The Real Reason Why It’s Taking Long, To See Your Dreams Come To Fruition

So you have faith. You’re proactive. You believe in yourself. You work on your goals and dreams every day. You put in the time and effort and you say to yourself.

“Ok If I’m doing all of the above and waiting on God to make things happen in his timing. Then how come my dreams are not coming to fruition? Whats wrong, what am I not doing?”

You wanna know the real reason it’s taking so long to see your dreams come to fruition. It’s not because you don’t have faith or you don’t believe.

It’s not because you’re not working extremely hard on your goals everyday. Depending on what you want to do. If you’re like me and other creatives, you’re probably doing everything by yourself. Let me say that again so it can marinate……. You’re probably doing everything by yourself.

Have you ever thought to yourself, where is my support system? Have you taken a good look at the people in your life. Do the people in your life know what you want to do? Are they supporting you or are they bringing you down. We all need a support system and people who believe in our dreams and passions just as much as we do.

A support system holds you accountable. Is there’s anybody in your life, holding you accountable for anything? Do they believe as much as you believe? Do they know people that they can introduce you to? Are they spreading the word about your work, to others or even looking into things for you? If you’re taking to long to answer and think about these questions then the answer is NO.

Sure you can do a lot of things on your own and struggle. We all can but the question is do you really want to? No, you don’t. It’s easy for people who don’t create to tell other creative people, you have to do this for yourself and don’t wait on anybody. I’m not one to wait on anyone. But the truth of the matter is you need people. Especially if you are trying to get into a creative field.

I see creative people struggle all the time to get some type of buzz going. I see how tirelessly they work to see their dreams come to fruition. Connections…..Connections….Connections…. Thats what it boils down to and other creative minds working together. I love to see other artist mentor other artist and not be selfish with their gifts and talents.

When you’re a creative person, its hard to break into a creative field without knowing anybody, then if you do meet people. You never know what they want from you. I’ve met a few people in the entertainment industry. But I have never been successful with working with the opposite sex in this business, because they have other stuff on their minds when they meet me.

It made me lose my faith for a little while when it came to this business, because these have been artist that I truly admire and really wanted to work for. The problem is not you so please omit that out of your head. It’s your lack of support and connections. This is why I have so much appreciation for people who work behind the scenes in film and television or any other media outlet.

Because it takes a team of people working together to bring you that 20 minute or 2 hour footage you see. The director didn’t do it by himself, he/she had a whole crew of people working together behind the scenes. I ask myself, why are people so selfish to help one another in this business? Helping others helps us too! If someone made a way for you and helped make your dreams come true.

Then why can’t we do that for someone else, who’s really hungry and willing to work for it. Do we always have to get something in return. Why are some artist focused on money and what they can get instead of truly helping someone out. I hope the world changes soon because you have a lot of creative minds out there. You have a lot of people who want to change and inspire the world. They just need a chance!











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