Law Of Attraction Not Working For You? Here’s Why

We’ve all heard of the Law Of Attraction right? Or some would like to call it ‘The Secret’. I remember hearing about ‘The Secret’ in 2007. I recall hearing that it made millions. This movie was able to capitalize off of people being in the dark of their own power of who they are.

That might not have been the intent but that’s what happened. Everyone wanted to see this movie and buy the DVD to harness the power of ‘The Law Of Attraction.’ It sure did make people feel good. Making them think all they had to do is have positive thoughts and wait.

I saw parts of this movie at a friends house and after looking it for a few minutes and more like listening, because we started talking during it. It lost my interest. I didn’t hear anyone talking about taking action. I didn’t hear anyone talking about using your senses and being an energy or spiritual being. People were told to hold a thought, envision and release and that’s it. And POOF the universe will go to work. If that was the case, wouldn’t most of us be rich and have the house we want with no struggles? So what is going on here?

My friend that bought this DVD set, no matter how positive she was, she stayed where she was in the same situation for years. A lot of things contributed to this. She had unrealistic expectations. She forgot she was an energy being, a spiritual person. Her energy was not aligned with what she wanted. She also had someone who was not on her level blocking her from receiving. A lot of people were disappointed and frustrated  that the law of attraction didn’t work for them and it’s  still not working for them.

The Law Of attraction is really no secret. Here’s why the Law of Attraction works for some and the reason why it doesn’t work for others.

The more we are here on earth, I think a lot of us have forgotten that we are spiritual energy beings, dwelling inside of a physical body. We’ve forgotten that our energetic field is everything to attracting what we want. We have forgotten that we are sensual beings as well. God gave us senses and heightened senses that we refuse to use or forgotten how to use especially when it comes to the LOA. Most of us have no idea how to activate our pineal gland, our third eye. A lot of us are not in tuned with our emotions as well. The universe is mental, its internal and external. It’s energy.

As humans, some of us think that we incarnated on earth to acquire things. People have become selfish with the LOA so to speak. When it comes to the Law of Attraction we’re taught, if you want something, write it down, envision it, do a vision board. Thats all fine and dandy but what energetic emotions are we attaching this to? We all have needs and wants while on earth, but it seems like most people want to learn how to master the Law of attraction simply because of stuff or what they perceive to be abundance.

Let me tell you why the Law of Attraction some times works for me and why other times it doesn’t. Hopefully this resonates with you. It’s not that I’m doing something spectacular. It’s about my energy and frequency. My sensuality, I used my senses on a daily to guide me. My intent, my actions, my vibration, my alignment, my emotions, my beliefs, my faith, gratitude and what I hold to be true, about what I want and don’t want and the significance about what I hope to manifest. There are so many things that play in to the Law of attraction that people seem to overlook.

One of the most important steps besides the above when it comes to the Law of attraction is……. Drum roll please…… You guessed it! PATIENCE and DISCIPLINE. You have to have patience and be disciplined in your faith and continue to work towards your outcome of what you want. We’ve all heard. “Faith without works is dead.” You can’t just do a vision board, buy supplies and then look at it 24/7 and think POOF! I’ll have what I want but meanwhile, you’re sitting on your butt. Yoga is not going to help either or enjoying the fruits of someone else labor.

I’ve seen a lot of people out there get into this vision board thing…. but when I research them a bit, I see that these particular people have never really worked for anything in their life. Somebody has given them everything they needed. The universe didn’t give them what they wanted, somebody else’s lifestyle and funds did. The universe has something to teach you, it can not simply hand you over stuff just because you’re a woman and you stay positive. It you are serious about manifestation and changing lives. You have to be consistent with it. This can not be a hobby with something you do when you feel like it or for temporary satisfaction.

A lot of people really need help in life and they want to get unstuck. They want to be successful and enjoy nice things. Question is are you doing this to make yourself feel better and for financial gain or do you really want to help people prosper all over the world. Is it just a business or your calling? If you are not ready for that type of responsibility put the vision boards down and stop wasting your money and time and other people’s time and money. If the intent is not right then you will never manifest what you what you want. There have been times when I have attracted certain things right away, within a matter of minutes and other things it took months and years.

