Bathroom Etiquette 101: Put The Toilet Lid Down And Here’s Why

Ever walk in to a public or private restroom and immediately you walk out or hold your breath? Of course you have…..Well what a lot of people fail to realize is that, all those people that are using the bathroom. Everything that they are doing, is going into the air and guess what, you are breathing it in.

Yuck right! I know it makes you want to puke, but it’s the truth. I know when I step into a public restroom and stall, I spray before I enter, because I keep air freshener in my bag. Most people should in my opinion. When people come in after me, they have a pleasant smell. ūüėČit’s alway nice to think of others even when using a public domain.

I know you’re reading this and probably wondering, why is she talking about the toilet seat for? …we’ll continue reading…

Unless you have an air purifier or air sanitizer, in your home. Let me give you some pointers in Bathroom etiquette 101. I am very big on personal hygiene, I care my lungs and others, especially when it comes to several people using the toilet. A lot of people when they use the bathroom. They flush after they are done.

Nope… you are doing it all wrong. As you are doing whatever you are doing, while you are still on the commode, you should be flushing several times while your butt is on the seat, lol.¬†When you wait to flush, you give time to whatever you did in there, to escape and come up into the air.

If you wait until after you are done, and you don’t feel like flushing, then close the lid then flush. I know some people who don’t buy air freshener, so that means that if you go in after them, that stench is in there and you can probably tell what they had for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If people in your house don’t put the lid down, put a sign up.

If your bathroom doesn’t have a window for the smell to escape, guess what, it’s going to stay in there and you will breathe it in. It’s going to be in the air, in your towels, in your toothbrush, or anything else that you have open and exposed in the bathroom.

Some people keep their towels above the toilet. That is a huge NO-NO. Do not hang your towels above the toilet to dry or even put your facial tissues on the toilet tray. When you go to clean your toilet, there will be stains of some sort, but you can eliminate that by closing the toilet lid and cleaning the toilet and bathroom, daily, before and after you use it.

As humans, and I’m not trying to be funny. Our bodies may splish splash. It’s normal. We’ve all seen a drop or two on the seat after we or somebody else does a number one. Most of us don’t think of that when we get up. Thats why it’s always good to check behind youself after you’re done, and before ¬†you sit down. Even on your own toilet.

Public seats of course you squat. I’ll reiterate again. The bathroom should be cleaned daily. Every one should be wiping down their toilet daily, not waiting until the end of the week on bathroom day. Bathrooms need constant cleaning since we use it every day. Faucets and knobs too. Put your toothbrush in a concealed toothbrush holder or cabinet and away from the toilet too.

I can not tell you the many times, I’ve seen people who have their toothbrush holder above the toilet, exposed and the toilet lid is up. If you leave your toilet lid up out of habit. Think about the air you are breathing in, and from what someone else is doing. Think about airborne pathogens. Buy a self-closing toilet lid. Put an air purifier above or near the toilet.

Use natural oils to keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean. I buy orange oil spray, it’s a natural odor eliminator and air freshener. You can get it from walmart and home depot. Stores sell these products for us to keep our homes, nice and clean and smelling fresh. Do yourself a favor and use them ūüėČ.

One more tip….tissue alone will not clean everything, lol. Do yourself a favor and buy a bidet or wipes. Doesn’t matter if they are baby wipes or Scotts. Just make sure you clean your private areas, lol. Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed!

Have Passion And TLC, When It Comes To Food

“Why are you taking so long? Just throw it on the plate”….”You handle your food with such care” “I just throw it on the plate and eat it”…

These words were said to me as I was preparing myself dinner at someone’s house.

Whenever I prepare a meal and put it on display to eat. People around me notice the passion I have and the TLC I have when I sit down to eat.

When you’re a creative person, you take pride in being creative in all that you do. When I prepare a dish, of course I know I’m going to eat it, but if you’re like me, you eat with your eyes first. When those words were uttered to me. I had no clue I was being watched so closely and meticulously. It made me laughed.

I wish more people, whether you’re a man or a woman, that when they prepared a meal for themselves or their family. That they did it with passion and with TLC. When I serve someone food. They always compliment how pretty it looks.. that it’s to pretty to even eat. I like my food to look like pieces of art.

