Artist Spotlight: Peter Hollens… An Angelic Breath Of Fresh Air

Have you ever heard a voice so beautiful? So angelic? Well, be prepared because that’s what you will hear when you listen to Peter Hollens. Maybe you don’t know his name or his music just yet, but trust me you will want to know his name. 

Peter Hollens, the A Capella classically trained vocalist from Ashland Oregon, that has been captivating and blessing music lovers from all over the world with his voice since 2010. 

Peter Hollens is truly a breath of fresh air! Listen to him… you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Once you hear his music you are going to fall in love! I guarantee it! A sense of peace will come over you and fill your spirit with love. You’ll be captivated! You can’t help but be moved to tears when you hear the music flow from his heart and soul.

From the moment I press play, the words that come to mind when I think of and engulf myself with the essence and energy of Peter Hollens music is nothing but… Angelic, captivating, sensual, soulful, breathtaking, passionate, romantic, contagious, nirvana and pure ecstasy… And who doesn’t love an artist who smiles when they sing.

Tears always fill my eyes and even fall when I hear this mans beautiful voice. I’m not even aware of it until a tear rolls down my cheek. All I know is I feel an immense amount of joy, love and peace. I feel like the gates of heaven opened up and God sent one of his angels along with a choir, to revive me and pour love and music into my heart and soul.

I believe in earth angels and I believe Peter is one of them. Just like many others who’ve come to bear their gifts upon the world and give hope to those who are suffering and in need of love, hope and inspiration. We all know music is a gift from God and Peter fully embodies that gift through song. His music will get deep down in your soul and make you feel so good!

From his melodious covers and original inspired songs, you would think Peter is a veteran, a legend in the music industry, (which he is in my opinion) but this is because of his old soul. You can hear it when he belts out those angelic notes and you can feel it! You can tell he feels music with his whole spirit. That kind of passion and emotion, you’re either born with it or you’re not and Mr. Hollens was born with it!

A voice like Peter’s is rare and special! The first time I heard Mr. Hollens sing my world was never the same. What I love most about Peters music is that it inspires me. I get a visual. I can see his music being the soundtrack in a movie.

Not to take away from the original artist but I love his covers better and I can see him acting it out. The storytelling is beautiful! That’s what music is supposed to do, take you on a journey and what a beautiful journey it is.

Hearing Peter’s music and covers of musicals, takes me back to a time of when I was little girl, going to the theater, watching The West Side Story with my mom. Being in the Glee Club and chorus with my friends, having fun and just enjoying the art of music. Back in the 90s you could go to the theater and be captivated by an artist performance and feel and walk away a different person.

The way this world is right now (and who we have in office) this is when we need music the most. The world is in a love deficit. We need more creators and storytellers. We need more romance and love. This is when we need the people God entrusted with the gift of music to minister (not merely in a religious way) but to use the gift of music the way it is supposed to be used.

We need voices like Peter Hollens to inspire us and to uplift us through song. Not artist who abuse the gift of music. Peter Hollens has come a long way from his live performances on NBC’s “The sing off” with his group “On The Rocks” which he received great praises from the judges.

Although they didn’t win (they should have) now look at him, he still came out on top… An A Cappella YouTube sensation, entrepreneur with over 2 million subscribers and counting. He even debuted on broadway with his wife in 2017 in “Home For The Holidays.

A devoted husband and father and who knows what he will do next. I know I’ll be watching! The music and duets Peter sings with his beautiful wife Evynne Hollens will inspire you to love again. Check out their song “Rewrite The Stars”.

I just enjoy watching this beautiful family bless us with their God-given gifts through music and with those two cute little boys of theirs, I’m sure they will be following along in mommy and daddy’s footsteps 😊

I see so many great things for Mr. Peter Hollens with movies, theater, more broadway, more great collaborations and covers. I see dancers choreographing pieces to his music on Dancing With The Stars and in ballet. Peter has already ventured out to help other creatives, create the life they want online as an online educator with his new business venture creator education.

How amazing is that! I just love it when artist genuinely give back because not so many do. I love artist who care about their fans and interact with their audience on an intimate Level. They care about what their fans want. For they know that there is no them without us. The love is twofold and reciprocal.

You can find Peter Hollens music on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal. Make sure you check out his YouTube channel and subscribe and spread the word and become Patron and follow him on social media. Artist like Peter are definitely worth supporting!! If you love real music and real talent you’ll enjoy his music! It will bring out the kid in you and inspire you to dream again. So go…. what are you waiting for? You don’t want miss anything when it comes to Peter Hollens music and videos. I know I don’t!!!


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