Dinner Is Going To Be Good Tonight!!

In case you haven’t figured it out, I love to cook. I love coming up with creative ideas for food. I’m sitting here thinking about dinner. I have some chicken marinading in some teriyaki sauce, pineapple juice, brown sugar and some red wine and garlic…

Hmmmm so good, I can’t wait to get home and cook. Who says red wine is just for drinking :). With my chicken I’m going to pair it with, some garlic rice pilaf and some roasted, caramelized brussels sprouts mixed with pecans and walnuts…

Ok…. I’m salivating right now, Lol…sometimes I wish I had the company of a good man to enjoy a nice candlelit dinner, some music and some slow dancing…then we can turn each other into dessert :)…….whatever happen to romantic men?

Maybe one day….one second thought let me rethink that, lol. The last guy I had dinner with, got spoiled and never took me out, he tried to marry me after 2 meals lol..

Looks like it’s just a meal for one for now :), until I can meet a sane man one day, lol. Who will appreciate this woman who likes to cook, because she loves it and truly enjoys it!

Have Passion And TLC, When It Comes To Food

“Why are you taking so long? Just throw it on the plate”….”You handle your food with such care” “I just throw it on the plate and eat it”…

These words were said to me as I was preparing myself dinner at someone’s house.

Whenever I prepare a meal and put it on display to eat. People around me notice the passion I have and the TLC I have when I sit down to eat.

When you’re a creative person, you take pride in being creative in all that you do. When I prepare a dish, of course I know I’m going to eat it, but if you’re like me, you eat with your eyes first. When those words were uttered to me. I had no clue I was being watched so closely and meticulously. It made me laughed.

I wish more people, whether you’re a man or a woman, that when they prepared a meal for themselves or their family. That they did it with passion and with TLC. When I serve someone food. They always compliment how pretty it looks.. that it’s to pretty to even eat. I like my food to look like pieces of art.

I’m not going to just serve someone food on a paper plate with a plastic fork, talking ’bout “I don’t want to do dishes”. I’m very hospitable when I’m home and have guest and even when I’m in someone elses house. I like my guest to feel welcomed and sometimes they get to comfortable and they never want to leave. Especially a man….more on that later, lol.

Maybe one might think it’s weird, but one must do things with passion….you would have to be a passionate person to do things with passion. That seems to be a void with people now a days. You would have to care about and take pride in your home which is missing in today’s society.

I get my passion from my mom. When she would cook, even if she just made you a hamburger and fries or spaghetti, it looked like a piece of art. People would always come back for more. My mom never just through food on a plate and served it. She wanted people to know that she was passionate about cooking and being of service.

I always felt the love in my mothers food, from the very first bite. That’s what made it taste so good. Cooking was therapeutic to my mom. It is to me too. Hmmmmm, I feel like baking some brownies right now, :).

Most people I know hate grocery shopping, that’s because they don’t like to cook. But I love going to the market….I feel like it’s christmas all the time when I go shopping and that all the items in the store, are gifts that I can buy myself :).

Just the thought of what I can make, makes me so elated. When you buy ingredients and you prepare a meal and you see how it all comes together. Doesn’t it just make you feel all tingly inside :), lol. I know it does to me. When we eat a meal prepared with TLC, we can taste it from the very first bite. It’s turns us on.. doesn’t it?!

I love to see the look on someone’s face when they eat something I made. I already know it’s going to be good :), lol…. yeah I gotta toot my horn. But hey why not! When you have passion and you’re creative you should feel good expressing that. Don’t down play it! Share your joy. It’s contagious!

The next time you prepare a meal, make sure you have a nice plate, a nice real fork, a real glass and serve yourself as if you expect to be served by a waiter, at a 5-star restaurant and see and notice how good it makes you feel. I’m pretty sure you’ll start doing it more often :).

Tell-Tale Signs A Woman Can’t Cook

04155859_such_a_lousy_cook_can_t_even_boil_toast_funny_poster_xlargeEvery day when I check my email, men are asking me. Do women still cook? Or Why don’t women cook anymore? When I check the stats on my blog. One of my most viewed articles, that’s viewed every single day is Why Men Love Women Who Can Cook.