It was all about my alignment and the timing for whatever it is that I wanted, for the universe to let it happen. I wasn’t attached to an outcome or how it was going to happen. I had no expectations. I had to just do my part, work on myself, tune my spirit, my emotions in alignment for what I wanted. How many times do get what we want and after we get it, we’re like “Eh I don’t want it anymore?” Happens all the time. Thats because there was no real intent for having it. There was no purpose. It’s like a person who just spends money just to spend it.

I recall a few years ago I attracted someone into my life, simply by gratitude and the person I lost contact with I never knew his name. I met him one time, he handed me a CD and I never saw him again. I found this person through a dream. I didn’t like the outcome of it because the person was very rude and disrespectful towards me later on. I’ll have to go into details later. But it was my intention, why I wanted to find this person. What I wanted with this persons material. The universe and God led me to find this person to show me the power of my thoughts, my energy etc and what happens when you surrender.

Another time the LOA worked for me what when I got a new job. The hourly pay was great but I was only working part-time. I looked at the calendar and thought if I could get some extra hours on these specific days then I would be ok for a little while. There was a holiday coming up and I knew I was going to miss some days. I was worried for a bit then I let it go. No sense of worrying over something I couldn’t control. I texted a friend of mine and I said I need extra hours on these specific days. I’m going to ask my boss. Before I could even send the email. My boss emailed me and asked me if I could work on the specific days and at the hours that I wanted. I sat there shocked and I’m like ok, what just happened here??

I was dumbfounded a little bit. I took a screenshot of the partial email and sent it to my friend and I said can you believe that?? I was like no way. I just finished saying that. Whats funny is I wasn’t even thinking about the Law of Attraction per se, like that, I was thinking about the intent and why I needed it. 2011 so many things kept happening to me when I tuned into a certain frequency and when I started working with my spirit guides, angels and the universe. I was a bit overwhelmed. I figured if God and the universe could grant me these small things, maybe I should ask for something big. So I tried with this apartment that I wanted. The universe did not grant me my wish.

The reason why the universe did not grant me my wish because it was not in alignment for where God wanted to take me in life. I kept trying to go backwards, which I thought was forward and be comfortable and so I never got my wish granted. The universe slapped me in my face and my ego with a big fat NO. This bothered me, because it worked before when I was 25 and I moved into my condo but after being there for a few years, and how I was evolving spiritually. The situation and circumstance at the time served its purpose and it was time for me to move on. When it comes to the Law of Attraction you have to work with it and not against it.

When we solely rely on being physical and wanting to satisfy our flesh and ego, we can run into a problem with the LOA. But when we satisfy our spirit and know that what we want has purpose and we attach our emotions, our senses to it. We’re most certain to get what we want. When it comes to vision boards, it’s great to see what you want, to get an idea of what you want but it shouldn’t take eons to get it. I see words and pictures on vision boards but what is the intent? What are you infusing into those VB’s. Are you praying over it. Each and every word hold a certain frequency. Supposed you put Paris on your vision board and in two months you say you are going but it doesn’t happen? What now?

You’ll claim the LOA doesn’t work? Were you even prepared to go to Paris? Did you think about other things before putting it on your VB. Why do you want to go to Paris? Being positive and being in a good mental space is great, but if you are not there energetically and your intent is not in alignment with a purpose and no attachment. It’s never going to happen. What you want will stay a fantasy. Believing you will go is not enough. When I relocated to California in 2016 I knew why I was going. To many reasons to list why but there was a purpose for me going. It was all about timing, intent and purpose. I moved when God said move.

So many of us miss opportunities because we don’t recognized signs from the universe. Because it’s not what we think it should look like. People need to really get out of their psyche that ‘The Law Of Attraction’ is about acquiring things and it has nothing to do with that. It’s not enough to just want something or even someone. Especially when it comes to another person and relationships. Lets explore that for a bit.. shall we… Here’s my example of when men approach me and try to date me, and this can go for women too with men or whomever you’re into.

Case in point: When a man wants to date me, they ask me a few questions decided within minutes I’m the one. But I’m not. Why? Because of their energy and intent of why they want to be with me. It’s not aligned with my energy and how I move, so therefore this union that they want is never going to happen. Because they don’t have good intentions. The intent is trap me and to sleep with me. God and the universe later on reveals this to me. So the universe will not hand me over to this man. There will be resistance. I don’t care what the flesh wants when it comes to a man. Especially If I just met you. I’m not here to feed your flesh and ego.

