“Brown Eyed Girl” By The Legendary Tevin Campbell

“Brown eyed girl come walk with me, brown-eyed girl come talk with me. I wanna do, all the things in love a man should do. All the little things you want me to brown-eyed girl, brown-eyed girl.”

Beautiful lyrics sung by the legendary Tevin Campbell off of his 1993 album “I’m Ready”.

Isn’t it amazingly beautiful that when it comes to music, we have these meticulous memories attached to it that we can revisit at any time. My mother bought me this album as a gift when I was a teen.

The following year I met a nice young gentleman, my first love, who would dedicate this song to me. I have a beautiful memory about this song that I would like to share, if you guys don’t mind 😊

WARNING: Romance, love and awwwwwe’s ahead, LOL

I remember it as if it was yesterday, it was our third date on a Sunday, we were at our favorite spot in New York by the water. The weather was sunny not too cold for October. I wanted to listen to some music but my battery had died in my Walkman, lol. Yeah I said Walkman lol, this was the 90s remember?, LOL.

Anyway… my FL said to me, “What you got there?” I said Tevin but my battery is dead and he took the tape from my hand and said “I got you”, chose a side and put it in his Walkman. He put his headphones on and kept smiling and I started smiling too, wondering what was he up to, as he kept fast forwarding, stopping and rewinding. I said what are you doing and he just laughed and grinned at me.

So finally he got his song and said “Here… I want you to listen to something, come here, come a little closer.” I smiled at him and came a little closer. He put his headphones around his neck and put his arm around me and I heard this melody coming out the headphones as we walked a few steps and stopped. I smiled and blushed and said his name. He smiled too after my reaction. There’s nothing like a beautiful love song to express how you feel about someone.

As soon as Tevin started singing “Brown eyed girl come walk with me, brown-eyed girl come talk with me.” We embraced. His blue jacket was big enough to cover me slightly from the wind. As soon as the lyrics “I wanna do, all the things in love a man should do. All the little things you want me to, brown-eyed girl, brown-eyed girl.” Came in, I looked up at him, he stared in my eyes. I could see that sparkle in his eyes, because I had the same one in my eyes too.

He kissed me on my forehead and then on my lips and cheek. And whispered “this song is for you mami” in my ear. He held me as I laid my head on his chest. The song continued to play and at “Brown eyed girl now do you know, brown-eyed girl that I love you so, my whole life through, I’ve been waiting for a girl like you, someone I can give sweet kisses to, brown-eyed girl…”

He turned me around held my waist and hugged me from behind, as we slowly moved to the rhythm of the music. I don’t know what it is about hugs from behind. But us women like that it makes us feel safe like you have our back. It’s so romantic! I looked out at the water and its like the waves were in sync with us and the music. It was our first dance. As the song was ending I touched his face and he kissed my hand and we kissed when the 3rd hook came in at @2:37 until the song ended. That song tasted like love and I wanted more of it.

I wanted to hear it again, so he played it again and he sat down on the bench behind us and I sat on his lap. We started making out again, but the kisses were nice, soft and tender they were in sync with the music. His lips made their way over to my neck with more tender kisses and back to my lips. I could taste the lyrics on his lips as he planted them on me. The song ended, he looked at the time. I knew it was time to go. He looked at me, I looked at him, I was silent. We sat there for a few more minutes holding each other.

When it was time to go home, he bought me some batteries so I could listen to my tape. We got on the Ferry and he played the tape so we could both listen to the music. I was holding the rose he gave me while I rested my head on his shoulder. We didn’t want the day to end but he had to go to work and I had to go to school, LOL. He made sure I got on my bus and kissed me good-bye and waited until it pulled off and waved and winked at me.

Awwwwwwwwwe, I know…. I know… you need a tissue, lol. I told you it was romantic 😊 Love and romance don’t just happen on-screen with a Nikolas Spark movie or a soap opera. It happens in real life! I had a real life Prince Charming ❤️. But people don’t believe in love and romance like this anymore but they should.

