Congratulations New Edition, On Your BET Lifetime Achievement Award!!!


Words alone can not express how happy I am for each and every one of you. It’s been my hearts greatest joy loving on NE’s music for the past 34 years and you all as a solo artist. I thank God for you and that each and every one of you are alive, well and blessed to see this day and we get to be alive to witness it. Thank you so much for the music and memories that I and we hold dear to our hearts….

Music that has touch my mind, body and soul. Because this kind of love is a once and a lifetime honor and achievement and it is long overdue 😉. It’s not so much so the award, it’s what it truly means. It’s about love and music and touching people’s hearts all over the world. People you may and may not even meet in this lifetime, but you know your music reached them. It’s a responsibility that NE has held up with great dignity and honor.


The day you made that phone call as a little boy Ralph, the world of music has never been the same. You knew what love and brotherhood meant. You had a dream not just for yourself, but for your family and your brothers. You wanted everybody to be successful and make it. You knew what UBUNTU was as a child, and came more into it as you evolved. Many groups have tried to duplicate but all they can do is look up to you guys and pay homage 😉.

All of you were born to do this and open the doors for others, because in this life it’s not about self.. which so many of us think it is. We can not get through this thing called life alone. We need to be in service of others and help others achieve their dreams too, because in return it helps us too, that’s how blessing others works. Whether it was 4 of you, 5 or 6. Or when you all branched off and did your own thing,

A beautiful thing happens, when NEW EDITION comes together and it’s called magic. It’s a beautiful thing to witness and see. Have a blessed beautiful day! Enjoy the show, don’t be so overwhelmed Ralph 😊 Love can do that😉 Thank you for being so selfless, humble and not being a “celebrity” and giving of your time and heart 5 days a week on inside the ride, because you don’t have to. We’ll be watching, loving on you guys from a far. We love you immensely 😘🤗✨❤️.

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