What this is telling me is that hungry men across the globe are looking for a woman, who knows how to throw down in the kitchen. Even if a man can cook, he wants to know that the his wife-to-be, is going to be able to feed him and his children. I don’t know why this is so hard to understand.

Men let me give you a little advice… you listening…

If cooking is important to you and you want to get married one day and have a family. Find out early when you start dating a woman, if she knows how or enjoys cooking. Just ask. Don’t be afraid to have this talk. I keep hearing from men, that they have a beautiful wife or significant other but she doesn’t know how to cook. You men keep being blinded by the booty, I mean beauty, LOL..

Find ways to bring up the topic of food. If it’s not important to you on the first couple of dates, and you’re not really feeling her, then don’t mention it. But if you find yourself really liking a woman and you missed the mark of asking her if she cooks. No need to fret.

There are all sorts of signs that the woman you are dating, does not like to cook:

If you’re a dating a woman and she likes to eat out all the time, or ask what restaurant you are going to. That’s a tell-tale sign she does not like to cook. If she never mentions inviting you over for dinner or going over to your house for dinner. That’s a tell-tale sign she does not like to cook. Offer to take a cooking class for a date. If her reaction is lackluster. You know she has no interest in being in the kitchen.

If she has a drawer full of take menus within a 5 mile radius and restaurants on speed-dial. Thats a tell-tale sign she does not like to cook. If you do get invited over to her house, mention that you are hungry or ask her what kind of dishes she likes to make. Based off her answer. Something like, I haven’t cooked in weeks. That’s a tell-tale sign she does not like to cook.

I know a few women that have confessed to not cooking in over 2 months and they have children. All I can think about is those poor children and her man. Every womans kitchen should look like it’s being used. I don’t care how clean a woman is. You can tell if the kitchen has been used. There should be signs of the gas range being cooked on and the oven being used. Even some grease escaping on the hood of the filter.

my-new-girl-told-me-she-was-independent-bro-u-know-that-means-she-dont-cook-b54feIf the woman you’re dating, if her kitchen looks like a model home’s kitchen. That’s a tell-tale sign she does not like to cook. If a woman makes up excuses for not knowing how or learning how to cook.

For example, I know a few women that have said, I’m independent and I’m focused on my career, making money and my education. I don’t need to know how to cook for a man. That’s the dumbest shit I ever heard. As if educated people or working class people don’t cook.

If you’re in a womans kitchen, pay attention to the dinner ware and silverware that she owns. If she only uses plastic cups and plates or it looks like her silverware is from the 99 cent store. Then that’s another tell-tale sign she does not like to cook.

Look around to see if there are any cooking gadgets and utensils, that would normally be on the counter. Don’t be afraid to peek in the cabinets either, lol. Go for it! This is your chance to see if this woman you’re interest in dating, if she is “wife and mother material”.

The same way a woman wants to know if you have a degree or a make good money and drive a nice car. And she’s looking at your attire and shoes. Don’t be afraid take a peek around her kitchen. Lol. Open the fridge too or offer to make something to eat or get something to drink for the both of you.

If she jumps up real quick and doesn’t want you peeking in her fridge, most likely that’s because there is no food in there. Any woman who enjoys cooking, won’t mind you being in her kitchen. Pay attention to the cookware too. People who enjoy cooking will not have scratched up cookware that looks out dated.

If you buy a woman a cookware set or plates and silverware and her reaction is not a good one. That’s another tell-tale sign that she does not like to cook. A woman who loves to cook, will be elated she has new cookware. I remember a guy I was dating bought me a red plate and bowl I was looking at. When he gave it to me, he couldn’t believe how happy I was, LOL.

Yeah he laughed at me. He said, it’s just a dish not a pair of shoes. Damn, I never seen a woman get so happy over a plate and bowl. Well it was the thought that counts. I have been looking at the two piece set for a while, but I was waiting for the price to drop. I thought of all the pictures I could take with my food. How pretty it would look :).

I’m telling you men to do all of the above, because I’ve done it to women I know. When I go over to a friend’s house, the kitchen is the first place I go to. I’m always scanning another womans kitchen. LOL because I like to cook and I love food. When I open the fridge, the first thing they say is, I haven’t went food shopping. I’m like oh ok, you said that 3 months ago….(birds chirping)

They even start making up excuses on why they have not cooked. There have been a few times where I had to bring my own pot and pan over to someone house, because I couldn’t use their cookware. Not to mention a real dinner plate, bowl, glass, fork, spoon, knife gadget, measuring cup. Yeah, lol…I don’t eat off of plastic or paper plates. If it’s not 18/10 stainless steel, I’m not eating with it and neither should you.