When I got home, Tevin was playing “Can We Talk“… my mom was in the kitchen cooking. I spoke to her and walked in my room. I kept smelling the rose he gave me and thinking about our date smiling to myself. I didn’t want to come down off my high. I called my best friends to tell them about the sweet gesture he made. I could hear them smiling through the phone. He called in on the other end to make sure I got in safe and to let me know he got in safe too and to say goodnight.

I’ve always loved that song but I loved it even more when he dedicated it to me. I fell asleep to it that night! I thought I was dreaming. The next day I walked to school listening to it. Lunch time came and I talked with my friends about my date, they were smiling and awwww’ing, LOL They were like you two love birds are in love… Yeah we were I said to myself. School was over and I walked back home playing it again. I could feel him on me and see his face.

This album used to be so hard to listen to because of all the beautiful, bitter-sweet memories attached to it. Not just with my FL but with my mom when she was alive and with my friends, we loved this whole album. It was our soundtrack. The last time I played this song was July of 2000, the last day I saw my FL and we said goodbye. It was bittersweet. I listened to this song all the way home. This time I had a Discman, LOL so I left it on repeat.

The next time I played this song and album was in 2009 and 2011. Only playing it once and turning it off. I just couldn’t listen to without crying. I wished I could go back in time when my life was great! The next time I let the album play was September of 2018. When “Brown Eyed Girl” girl came on I was fine for a minute but I cried as soon as that hook came in LOL. But I wasn’t sad, it just moved me. I just remembered all that love I had in my life back then. I missed home.

I didn’t want to suppress those beautiful emotions anymore no matter how they made me feel. Because my memories is all I have. I didn’t judge myself for feeling and having a heart. That love I had it inspired me and impacted my life still to this day in a positive way. There’s nothing wrong with loving a memory and being in love with it as long as It doesn’t control you. That kind of love people need to hear about because it’s seems like it’s lost in today’s world.

I don’t know about you but I miss the 90s. My heart will always be stuck there. Not only was the music different but the men were different too. Love was different! What you heard on the radio you experienced in real life. In the 90s it was so easy to just be in love and have fun while being in love. Life and love was simple. Women felt special and not disposable. Men were gentlemen! They were vulnerable and sensitive (Cue in Ralph Tresvants Sensitivity).

When a man loved you he expressed that romantically. When he wanted to make love to you, (cue in Boys II Men) he expressed that. When a man broke your heart, he set aside his pride and was on bended knee, trying to fight for love and win his woman back. Bottom line there was a way to express all of those emotions through song and lyrics. The 90s era should have never ended with music and love. I hope one day we can get back to that love and romance in music.

I wonder if people even still believe in love the way they used to. People think love only comes around on February 14th or during the holidays to get gifts. Or how much money a man has in his bank account. Love is based on what you can do for me and buy me. Listen to todays music, it’s just not the same. It’s crazy how artist and people treat love and music today. Artist from back in the respected music and the lady they were singing to or about. Now music is like one big orgy.

Artist today don’t care what they are putting in their fans ear or spirit. Millions of followers and look what they are singing about. They abuse the gift that God gave them. They took out the love and inserted lust and are corrupting people’s minds. I honestly don’t know how we got here but this is not good. What my first love gave me didn’t cost anything but his heart and time. Hard to find that in this era we’re living in. So if you have memories, cherish them and hold on to them, until love comes around again.

Hmmm where’s the rewind button when you need it?🤔😁Anyway, Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy this beautiful memory of mine with love and music. I hope it inspires you to believe in love and not to settle. To keep the romance alive. To enjoy being in love, to play, to be spontaneous because life really is short. Time really does fly by so quickly and to know that there are good men (and for you men, women) out there. Enjoy this trip down memory lane!


