When It’s Real You’ll Know… Because It Will Feel like Music

So In Love With MUSIC

We love music the way we do because music evokes emotions we can’t or are afraid to express. Or we want to but we don’t know how but there’s a song that expresses just how we feel. Some artist just make us feel and come alive because they sing with such passion and vulnerability.

Their energy travels and a spiritual portal opens up. Their lyrics touch our core and the music touches our organs. Music reminds us of what its like to feel. To embrace being a sensual spiritual being.

There’s a message in music if you’ll listen. It’s LOVE. It’s Pleasure and Pain. It’s Inspiration.

I know for me…. Music guides me…

MUSIC… It’s the one thing that gets me. It’s the only thing that’s real. It’s the only tangible thing my spirit, my body and my mind understands and responds to. My soul doesn’t know any other language but MUSIC.

I’m patiently waiting for MUSIC to manifest in the physical world. I know MUSIC will find me. If LOVE doesn’t feel like MUSIC then leave it alone. If it’s not MUSIC then it’s a waste of energy, time and space. When It’s Real You’ll Know…. Because It Will Feel like Music.


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