Secret Garden By The Legends Quincy Jones, Al B. Sure, James Ingram, El Debarge And Barry White

Here’s a trip down memory lane…. We all know that good music has no expiration date. Nor are these legendary artist throwbacks. I was listening to the sensual classic song, Secret Garden, by Quincy Jones Feat. Al B. Sure, James Ingram, El Debarge and Barry White. I know you remember this R&B classic. How can you forget! This collaboration that Quincy Jones put together is just sensual perfection!! It’s so full of passion. This is one of those songs, that stays on repeat for hours.

One of those songs that as soon as it comes on. It just makes you pause for a second. You take a deep breath as you anticipate the music, lyrics and instruments. This song gets deep into your soul. It puts you in the mood to slow dance, to make love. You’ll feel like gently teasing your lover by planting subtle touches, kisses, glances on their lips and body.

The anticipation will drive them crazy as you run your fingertips up and down their body. This song makes everything seem all right in that moment. As you listen, you let the music slowly infuse itself into your body. As you hold on to every lyric and beat, never wanting it to let you go. You’ll run your fingertips up and down your skin, just to feel the lyrics on it. It makes you feel sensual.

It makes you smile mischievously and laugh with that look in your eyes. Oh, don’t act like it’s just me. You’re probably looking for this song right now :). Go ahead and revel in its ecstasy. It’s intoxicating! Go ahead and play it……. I’ll wait for you to come back and finish reading :). Is it on? Good! Hmmmmmm, you feel that? Feels good don’t it? It’s orgasmic. Talk about ecstasy! Passion at it’s finest!

All that sensuous soul beaming from this song. This song takes you back to when music was music. When music was really good. When singers could actually sing and made you feel something. They evoked those emotions out of you. If you’re listening to this song and you had on clothes before it started. Don’t be surprised, if you slowly start undressing.

How can one stay dressed with a song like this, that begs to have its lyrics and music all over your body.  I remembered the first time this song debuted on the radio. I remembered hearing that intro, that bass guitar then Barry White comes in with that bass-baritone voice of his “Tell me a secret” Then Al. B Sure with that sensual “Oooohhhhh…I wanna read your mind, know your deepest feelings…..listen to your heart tonight

Don’t you love it when a man is not afraid to feel? Those sensual sounds Al B. makes, you’re like damn! Stop teasing….. Then James Ingram comes in “ I know a melody that we can sing together….Lets make music, harmonizing ecstasy.“. Hmmm Harmonizing ecstasy… damn I love those two words, a sensual blend of music and the soul making love.

Then James lets out that “Ooooooo’… you feel in the back of your neck and down your spine. Then you have El Debarge come in whispering “Oh baby….(the many times I rewinded that), I need to be with you, let me lay besides you ….Oooh baby can I touch you there?…..I can keep you satisfied baby” Yessssss!!!!! Then Barry White comes in again with that deep baritone voice….

Sending chills all over your body. “You know I never wanted anyone, I never wanted anyone, as much as I, as much as I want you. I want you show me, I want you tell me how you feel.” This song is just oozing with sensuality. Giving you mentalgasms long after the music stops playing. Damn! I miss music like this! Don’t you miss music like this? Don’t you miss these times?

When music was music and you felt that romance and love. Music todays just doesn’t make you feel this way anymore. It doesn’t make you feel like making love. Where is the love and passion for music? Todays music is truly missing that love. This song is just so erotic. “Passion can make you fall for what you feel”  Every time I hear this song, I fall in love with it over and over again.

Music is the connection to the spirit world. Music is meant to be felt. Every time I hear this song and close my eyes, I instantaneously travel back to when this song came out. I miss the late 80s and 90s. I long to go back to these times. Even when things weren’t good, music was always there, never abandoning me…I ask the question why did music and times have to change?

My soul is begging for answers. I wonder if God hears my prayers for real music to come back. For videos to actually depict what the artist is actually singing about. For awards shows to go back to the way things used to be, when an artist gave you your monies worth and the performance left you in tears, breathless, clapping and it was worthy of a standing ovation.

A feeling of Utopia. I long for the artist music that saved my life to be heard all over the airwaves. I want and pray that this generation, our youth somehow get the signal and tune into that frequency of love. I hope they are guided towards artist, that truly embody the spirit of music and everything that music is, which is love, passion and ecstasy!

A gift from our creator. Every day I time travel. I need those memories. They keep me alive. They breath new life into me, no matter how bittersweet it is. Every time I listen to music from back then, I hear something different. I remember something different. I reach for music like an addict. Needing that fix, every day all day. Feeling no shame whatsoever. My love affair with music from back then will never severe.

So please don’t tell I need to get with the times and embrace this noise, you call music. It’s an insult! I know I’m in love with yesteryear. A time frame I know that I can not physically go back to. I’m not trying to but I can always travel back and revisit those memories in my mind. Why aren’t we feeling this kind of sensuality, this kind of ecstasy in love, in music, or in our own lives anymore?

I know it’s still there if we can just get back to it. Remember, conjure up and feel those feelings. It’s still there deep in our soul if, we can just remember that we are sensual beings. Lets not forget about the love. Lets refocus our love back to the passion in music. We need harmonizing ecstasy. For music is storytelling and magic. It’s whatever you want.

It’s whatever your heart desires. Whatever you can taste. Songs like this ask you, whats in your secret garden? Don’t be afraid to go there. Don’t be afraid to fantasize and play. This song just makes you want to go into the secret garden of your mind, body and spirit where pleasure, sensuality and ecstasy awaits….. It’s not polite to let music wait…. So open the door and let it in.


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