30 thoughts on ““Brown Eyed Girl” By The Legendary Tevin Campbell

  1. The is absolutely beautiful! You just have a way with words. Thank you for sharing this beautiful memory of yours! I could actually see it as I read it 😊. I’ve always loved Tevin Campbell too! We all know how hard it is to listen to a song with so many memories attached to it but with time it gets easy. My wishes are just like yours girl, I wish we can go back to these times. I hope that kind of love can find you again someday because you are a beautiful person inside out!


    1. Amy,

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I really appreciate it! Glad you like the article! Yeah it gets easier with time… I fell asleep to it the past couple of days, lol. I can always go back home in my mind. In life you just take the good with the not so good. And yes, that kind of love will find me again 🙂 LOL. It has to!!!


  2. You hit it right on the nail how music is not the same. Some women are not requiring that anymore for a man to be romantic. My dad when he was alive, was always dancing with my mother so I grew up to treat women the same but you can’t do that to everyone.

    I remember I tried to do something nice for this girl in high school and she dissed me in front of her friends. I wasn’t bad enough. Years later I saw her with this bum, lol. I play in a band so I’m always going to express myself through music, and one day that special woman will come along and hopefully she’ll enjoy my music.


    1. Hi Keith, I’m glad you grew up in an environment where you saw love being expressed. Not a lot of men see that. Then if they do want to express themselves they fear they will be made fun of. Sorry that girl in H.S. did that to you. Karma is a B🤬$*%& right!, LOL. I tried to do something nice for my ex, and he found the paper and started an argument with me on purpose. It was weird for me, like why would you turn down a trip. I found out later why. It’s crazy that when you dump someone they want to remember all the things you did or attempted to do. You’ll find the right woman one day and she will appreciate your love songs!!!


  3. Hey, I’m sorry I never commented on the article. lol. I like the way you tell stories! Nice and I enjoyed the read, kept me engaged. You women the way you remember things is amazing!


  4. Dang girl, you took it way back with this one. I had the biggest crush on little T, LOL. Now I’m gonna go play the song. Don’t you make me cry. I can definitely see this happening on a soap or a movie but not real life. I’ve met some nice guys but they not trying to be like this. Sucks big time! After two marriages I don’t think I’m trying again.

    I’m waiting on that book girl! This was a beautiful story and memory you shared. I was waiting for something else to happen😁 I need a life!😁😁 “The last time I played this song was July of 2000, the last day I saw my FL and we said goodbye.” Where are men like this and why didn’t you two stay together? A story for another time huh? I wanna hear how this ends. It seems to me men always lose out on that one woman that loved them so much. For you to remember this after all these years says what kind of person you are and how deeply you love. Love this so much and your story Discover too! Glad I found your blog!


    1. Hi Marissa, thank you for reading! Tell me why that voice over in my head as I was reading your comment sounded funny, LOL. Love your energy!

      That book is coming soon!!! Men like this are out there somewhere 🤔lol and one day he’ll find you 😊. Thank you for your kind words. Inquiring minds huh? lol. We’ll always be friends and sometimes in life people’s lives lead them in two different directions. I don’t have that answer but thank you again for reading and seeing that about me. I appreciate you being a reader of mine!


    2. @Marissa, I was going to ask the same thing what happen? But I didn’t want to pry. I was waiting for a happy ending. I met her in person and It’s baffling why no man has stepped up to the plate yet. Probably intimidated. Not a lot of genuine people in this world with beautiful hearts and souls and indepthwoman is one of them. I pray God sends her a loving man one day!


      1. Amy… you are just the sweetest! Thank you for your kind words! I see you guys are trying to make me cry, lol. I appreciate you Amy. In life people want different things. It’s all good, doesn’t mean there was no love there. There’s a time and a place for everything. I was listening to the song recently and I just wanted to share that memory of mine and (there’s many) because so many people don’t believe in love anymore, it’s sad. I’m hoping my memory of love will inspire others. I’m glad you enjoyed the memory. Okay it ended but the positive is that it happened 😊.


