Inspiration: What Inspires You To Look Within

I’ve been thinking a lot about inspiration and it’s one of those things that…. Inspiration to me, leads you to know who you already are. It brings out your God-given gifts and talents.

Ever since I tuned into Ralph Tresvant Show Inside The Ride” I love the wisdom and advice he gives. It you haven’t tuned in, you’re missing out! Hurry up and get your ass inside the ride, LOL :). I’m kidding, but I’m serious 🙂

This is Ralph Tresvant on another level, when it comes to sharing his personality and his insight. You just don’t see artist do that in the public eye. Actually talking to their fans.

Other artist, you just hear from them, when their drop an album. Ralph is so not a celebrity or just what you hear in his music and on see on T.V. The man has a lot to say and share and I think it’s simply beautiful. On “Talk To Me Tuesdays” Ralph gives his fans the space and time to call in and share whats on their minds.

You can pretty much talk about anything and I do mean anything. To some it’s a way to get some type of mental stimulation and inspiration. If one can bring that to the show. It’s very intimate. Ralph wants to know, whats on his fans minds. He wants to connect mentally, bring people together, spark people’s minds.

Ubuntu is how he lives his life and where his heart is at. One of his words of wisdom, which I’ve heard him say before on past shows, is to recognize the gift that is already within you. When a young lady called in and asked him, how he feels about her writing about him and him being her inspiration. It was a good question to ask because he inspires me too.

His response, which I’m paraphrasing, is to recognize the gift that is already in you. It’s great to be an inspiration to others and he holds that position with great responsibility and love. But the key is to keep on doing what you are doing and to recognized that the power is within you.

Ralph has such a big heart and his humility will not let him take credit for anything. He appreciates it and he understands that God is using him and if he can continue to be that inspiration he will. But he doesn’t want people to make it about him and idolize him. Which he has reiterated because he is human and not perfect. A lot of things that he is involved with, he doesn’t make a big deal out of it.

Ralph moves in silence. He’s not boastful. Everything he does, does not need to be mentioned on air or on social media. I love the way he moves, because some of us want applause for everything. That’s feeding your ego. A lot of times we attach our inspiration and goals to someone or something and we think that if we don’t have that, that all inspiration is lost.

We come in the name of said name as if they are Jesus! What is the intent? Really?!

That is so not true. The key is not to make it about that thing or person all the time. You can be inspired by them, but it is not all about them. The power is within you. I was listening to what some of the callers were saying and it made me think, that when it comes to goals and being proactive and doing certain things in the community or making a difference in the world.

That some of these things should be done on your own. No recognition needed. Because you want to make a change. You don’t need a public figure to say move on this. Go help with this or that. It should be a given. Because when you make it about someone, it kind of loses the authenticity, the main focus and idea of what you are trying to accomplish.

The thing is not to idolize someone and only make moves because, a public figure said to do so. Find out on your own and go do it. Because when you do it on your own and not make it about them. If flows better. Artist or anyone can spark something in your mind. But it makes me think that if certain artist don’t say do this and that, were you ever going to do it in the first place? Did you have to wait all these years to do it?

Do like what Michael Jackson said, start with the man in the mirror. If you really want to make a change. All you have to do is go within. This inspiration was there, the moment you came into the world. You were already blessed with a gift and its great if others can help you remember that gift when inspiration is lost. If you are a creative, especially if you create any kind of art.

It is hard to find inspiration but even if you are not in a creative field. We are all creators no matter what we do. God created us in his image so therefore we are creators. We just forgot that some where along the way and we need each other, so that we can be reminded if we forget at a moment in our lives. But its how we see ourselves. If you see something in someone, point it out. Encourage them. Their light and gift should not be a threat to you.

I’ll leave you with this, which is what he said on his show, “the only person you should be submissive to is God. Worship him, do all things in his name. Not mine. Follow your own path, do what you have to do, don’t try to follow someone else’s way of living and thinking. Don’t try to be seen a certain way in someone else’s eyes. What matters is if you are pleasing God and yourself and not man. 









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