Spirituality And Dreams: It’s A Beautiful Thing When Someone Is Open

You hear people say all the time that they are spiritual but when it comes down to it. Are they really? Can they really believe in something or someone that’s not tangible, that they  can’t see. Or when it comes to spirituality do we pick and choose what we want to believe in? Or whatever we feel comfortable with? Why is it that some of us, if you can’t prove it, it sounds like a lie?

Why do we act like our dreams mean nothing when there are spiritual meanings in our dreams. There are things being prophesied in our dreams that we need to pay attention to. I’m a firm believer that everything that happens in the spiritual world manifest in the physical world. I pay attention to my dreams all the time, so much so that I’ve been able to find a few people through dreams and with the help of my spirit guides and loves ones who have passed on. 

When one is sleeping and dreaming, they get to travel to different spiritual realms. The mind, body and spirit are relaxed more so than when you are day dreaming. When we’re asleep and dreaming we can’t control what happens all the time. We have no choice but to surrender and watch things unfold and just be led. 

In my moments of solitude I can hear God speak to me. I was feeling a bit worried about a message I gave someone and the fact that I never got a response. It made me feel like I should have never said anything. I felt like if I had proof then maybe I would have a response. But God spoke to me and said “No you don’t need any proof to show anybody anything. You obeyed what I told you to do. You relayed the message now leave it alone.” 

What concrete proof can you give anyone? You can’t. Thats where faith comes in and being open and just believing. A person will know in their spirit and heart if what they are receiving is true if no doubt is involved. It’s either a person believes it or they don’t. Nor can you keep doubting yourself and worrying about something you can’t control. It won’t make the person believe it because of an emotional attachment. Hearing God speak those words to me made me feel calm and I released it.

When it comes to the spiritual world its a hit and miss with some and that’s ok. Sometimes you come across people who are very open to hear what you have to say, sometimes you come across people who will look and act like you’re crazy. And you know what? Both are ok. You can’t make someone believe in something and I would never do that, but its a beautiful thing when someone is open. Love, messages, communication and information flows freely from the other side. It doesn’t feel like resistance. 

You can’t get through to a closed heart and mind, if people are not ready and open to hear what you have to say. I was talking to a friend of mine and I told her that my mom and this guy that I don’t know, that his mom and my mom are together. I said there must be a reason why they are together. She’s been coming to me since last year. I kept trying to figure out whats the connection because two people who passed away a year apart from each other, just don’t end up on the other side together.

So after I got still and listened for answers. It came to me. They know each other. How they know each other, I don’t know but they do. So the dreams and me sensing their spirit around makes sense. It’s very possible my mom and this guy’s mom must know the same people. When I heard this guy mention the areas his family and friends frequented back in the day. I said ok, my family used to be over there too. It’s not uncommon for people to have things in common. 

But this guy I keep having these dreams about and the things we talk about. We have way too much in common it’s actually crazy. It throws me for a loop. There were times when I wanted to talk about certain things and I didn’t because this guy already said the very same thing I was going to say. When I would hear the things he said, I thought God was playing tricks on me. I said to myself, is this guy in my thoughts?  

But talking to a trusted friend and confidant that was open to hearing what I had to say, she told me, you just figured it out. She said I should ask his friend for help to confirm this conclusion I came to. I will but it’s not the right timing yet. This whole thing is very overwhelming for me. But God will ease my heart. When the answers come to me then I will be obedient and say something. 

I honestly believe that in my heart that the reason why these answers I’m seeking have not come yet, is because it’s allowing me to have trust and believe in my spiritual gifts. There are times when my senses are very heightened, theres ebbs and flows to it and things I can’t take in and explain. Times when I say God, “Not now please… can I just have a moment? You’re given me too much. My brain and spirit is in overdrive.”

Theres are times when the information being downloaded is too much for me and I get drained. The times when God wakes me up in the middle of the night because he needs to have a moment with me. I’m like “ok, give it to me, lol. What do we need to talk about? My spirit is all ears.” When I was busy God couldn’t get through now that he said “enough is enough, I need to have a moment with you.” I realized that’s why he put a stop to certain things in my life.

But even with that being said and done. To me it’s a beautiful thing because I’m open and that’s the only way I can be used. Knowing that I helped someone and gave them answers or confirmed something they were feeling, I know that God is pleased! There are times when I do ask “Why me? Why are you making me do this?” But this is not about me and how I feel or whats going to make me feel good or how comfortable I want to feel. It’s about being obedient. 

And when you think about it…… thats all we are here to do. Be open, be obedient and to be of service to one another. Thats how this whole thing called life works. 


One thought on “Spirituality And Dreams: It’s A Beautiful Thing When Someone Is Open

  1. Religion has conditioned us not to believe in the spirit world that’s the problem. Keep doing what God called you to do.


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