    3. Major cliff hanger. Marissa you said what we were thinking. She tells this beautiful romantic story and it ends on a sad note. I’m wondering too why this guy let this woman get away? Typical man stuff, we do dumb stuff like that. I let a few good girls get away but I’m man enough to admit I wasn’t ready at the time. Now they are married. It’s hard to find a good woman.


      1. Ok… ok can we please focus on the story and the love that happened, lol. In life just because two people love each other doesn’t mean they are destined to be together, it’s more complex than that and there are other underlying factors. I wanted that answer too and maybe one day it will get answered. Life doesn’t always give us the ending we want and when that chapter is closed it’s closed. People come into peoples lives for a reason and a season and to teach them about things.

        It’s what you take away from it and how it impacts your in life. Because that happened to me, I get to share that memory and inspire others with it. It’s beautiful and that’s what matters in the moment. Thank you for admitting that you let some good girls get away. Both men and women do that. Sometimes people are not ready for that other person or anybody they meet. Maybe you dodge a bullet with these women and women with men. Maybe they couldn’t love you the way you needed to be loved so they found someone else that could meet them where they were on their level of love. The right woman will come along Keith. Ask God for her, pray for her!😊


      2. Can’t argue with that, we do do stuff like that. My wife and I were high school sweethearts, went to the same college but we wanted different things. We always remained friends. We even married other people and I was at her wedding lol. I was married for 3 years she was married for 5 but after 11 years apart and some maturing we rekindled our relationship and we fell deeper in love and got to discover each other all over again. I’m just grateful she gave me another chance.

        I feel we needed that time apart from one another and to marry other people to see what things were like and to grow. Had we gotten married so young to each other. I don’t think it would have worked out. Looking back we probably would have gotten a divorce. We’re two different people now in a good way and we’re expecting soon and I can’t be anymore happy and in love.

        I had a lot of maturing to do, I didn’t want to be that guy that married a woman so young and later on had wandering eyes or heart or was just plain selfish. But we keep God first in everything and we put each other first. I don’t know why this guy let her get away, maybe he’s somewhere kicking himself in the ass for it, probably because he’s a man lol and didn’t want to hurt her. I wasn’t ready for my wifes’ love I would have F’d it up. Some of us it just takes a loss to realize what we had and how hard it is to find that.


      3. Wow!! Thanks Jeremy for being vulnerable and sharing that! I really appreciate that! I’m careful too when it comes to matters of the heart. I know what I want and thats the reason why I’m not married yet or in a serious relationship. There’s no need for me to rush it will happen when it’s supposed to happen. Thank you again for sharing that!


  5. You’re welcome! If my math serves me correct. You said you were (a teen and the last time you played this was in July of 2000) yeah you were young you both were. I’m not saying you didn’t know what you wanted. Sometimes us men don’t come with the maturity that women need and want. It takes a while. Maybe you both were unsure. My wife was ready years ago and I wasn’t. It was my fault. There were other things going on and I just didn’t see how things would work. Distance was between us and we were living in two different states thats hard to do no matter how much you love someone.


    1. Hi Jeremy, Yes we were young, I last saw him when I was 20 but you hit it right on the nail, there was distance between us and other factors. I wasn’t unsure, lol. Yeah I agree men mature at slower rates depending on what it is, lol. Regardless of how it ended its the memory that counts 😊


  6. What a beautiful passionate memory. I thought I was the only who remembered things in great detail. Now I don’t feel so bad when people make fun of me. Thanks for sharing! I recently heard from my first love after 14 years but we’re both married. I wondered after all this time why he contacted me. Long story short our breakup was not good. He wanted to date other girls so I let him. He found me on Facebook writing to me about how sorry he was and he made a mistake. I never responded. I forgave him and moved on. I’m not happy in my marriage maybe he’s going through the same thing. I still love him but he married someone else and so did I. I wish i didn’t still have love for him but I do. Does that make me a horrible person?