I’m not going to just serve someone food on a paper plate with a plastic fork, talking ’bout “I don’t want to do dishes”. I’m very hospitable when I’m home and have guest and even when I’m in someone elses house. I like my guest to feel welcomed and sometimes they get to comfortable and they never want to leave. Especially a man….more on that later, lol.

Maybe one might think it’s weird, but one must do things with passion….you would have to be a passionate person to do things with passion. That seems to be a void with people now a days. You would have to care about and take pride in your home which is missing in today’s society.

I get my passion from my mom. When she would cook, even if she just made you a hamburger and fries or spaghetti, it looked like a piece of art. People would always come back for more. My mom never just through food on a plate and served it. She wanted people to know that she was passionate about cooking and being of service.

I always felt the love in my mothers food, from the very first bite. That’s what made it taste so good. Cooking was therapeutic to my mom. It is to me too. Hmmmmm, I feel like baking some brownies right now, :).

Most people I know hate grocery shopping, that’s because they don’t like to cook. But I love going to the market….I feel like it’s christmas all the time when I go shopping and that all the items in the store, are gifts that I can buy myself :).

Just the thought of what I can make, makes me so elated. When you buy ingredients and you prepare a meal and you see how it all comes together. Doesn’t it just make you feel all tingly inside :), lol. I know it does to me. When we eat a meal prepared with TLC, we can taste it from the very first bite. It’s turns us on.. doesn’t it?!

I love to see the look on someone’s face when they eat something I made. I already know it’s going to be good :), lol…. yeah I gotta toot my horn. But hey why not! When you have passion and you’re creative you should feel good expressing that. Don’t down play it! Share your joy. It’s contagious!

The next time you prepare a meal, make sure you have a nice plate, a nice real fork, a real glass and serve yourself as if you expect to be served by a waiter, at a 5-star restaurant and see and notice how good it makes you feel. I’m pretty sure you’ll start doing it more often :).

Tell-Tale Signs A Woman Can’t Cook

04155859_such_a_lousy_cook_can_t_even_boil_toast_funny_poster_xlargeEvery day when I check my email, men are asking me. Do women still cook? Or Why don’t women cook anymore? When I check the stats on my blog. One of my most viewed articles, that’s viewed every single day is Why Men Love Women Who Can Cook.

What this is telling me is that hungry men across the globe are looking for a woman, who knows how to throw down in the kitchen. Even if a man can cook, he wants to know that the his wife-to-be,¬†is going to be able to feed him and his children. I don’t know why this is so hard to understand.

Men let me give you a little advice… you listening…

If cooking is important to you and you want to get married one day and have a family. Find out early when you start dating a woman, if she knows how or enjoys cooking. Just ask. Don’t be afraid to have this talk. I keep hearing from men, that they have a beautiful wife or significant other but she doesn’t know how to cook. You men keep being blinded by the booty, I mean beauty, LOL..

Find ways to bring up the topic of food. If it’s not important to you on the first couple of dates, and you’re not really feeling her, then don’t mention it. But if you find yourself really liking a woman and you missed the mark of asking her if she cooks.¬†No need to fret.

There are all sorts of signs that the woman you are dating, does not like to cook:

If you’re a dating a woman and she likes to eat out all the time, or ask what restaurant you are going to. That’s a tell-tale sign she does not like to cook. If she never mentions inviting you over for dinner or going over to your house for dinner.¬†That’s¬†a tell-tale sign she does not like to cook. Offer to take a cooking class for a date. If her reaction is lackluster. You know she has no interest in being in the kitchen.

If she has a drawer full of take menus within a 5 mile radius and restaurants on speed-dial.¬†Thats a tell-tale sign she does not like to cook. If you do get invited over to her house, mention that you are hungry or ask her what kind of dishes she likes to make. Based off her answer. Something like, I haven’t cooked in weeks.¬†That’s¬†a tell-tale sign she does not like to cook.

I know a few women that have confessed to not cooking in over 2 months and they have children. All I can think about is those poor children and her man. Every womans kitchen should look like it’s being used. I don’t care how clean a woman is. You can tell if the kitchen has been used. There should be signs of the gas range being cooked on and the oven being used. Even some grease escaping on the hood of the filter.

my-new-girl-told-me-she-was-independent-bro-u-know-that-means-she-dont-cook-b54feIf the woman you’re dating, if her kitchen looks like a model home’s kitchen.¬†That’s a tell-tale sign she does not like to cook. If a woman makes up excuses for not knowing how or learning how to cook.

