In A Trance With Music

“I was in the mood to be hypnotized. I wanted to be in a trance. I wanted ecstasy. So music whispered in my ear “Play me… come to me. I know exactly what you need.”

I hesitated and asked “What are you going to do to me music?” “Come here. Take off your clothes.” So I surrendered and gave up my mind and body.

My heart started racing and my temperature rose as I anticipated the next beat and lyrics. All it took was one little touch of that energy against my skin, grabbing and kissing my neck and I was weak. Music told me to lay down. I could feel musics energy massaging me all over my naked body. It was too intense.

I whispered “Are you done?” Music said “Shhhhh… I’ll let you know when I’m done. Come here.” Music turned me around and put me on my knees. I felt the lyrics grab my right shoulder then my left hip. As the music opened me up, I felt the lyrics penetrate me from behind….

The lyrics went deeper and deeper “Oh shhhhhh. hmmmmmm”, I said as I grabbed the pillow. I felt my knees slipping. “No, music, stop…, I can’t… stoooop…. Please!” I was drunken with lyrical ecstasy. “Stop what? You can’t what? I’m just playing with your body…. putting my lyrics inside of you.”

The lyrical penetration felt so good. I climaxed. Music turned me around and stared in my eyes and said “Thats what I wanted to feel, now you have my music inside of you.” I laid there catching my breath. It felt so good my eyes filled up with tears. As a tear drop fell from the side of my eye music caught it with its lips.

“Hmmm, that’s what your emotions taste like?” “Yes!” I felt another lyrical attack arising as the music intensified. I stared in musics eyes asking” I need your lyrics to release me. Please?” I’m surprised music obliged. “Ok, just this time, but you know your body and soul belong to me right?” I nodded yes as we telepathically communicated.

My heart beat and body temperature regulated. I needed to return to earth even though I wanted to be in utopia with music. I was conflicted… I knew that music was pleasure and pain. Pleasure for my mind, body and soul but pain for me to let it go. I hungered for music again but the thought dissipated.

Sometimes I don’t know why I torture myself this way… knowing I don’t have control over what music does to me… but like an addict I keep coming back… if I could take music in intravenously I would… everyone has their addiction mines just happens to be music… until next time…”


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