Men of course you should know how to cook for yourselves. Especially if you live alone Cooking is a life skill. You should be able to cook for your lady too. Plus it’s healthier and it will save you money. But if you plan on being old-school and you want your future wife to cook. Make sure you know all of the above :).

Why Men Love Women Who Can Cook

Cooking Family Meal

We’ve all heard the saying “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Well this saying is very true, when a man is looking to settle down and raise a family. I hear a lot from men, that they meet women who don’t like cooking or even enjoy it.

I don’t understand this because I love it! A woman not being able to cook, is a deal breaker for most men. Regardless if he knows how to cook or not. Some women can’t understand this. Todays modern or “independent” woman, would like to debate on this topic. I hear all the time, “I’m not his mother” and “the man I marry needs to know how to cook too“. Ok… if that’s what you want, but this article is not about what you want. It’s about what he wants.

Ok if you say you’re not his mother. Well he’s not your father to be spoiling you, like a daddy’s girl. But yet he’s the man and you expect him to provide right and spend his hard money on you?? Hmmm….did I hit a soft spot?!! I think I did…. Let that marinate….

If you are a stay at home mom, and your husband is working. What is the problem with making sure he has a home cooked meal, when he comes home and even sitting down as a family and having dinner together?! If a man afforded me that privilege, I’d be in the kitchen everyday, Cooking up gourmet meals. I’d probably move my bed in there and sleep in there, LOL..

My mom said I was born at the hospital, but I honestly think she had me in the kitchen, LOL 🙂 oh back to what I was saying…..

I’m all for women being liberal and independent, but you have to draw the line somewhere. If you don’t like cooking or being domesticated in some sense, then don’t have kids and don’t get married. Cooking is a requirement when it comes to raising a family and being someones spouse.

Men love women who can cook, because it shows them that you are nurturing. If a woman plans to get married and have kids. Her mate would like to know, that she would be able to care for their child and for him as well. When a child is hungry, whose the first person they go to? Their mother. Women breastfeed for a reason.

It’s our responsibility to feed our family.

I’ve witness a lot of women at the market, committing shopping crimes, throwing microwaveable meals in their cart and I just feel sorry for the child and this lady’s significant other, if she even has one. No child should be subjected to microwave food. It’s very unhealthy.

When a woman says she doesn’t like cooking, that’s just a deal breaker. Just like when a man says he doesn’t have a job or he still lives at home with his momma, lol. Women don’t even give this type of man a chance. So don’t be surprised if he doesn’t give you a chance. If you don’t throw down in the kitchen, then you can’t really be looked at as “wife material”.

If you have time to get your nails done, time to do your make-up, go shopping, spend a lot of time getting your hair done, you have time to cook for your man and family. If you can put effort into making sure you look good. You can put effort into cooking or learning, if you don’t know how. In this age of technology we have you tube and pinterest.

Don’t throw stones at me, LOL…..Now I’m not saying that’s all a wife or women are. But it’s a big part of it. Just like it’s the man role to provide or you provide for each other. Nothing wrong with some extra money in the bank right?! As hard as men try to come off, they really want to be taken care of too and by you cooking for them, it’s showing your love for him. That you took the time to prepare a meal. It’s also a sign of gratitude. A man feels appreciated.

Your man has been out there, grinding, making that cheddar….Ladies you gotta feed a brotha, LOL. Don’t make him eat those hungry man microwaveable dinners lol. Who knows how long that frozen dinner, has been in the freezer. You should enjoy cooking for your man, especially the look and gratitude you receive, when he takes that first bite and cleans his plate, LOL :).

You know after dinner he’s coming for dessert and you will be the main course :)..

A woman recently asked me, should she fix her man a plate of food. I was quite baffled by this. I wrote about it, but it confused the hell out of me, LOL… but she was serious. That’s like asking should I feed my child or myself? I’ve said this several times and I’ll say it again. I’m old school, my mom cooked every day, so I don’t do fast food. I’m a woman who cooks and it’s so much healthier to prepare your own meals.