    1. Hi Mariah, Thank you for reading! Your memories are your memories don’t beat yourself up just because you still love your first love or want to feel what you had in the present moment. You’re human and the heart wants what it wants to feel. When you think of love, you think of him and when it was pure and innocent and I think thats a wonderful thing. It doesn’t mean that you want him per se. We all remember our first love as you can see from my memory. They are forever etched in our memory.

      Where you decide to take it from here is up to you. I’m not going to tell you how you should feel or to stop feeling a certain kind of way. Theres nothing wrong with still having love for your first love, we can still love people whether they are in our lives or not. Your first love wanting to date other women left you with insecurities, as if you weren’t good enough but thats not the case. He was just selfish and its good you let him go work that lust out, because you didn’t want to be with someone who would break your heart in the long run.

      But it’s ok if we love and forgive people who hurt us. Doesn’t mean we have to let them back in our lives unless we want to. What they do is about them and not about you. People change after loss and after empty sex. He realizes he messed up a good thing and now he’s sorry, but a little too late as you think, but you are married and work on your marriage if you can. Try to fix whats going on there first before you decide to go there with someone from your past just because they are familiar to you.


  7. Awwwe sounds like a movie. I remember everything about my first love, he passed though recently but I’m so glad we reconnected after 22 years and I married him, best love of my life. Every song reminds me of him, ones he played for me or didn’t. Not sure if I will ever love that way again. I guess I have time. Thanks you for sharing this was beautiful and made me cry.😍😢


    1. Hi Lisa, so sorry for your lost. Glad you still have beautiful memories that you will cherish forever. Thank you for reading 🤗. You’ll love again, just remember the love you shared and let that love inspire you, to love again one day when you are ready! Thank you for your kind words!


  8. You just don’t hear music like this today. I have a daughter and it’s a shame what they play on the radio or on television. I have to sheild her as much as I can from social media too. I make sure that she sees her dad and mom showing affection. I play old school music for her since she was young. Shes 13. I think I’ll let her date when shes 30 LOL. Glad my wife didn’t think i was a cornball for all the romantic songs I played for her. I agree with you music has changed. Tevin is one of the greatest out there to ever do it.


    1. Hi William, Thank you for reading! I’m glad you show that vulnerability and sensitive side to the two most important women in your life. It’s important that they see that and not whats depicted on television and social media. Tevin has always been a favorite of mine too!! I’m praying for music! 30, thats funny! LOL.. I know how men are protective over their little girl(s)😊 Just continue to play love songs for her😊 music is so important!


  9. Nice. I wonder if my first love or past loves remember me in great detail like this, probably not lol. I was a butthole back then, lol. if they did they are not writing about me like this.


    1. Hi Niko, thank you for reading. Don’t be so hard on yourself, we live and we learn. You might be surprised they may have good memories of you or else they wouldn’t have dated you in the first place😊. I’m sure you learned a lot and you are not the same person.


  10. I love how this story and song tied together. First loves are always the hardest to get over. I saw mine after 31 years. I still love him but when I saw him I felt nothing although I remember our love. It’s not as intense as this but the love will always be there but its been 31 years, not sure if we can get back what we had since it was so long ago. He’s divorced now and so am I but I’d rather have him as a friend if nothing at all.


    1. Hi Talia, thanks for reading and sharing your story. The only way you will know is if you decide to go there with each other. 31 years thats a lot of time and then to reconnect. Don’t be so hard on yourself if you don’t feel anything. Does he feel anything? You two have to spend time with one another and rediscover one another. Maybe it will be better the second time around!! How we measure time is different than how God or our hearts measures time. Time is always moving. Give it time and take it slow. Just follow your heart and I agree friendship is very important doesn’t mean the love is not there anymore.


  11. I grew up on that song and it is one that brings out the romance in you. First loves are powerful and combined with a song like that, it’s hard not to cry!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Camille, Thank you for reading and yes Tevin is amazing and that song! I can leave that song on for hours. When I first heard it I cried and so did my mom, lol 😊. That album stayed on in my mothers house. She would remember her first love too! The way he sings it is so romantic, its hard not to get emotional.


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