the whole time was not very  comfortable. Another time I was checking in to a hotel and somebody else recognized me and next thing you know, everybody waiting to check in, was trying to figure out who I was. Another guy tried to follow me to my room. This made me feel very uncomfortable. When you are on tv or in film. Your world changes. You become a target.

If an entertainer gets married or has a baby, the world goes crazy when in reality there are people, who get married and have babies all the time and no one is making a big fuss about it. On some level, the world forgets that people in the public eye are human. When you are famous, it causes you to distrust people. You may feel like you are the same person but the people around you start to change.

The ones that are close to you like your family and friends and the people who want to get close to you. You question their motives. Whether one likes it or not fame and money changes people. Unless you’re a really grounded humble person. Not to mention having really thick skin. If you can stay and remain humble, you may just be able to handle being in the spotlight.

When your name is out there, it can change the people around you. We’ve seen this happen countless times, when you’re on top, everybody loves you, but when you’re not and you’re not making the same kind of money, you see who’s really down for you when you have nothing. This goes for real life too for people who are not famous.

Fame can interfere with finding love. You can try to open your heart to love but in the back of your mind, you’ll always be wondering, does this person really want me for me and not for what I do or what I have? We see this happen to men and some women but mostly men. People in the public eye can’t just be with anyone. They have to be extremely selective about who they interact with.

If you are in the relationship with the wrong man or woman and if you marry them and if it doesn’t work out. Or if you have kids by them. You take risk of now having your private life exposed to the whole world. It’s no longer about the art anymore, it’s about your personal life. The person you broke up with and the media doesn’t care about intrusion and neither do some of the fans.

The world can make entertainers seemed larger than life when they are really just like the rest of us. People are watching your every move. They want to know every little meticulous detail about you. And they will stop at nothing to get the information that they want. You see it every day, we have shows dedicated to the rich and famous. As if the rest of the world are just mere peasants.

The viewers watching and the ones who want that lifestyle. Feel like they need to change their life in order to live life. They want to wear what the stars are wearing. I’ve seen how people act behind the scenes when their main focus and goal is to be famous. They have low self-esteem, they feel this the only way to be loved.

They feel like the entertainment industry is the only field that they can be and feel important. They want to go to famous parties and become friends with the elite. Get free shit because they see celebrities get free stuff. When these people enter the industry they have no idea, how this industry will make them feel isolated and alone.

The public eye and fame can make you question everything about life and who you are. You start to morph into someone who you never thought you would be. Your ego gets inflated. You start feeling entitled because of the way people treat you, that you think the red carpet should be rolled out everywhere you go.

We’ve all seen the rich and famous buy their way our of trouble. Theres no accountability, their name alone holds weight. Some people in the entertainment industry, whether they are a singer, actor or athlete. Some of these people use what they do and who they are to get what they want. I’ve met people from all fields, that feel the need to try to impress me with what they do as if I care.

I recall being at an event in my 20s and this guy that was trying to talk to me, I had no idea he played football. He introduced his profession to me before he introduced himself to me. Right then in there I wasn’t interested. I was turned off. I politely rejected him. As the event went on, the guy throwing the event, said to me that there was somebody he wanted me to meet.

Ironically it was the same asshole that tried to talk to me. The athlete, said to me, “You see, you rejected and me and you didn’t even know who I was.” I said and I still don’t care who you are.” and walked away.  I guess he thought I was supposed to be impressed and I wasn’t. Men claim they want a woman, who’s not materialistic but then they throw what they do in a woman’s face and some women will latch onto a man because of who he is.

I’m sorry but as much as I love my favorite artist or actors. They are human beings and I will treat them as so. I’ve met some people in the industry that were really nice, kind and humble towards me and others that were straight up arrogant assholes. I’m pretty sure they have women throwing themselves at them every day, so they figure this should be easy, until they come across someone like me, who gives them a slice of humble pie.

When I was younger and waited to be an actress. I saw how the people around me started changing. People never introduced me by my name first, it was like oh, let me introduce you to this model/actress named so and so. When people treat you like a commodity, that’s not a good feeling. When all people see is how you look. It can make you feel like, that’s all people care about is your looks and your status.

I just decided that this was not the field for me. I had a genuine love for the arts but not to be famous. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m not comfortable with attention. I try to deflect it as much as I can. You can’t help who you meet and who you bond with, but I had to decline artist who wanted to date me, simply because I did not want to be in the spotlight because of what they did for a living.

I like my life private and they didn’t respect that. In this industry you can meet a lot of opportunist. It can be hard to decipher who really wants to work with you and mentor you or help you reach that next level. I have never been able to successfully work with a man in the entertainment industry. Every time I think it’s a Go, it’s a No. Apparently they have something else on their mind. They’re men, that pretty much sums that up!

Entertainers have to watch EVERYTHING they do any say. They have a reputation to uphold. This industry teaches you to very, very cautious. Now with social media forget, there is no privacy at all. People use their cameras to their advantage. Shit can come back to bite you. You can’t even interact even if you want to. I’ve seen celebrities get bullied and attacked, by the very same fans that claim to love them.

A famous person has to protect themselves with a prenup or they should go further and make the person they date, sign a contract. That’s what Jennifer Lopez did, when she married her first husband. She was smart and right for doing that, because he wanted to put their business in a book to profit off of it, now he can’t. Question is, why would you want to do that in the first place?

Opportunist don’t care about an artist reputation, everything they work so hard for, being dragged through the mud. They don’t even care how it makes them look, they just want the attention and money. As much as artist say they don’t care what the general public thinks, they do. Words do hurt. I’ve been grateful enough to have conversations with artist and they are human.

But the world doesn’t seem them as such. They are put on a pedal stool. There’s the need to always be on top. To front and act like they are doing big things, when in reality they are not and they are lonely. The stories that men have entrusted me with, the things some women have done. My heart aches for them. Because no one should be put through that regardless of who you are, but when you are an artist its amplified.

Instead of people being inspired by the art, the magic, the fantasy, the music, their attention is on the wrong things. We watch how some people succumb to the pressure of fame, whether they are on top or not. Some people even choose suicide. They want to make it so bad and when they don’t, they feel like a failure. People forget that they have to put in the work and that nothing happens overnight.

As much as I love the arts. I will choose my path behind the scenes, because having the camera on me, is not the life I choose to live. I feel sad for artist who can’t find love and somebody who’s really down for them, just because of what they do. We see how beautiful or handsome these people are and even though they are easy on the eye. We have no idea the kind of pain is behind their eyes and their smile.

We think they have it all just because of their looks and because the camera is on them, but in reality we have no idea the pain they are covering up. At the end of the day, ok you have money and nice things. You have a nice house and several cars. But do you have love? Do you love yourself? Do you know who you are and not what the world wants you to be?

Do you have someone to hold you at night? Someone to talk to you? Someone that you can be vulnerable and raw with that truly gets you? Someone who wants you for you and not the lifestyle you can provide them with? Hows your spirit? How’s your relationship with God? Money can make things easier but all of these things money can’t buy.


2 thoughts on “Fame And Isolation, Both A Blessing And A Curse

    1. Thank you so much for reading….. I avoid the spotlight.. I wrote an article about would you date a celebrity and pretty much, people in the limelight are human and they deserve love too, but thats a tough one, maybe if you hide me, LOL….I don’t want that life… Do your thang and leave me out of it lol! I’ll support you behind the scenes 🙂


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