For example, I know a few women that have said, I’m independent and I’m focused on my career, making money and my education. I don’t need to know how to cook for a man.¬†That’s the dumbest shit I ever heard. As if educated people or working class people don’t cook.

If you’re in a womans kitchen, pay attention to the dinner ware and silverware that she owns. If she only uses plastic cups and plates or it looks like her silverware is from the 99 cent store. Then that’s another tell-tale sign she does not like to cook.

Look around to see if there are any cooking gadgets and utensils, that would normally be on the counter. Don’t be afraid to peek in the cabinets either, lol. Go for it! This is your chance to see if this woman you’re interest in dating, if she is “wife and mother material”.

The same way a woman wants to know if you have a degree or a make good money and drive a nice car. And she’s looking at your attire and shoes. Don’t be afraid take a peek around her kitchen. Lol. Open the fridge too or offer to make something to eat or get something to drink for the both of you.

If she jumps up real quick and doesn’t want you peeking in her fridge, most likely that’s because there is no food in there. Any woman who enjoys cooking, won’t mind you being in her kitchen. Pay attention to the cookware too. People who enjoy cooking will not have scratched up cookware that looks out dated.

If you buy a woman a cookware set or plates and silverware and her reaction is not a good one. That’s another tell-tale sign that she does not like to cook. A woman who loves to cook, will be elated she has new cookware. I remember a guy I was dating bought me a red plate and bowl I was looking at. When he gave it to me, he couldn’t believe how happy I was, LOL.

Yeah he laughed at me. He said, it’s just a dish not a pair of shoes. Damn, I never seen a woman get so happy over a plate and bowl. Well it was the thought that counts. I have been looking at the two¬†piece set for a while, but I was waiting for the price to drop. I thought of all the pictures I could take with my food. How pretty it would look :).

I’m telling you men to do all of the above, because I’ve done it to women I know. When I go over to a friend’s house, the kitchen is the first place I go to. I’m always scanning another womans kitchen. LOL because I like to cook and I love food. When I open the fridge, the first thing they say is, I haven’t went food shopping. I’m like oh ok, you said that 3 months ago….(birds chirping)

They even start making up excuses on why they have not cooked. There have been a few times where I had to bring my own pot and pan over to someone house, because I couldn’t use their cookware. Not to mention a real dinner plate, bowl, glass, fork, spoon, knife gadget, measuring cup. Yeah, lol…I don’t eat off of plastic or paper plates. If it’s not 18/10 stainless steel, I’m not eating with it and neither should you.

Men of course you should know how to cook for yourselves. Especially if you live alone¬†Cooking is a life skill. You should be able to cook for your lady too. Plus it’s healthier and it will save you money. But if you plan on being old-school and you want your future wife to cook. Make sure you know all of the above :).

How To Keep Your Home Organized

a-place-for-everything-quoteKeeping a home organized is not as hard as one may think. I get it, at times, you are just plain ol’ tired. I know the feeling, don’t we all. But I find that the best way to stay organized and to keep your home tidy is to get the mess, before the mess gets you. That mess didn’t accumulate on it’s on, someone had to do it.

You know those home stores, bed, bath and beyond, the container store, walmart, kmart. Even the 99cent store. They have everything you need :). Try stopping in there, you might be surprised what you can find, :). It’s not the shoe, clothing or jewelry store but guess what?? They sell brooms, mops, cleaning agents and a whole bunch of other things to keep your home organized and clean.

Everything in your home should have a purpose and a place. If it doesn’t trash it, donate or sell it. Trash for example, belongs in the garbage. Now I’m not being funny here… because I’ve seen people leave trash and food on the floor and in other places of their home. They drop something on the floor and walk away, next thing you know, a free-loading visitor (aka rat, roach or ant) comes and picks it up.

Just like dirty clothes or the laundry. It doesn’t belong on the treadmill or in the kitchen or on the floor in your room or bathroom floor. It belongs in the hamper. You can buy a hamper at walmart. Afer the laundry is done, fold and put away. ¬†When you use something for example dishes. Wash it and put it away. I don’t care when you do it, just do it and not leave it there for days or months.

