Where Is The Respect And Privacy For Usher Raymond And His Legacy?

You know, media can be something else!!! This is exactly why I don’t watch the news. But I don’t have to watch the news because everything you need to know (if you want to know) is all over social media.

Boom!! There it is all over the timeline. Social media is the new media outlet. Music magazines don’t even talk about music anymore. Or shine the spotlight on an artist for all the right reasons.

The media cares more about an artist personal life than their career. And everybody want to be famous in some way shape or form. With this day and age a person in the public eye can’t do anything without the media getting involved.

I even see fans screen shot things an artist sends them. This is exactly why some artist choose not to do the ‘inbox thing’. Or interact, its to personal. What is that about? Ok you got a friend request, does everybody need to know so and so sent it? Or responded to you? What is that doing? Ok you’re friends on social media what does that mean?? Life is grand now? Why are you throwing that in other peoples face for? To make other women jealous?

When you are in the public eye you are a direct target from everyone you come in contact with. The media is having a field day with R&B superstar legend, Usher Raymond and I for one am not happy about it. It’s not because I am a fan it’s because I feel the man deserves some respect and privacy. He’s a human being and his name is being dragged through the mud, just because the media needs someone to pick on.

You have these blood-sucking, hungry-ass women and attorneys who all just want money. If this was any other guy, this wouldn’t even make the news. This blatant disrespect is so uncalled for it makes me upset. This man has a family, friends, fans who love him. He’s well-respected in the entertainment industry since he was 11 and this is what it comes down to?

Now you may argue and be the devils advocate and say, well he should have protected himself and the women he slept with, should have protected themselves too, and that may very well be true. Also, you do have people who use their name and image to get what they want. Sleeping with someone is easy for them because of who they are. But think about this for a second. What if someone was trying to defame your name and character and legacy?

What if they came after your family or even paid someone? And you knew it was lies? How would you like it? Just because one has a public career doesn’t give them the right to be dragged through the dirt like this. These are human beings and this should not be all over social media, for people to have an opinion about. Ushers sex life is none of our business and why do we even care? You’re not sleeping with him. You’re not next in line to be with him.

There are people on social media who are so-called fans who are joining in on the negativity when it comes to Usher. It’s so easy to sit behind the computer and go off on this man and you don’t even personally know him. There are people who are choosing to believe these allegations, just because the alleged victims are going public with it. And it’s spreading like a virus now, especially with social media.

Usher is a man, a human being and whether or not this is true. The man still deserves some respect and privacy. When his kids get older and they research his name, this will be all over the internet. Does anybody care about that? Oh it just comes along with the business right? You take the good with the bad?? And just brush it off as if it’s nothing. When the media attacks they don’t care how you feel, they are going to run the story .

Look at the iconic legendary Michael Jackson’s legacy? Tupac? Bill Cosby? R. Kelly? Chris Brown? Do you see a pattern here? What is a man to do? Pay to make it go away? That makes it look even more suspicious. I really feel sorry for men in the entertainment industry. It’s always some woman. Men in this business have to watch everything they do, every woman they come in contact with.

You just never know, who wants you for you and who is not looking for a come up and to hit you where it hurts, you money and your character. Why is this all over the media and social media? Why??? There are other important things going on in the world than this? There’s human trafficking going on. Domestic violence, children being abused, homelessness, kids in gangs, poverty. What about the fact that kids are dropping out of high school and can barely read.

Our black men and women are being killed, just because of the color of their skin. Some of these police men, have egos and think being a police officer means they have a right to kill someone just because they are in uniform. When did this become a society that this is acceptable and you can get off, simply because you have a badge? You are supposed to serve and protect not kill. But yet we are talking about Usher’s herpes outbreak as if this is going to infect America and the other countries.

Unprotected sex is a serious issue. One wrong move and you can catch something deadly! Something incurable. I’m not condoning his alleged behavior. The man is human and he used indiscretion. The women he was allegedly with, knew what they were doing too. This goes both ways. These women are not dumb. They knew exactly what they were doing. This is what happens when a regular guy, who just happens to be an R&B super star with money sleeps with a woman.

They invite a whole host of problems. I’m pretty sure the idea of having one night or a fling with someone in the public eye, was an opportunity they could just not refuse. I wonder, do these men in the pubic eye have gold in their pants? What is it?? These women should be ashamed of themselves, for not only dragging his name in the dirt but theirs too. Why would someone subject themselves to this kind of public media scrutiny?

Oh I get it, for money and fame. Any news is better than no news. To let the whole world know, I allegedly slept with Usher or any other entertainer. I get it, you think you’re doing the right thing by defaming this mans name and legacy. When one logs onto social media, and this is all you see in the timeline? And you have people believing this story, reveling in the gossip instead of choosing to not believe it.

This is what social media is used for? To say any and everything. Is there any protection for people in the public eye? Their families and close friends? Who is going to protect them? These are human beings, who deserve respect and privacy. What they do in their private life is not up for scrutiny from the media or fans. Are they not human and make mistakes? Why do we feel this behavior is ok when it’s deplorable.

I understand why BBD wrote the song POISON. I really do! Men can not trust a big butt and a smile. You have women out there that will want you just because of who you are and everything that comes a long with you. They are in love with your lifestyle. No one talks about how fame can be a blessing and a curse. How this business isolates you. Say the wrong thing to someone and your business will end up on social media. Artist can’t do or say anything without there being a screenshot. Some fans don’t even respect an artist privacy.

Break up or divorce someone and your personal life will be all over social media for people to have an opinion about. Marry the wrong woman and forget it. She’ll take half of what you worked so hard for. Because the media protects women and so does the court system. But where is the protection for men? Especially our black men. Who’s going to speak up for them? Be their advocate. Protect them? In this day and age, black men don’t even trust black women and vice versa.

Where is the love for our fellow human being? Men in the public eye are human beings and when you are in the public eye, you are subjected to this kind of B.S. Your name and legacy will go down, just because of a woman. A lie, gossip will only fester as long as people believe it and give it energy. I know Usher will never read this, but my prayers are with you. I send light and love your way. An angel for your protection and I am very sorry you are going through this. I really am.








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