I address the spirit first. I pick up on this intent and my energy blocks it. If you want a certain kind of individual, you have to vibrate on the same frequency in order to attract the life that you want with that person. Your energetic fields and your spirit have to match. Now there are some people who get what they want with the wrong intentions but it usually falls apart in their face. Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it. The universe is not a magic genie. Yes, you can have what you want but there are a lot of things that have to take place. When I got the extra hours I needed it was for a purpose and the universe knew what it was and I used the money for its intended purpose. I didn’t get this extra money and squander it just to have it.

When it comes to ‘The law of attraction with love, there are some people who are not in the right relationship and there are so many reasons why. It’s their beliefs and energy. Whenever a guy is interested in dating me, the first things I ask him is what are we doing here? What is your intentions with me? I have a right to know as a woman what you want. If you can’t answer that, then there’s no need for us to continue talking unless we are just friends or business partners. Most men can’t answer this question because their intent is to ‘test drive” a woman. When they see that will not happen they move on. Just thank the universe when that happens, thank God!! You dodge a bullet!

You dodged someone who their energy would have corrupted your spirit and if you are trying to attract the right person, you don’t need somebody else’s  unclean, negative intention and their energy running rampant, in your spirit and body and then you are wondering why you can’t attract the right man or woman because of an unhealthy energy cord. If you are in an unhealthy relationship or everything is one-sided. Take a look at yourself and your beliefs. If you are trying to manifest and do things big. The person you are with has to be on the same wavelength as you, or whatever it is you are working towards is not going to happen. That person will hold you back.

Attracting what you want from the universe it all starts with you. You are a trinity in itself, once you remember who you are and that you are spirit first then your mind (and senses) then your body. If you understand the laws of quantum physics and science and other sciences, (numerology, astrology, sacred geometry etc) these all play a role in what we want out of life. The Law Of Attraction does work. It will give you answers and give you what you want but if you are not aligned and your energy is not positive with purpose and intent then you can buy all the tools and books you want, you’ll never manifest what you want.

Some people lose their faith while they wait to get what they want. You gotta believe its yours even if what you want is not what you think it should look like. You may want a certain house, and work toward buying that house, but then see later on that the area you wanted to move to, was not a good area and it was built on some type of landfill. You may see another house that’s even better and cheaper with no down payment and extra incentives. The universe always wants to give you what you want but you have to let go of the outcome and how it will happen. You have to be open to the blessings of what you want and move out the way.

Also you have to go within, do some neuro reprogramming of your mind. Cleanse your spirit. Detox. Put the right foods in your body to align your chakras. The right things in your body will also emit a strong frequency out to the universe, because of that energy.  Your mind will be clear. Detox areas internally and externally that are not working. You will be able to hear God speak to you. You’ll hear that audible tone in your ear and be able to download information. That’s the universe tuning into your thoughts, letting you know that you are vibrating at a high frequency. When it comes to the LOA don’t ignore your intuition either. Thats another way the universe speaks to you.

Learn when to recognize when your prayers get answered. The thing about the law of attraction is that you don’t have to be specific about everything down to the T. having a list actually blocks the LOA from working. That list is ego based. I heard so many public figures and spiritual gurus say you have to be specific. Down to the T, well I beg to differ. My case at work was different, I could only work those hours then the company closed at that time. I just happen to get the hours that I wanted but even if I would have got just a few, it still would have helped me, because it made up for the days that the company would have been closed.

My signal went out to the universe and my boss picked it up and sent it back to me. Thats the only way I can explain it plus with the intended purpose. Plus I was available and open. You have to be open and ready to receive along with positive thoughts and keep your energy vibrating high at all times but what works is to surrender. Don’t attach your intent to a date or a person. That person may not be able to be of any assistance, if their energy is not aligned with your intent and energy. Your emotions can’t be negative or else you will attract a negative outcome. You have to make room for the new.

Sometimes in life we don’t want to start over, especially when it comes to relationships. We’re like “No not again, so we stay in unhealthy relationship, way past their expiration date for fear of meeting someone new and going through the whole process of getting to know that person. Some of you right now are in expired relationships, knowing damn well the love left a long time ago, but here you are stuck in your old ways and habits about love. Don’t be lazy, if you want a love that vibrates higher, that takes you higher and that’s aligned with how you are… that’s full of passion and ecstasy let that dead weight of a man or woman go, so your spirit and heart can be open to receive new love. Work with the universe and the universe will work with you! Namaste! 😊


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