SongVersations: “The Lady In My Life” Feat. Steven Russell Harts And Allen McNeil

Here I am scrolling on social media and I see that one of my favorite classics, “The Lady In My Life” by the legendary Michael Jackson was remade by Pasadena’s finest.

Steven Russell Hearts and Allen McNeil, of the Legendary R&B group Troop. My, my, my…. You guys went there, and I’m glad you went there and continue to keep going there..

That’s what it’s all about…. The music. That’s what it should always be about…. Love, music, brotherhood. What else matters?!!

Without music how would this world be? Your gift is your gift is to share with the world. Well, It’s about time 🙂 got dammit!! LOL. Hell took y’all so long, lol.

One thing I like is good music and after TROOP being in the industry for 30+ years, it seems like it was just yesterday when you heard another classic remake. “All I do Is Think Of You”. Sung again by TROOP, was just playing on the airwaves. And what about “Mamacita” Damn, I miss these times….

And here they are doing it again. Taking us back when music meant something. Because I have no clue what’s going on in the industry today. I feel sorry for our youth and this so-called music they have to grow up on. I must say they do Michael Jackson justice, on all levels and I am sure he is in heaven smiling…..

And very well pleased as I’m sure you all are. Not everybody can do an MJ song and get away with it. Fans have been waiting on the two of you for a minute now. Waiting on the two of you to be the next K-ci and Jojo. And now the wait is finally over. With this remake, you can hear the two distinctive voices apart from one another.

While still staying in the melodic rhythm. There’s no confusions if you listen closely and have a good ear for music. Those same sensual emotions, that energy, Michael Jackson made you feel, when he sang this song was captured in this song. If you wanna be taken down memory lane, when music was good, when music made you feel.

Then support real music, by artist who can really sing. The artist you love are still around and they need to know that real music matters, to real people and real fans. Lets get back to romance and love… Download “The Lady In My Life.” You will not regret it!!!





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