Not only for yourself, but for your family as well. This shouldn’t even be up for debate. It doesn’t matter how educated you are and that you make your own money, that’s nice (insert straight face emoji lol) what do you want an award?? But what the hell does that have to do with feeding your family?? Throw that independent B.S. out the window!

Unless your man is rich and you can hire a chef, your man is going to require, that you get you ass in the kitchen and cook a home cooked meal. I remember that episode when Martin came home and Gina was home all day and he she didn’t cook anything except for herself. The look on his face, like are you serious! He came through the door, he didn’t smell nothing cooking. So he opened the stove, nothing, not even left overs.

He said you been home all day and you didn’t cook anything?  She said oh I ate already. She had him eating down at Nipsey’s. Martin was starving, LOL. I been there, working for 12 hours or more, came home, tired, wanting a home cooked meal, my ex didn’t make nothing, he either ate or waited for me to cook something. But yet i cooked for him….. Notice I said ex.

Being able to throw down in the kitchen is just sexy to a man. Who wouldn’t want to come home to a hot home cooked meal after a long day. Take out is not the same thing, neither is cold cuts or microwaveable meals…so don’t go there.. I find it sexy when a man knows how to cook too and some men do enjoy being in the kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where you nourish your body. Men want women to understand this!

Men are quite simple creatures, lol… you cook for him, he’ll do anything you want, lol and you don’t even have to ask. Hell, cook naked while you’re at it, LOL, with an apron on of course, make it fun and sexy :). turn on some music…it will spice of your relationship… it will help you connect too..after dinner who doesn’t want to have dessert :). Be each others food…..Oh I went there….ok before this gets to spicy, lol…

Yes, it’s 2016 about to be 2017, no one is sending you back to the 1950s, so stop being so defensive…but men would like for more women to be more traditional, that’s not such a bad thing when you think about it… So ladies if you have a good man, who loves you and provides, show some appreciation and cook for him :)…Good food can lead to some sexy things 🙂

Feel free to leave a comment, don’t be shy!

Helpful Tips For Eating Out

Someone asked me for healthy tips when dining out.

Here is my number one helpful tip for dining out…. DON’T!!!!

Yup that’s it! LOL 🙂

I’m sorry I couldn’t be of much assistance here on this topic, because I do not eat out. I’m old school. My mom cooked everyday. I’m a woman who cooks. If I have a taste for something, I go to the store buy the items I need and I make the dish that I have a taste for. I really don’t trust strangers to make my food.

Eating out is to expensive, to many health hazards, it’s not clean all the time. They add fillers to food. It’s not fresh. The food is bland. Employees or customers don’t always wash their hands. They don’t always wear gloves. The bathrooms are dirty, It’s to crowded. It’s noisy. This is not a home environment nor is it intimate, to eat with a bunch of strangers.

There are a lot of food born illness in restaurants. Unless you go to a really expensive restaurant, the food is not freshly prepared. Who knows how long it’s been in the freezer. Some foods like meats are freezer burned and reheated. Don’t eat iceberg lettuce, its 98% water, no nutritional value. It’s cheap and that’s why restaurants buy it.

Don’t spend $10-$25 on a salad when you can buy your own and control what you put in it. Restaurants are only after your money and making things taste good, they could care less about your health, your caloric intake or your waistline.

Save your money, spend a little bit more and buy fresh and organic and get your ass in the kitchen and cook at home. It’s healtheir. Take your breakfast and lunch to work with you. Be frugal, eat your leftovers. You’ll save time and once again, you’ll save money.

Eating out everyday adds up, that money could go towards something else. If you don’t know how to cook, learn, stop being lazy, lol….. go on pinterest, youtube, watch the cooking channel or the food network, pick up a cookbook or take a cooking class.

In this day and age there is no reason why someone shouldn’t know how to cook. If you’re single find time. If you have kids or if you’re married, you definitely shouldn’t be eaten out. Children need home cooked nutritious meals, that they can’t get from a restaurant or fast food joint.

Stop buying frozen microwaveable meals. That sh*t is processed. If you want something frozen to eat real quick and pop in the oven, cook it and freeze it yourself. Read the labels, if you can’t pronounce it, neither will your body.

That’s all I got for you! Thanks for reading! 🙂