256fb6ec5f82272356be424a1219b88dOne of my biggest pet peeves is dishes in the sink. The only time I leave a dish in the sink is if it needs to soak. Other than that, I wash it immediately or before I got to bed. If you have a dishwasher use it. Dishes, pots, pans, belong in the cabinets, put away. Not on the counter or on top of  the stove or inside the stove for days and not in the bedroom either. Cabinets are there for a purpose, use it.

Get into the habit of putting things away. When you take off your clothes, hang them up, don’t throw it on the bed or on the floor or any other area of your home. Once you get into the habit of putting things away, your home will stay tidy and there will be no need to be overwhelmed by the mess.

Vacuum once or twice a week. Sweep, dust briefly 3-4 times a week, to keep dust from accumulating. It will only take a few minutes and mop the floor too. A lot of people do not like to mop. When you spill something mop it up, don’t leave it there. That goes for in the refrigerator too.

In all honesty, there should be no reason anyones home is a mess. If it is that just spells neglect and just laziness. Respect and love the space you’re in. If you pay rent there, respect the money and the space you dwell in and your landlords property. Love yourself enough to know, you deserve to live in a clean organized home.

Make a ‘to do list’ and keep it where you can see it. If you are overwhelmed with keeping it together. If you have kids make them help. Simplify your life and get rid of things and people because they can keep your place a mess.

When my last relationship ended,..oh man….(takes a breath….I’m smiling :)..) the joy of not coming home to dishes in the sink or in my bedroom or living room. My apartment was much cleaner, the way I left it. My bed stayed made, there was no hair on the sink, floor or toilet. No shoes on the floor for me to trip on. No clothes on the couch.

imagesYeah, I’m talking about a man, not a 2-year-old, lol. But I mind as well have had a child, because then it would make more sense, lol. I’m in no rush to live with anybody. I’m traumatized, lol. Only have people in your life, who respect your home and the way you live.

Men just incase you are reading….Nothing sexier than a man who cleans!! You want us to clean, clean too! When you shop for something, make sure that when you purchase it, there is a place for it. If not leave it at the store until you know where you are going to put it.

If you must leave something out. Make sure it’s neatly organized and not thrown. Like your robe, that can be placed on a chair or hook. Toiletries can be neatly organized but they should really be in the bathroom on in the drawer out of sight. Your home should looked lived in, but it should look like a model home, clean, organized and immaculate :).

Remember when you are organized in your home, you are organized in all other areas of your life!!

You Don’t Have To Like Me, But You Will Respect Me

dear-haters-i-have-so-much-more-for-you-to-be-mad-at-be-patientHATERS, don’t we all just love them :)…. They take time out of their day and life to read what you write. Stalk you on social media and then have the audacity to try to leave rude disrespectful comments.

They’re so unhappy with their own life, that they just love being venomous. Instead of haters reading what one writes and learning from it and growing, they want to get offended. That’s because someone (me) hit a soft spot.

I’m here to let you know I don’t care and thank you for taking time to read my blog. It’s very much appreciated :). I already know some women don’t like what I have to say about being domesticated.

They don’t want to hear the truth. Is disrespecting me really necessary? No it’s not. So stop it!. You don’t have to like me, but wait a minute,… don’t even know me to not like me. I’m not saying that’s all there is to a woman, being in the house, cooking and cleaning. Because I believe a woman should have rights too.

I think all women should speak their minds, be strong and be the best version of themselves. Be self-sufficient. A woman can be anything she wants to be in this world. Even if it’s a job meant for a man. I never understood female on female hate. Women are cautious with uplifting another woman or even with compliments. Men are not like this!

Instead of you reading and saying to yourself, “you know what this reader is right, I need to get it together. I deserve to have a clean home. Cooking is healthier. I can save money. I want to get married one day and ¬†maybe even have a family one day and this behavior is not acceptable. You women want to write in with your snide venomous remarks.

I love being the way I am because of me, not for a man. I’m not grooming myself to be a wife or a mother. Most people think I already am, because of the way that I am. A lot of liberated, independent woman, feel because they work now and thanks to feminism, they feel they don’t have to take care of home anymore.

God made us the way he did to nurture and to be the caretakers of our homes.

Women breast feed for a reason. We’re suppose to feed our families. Men are supposed to provide and do their share. I don’t care what year it is, this should never go out of style. This is the reason why marriage is on the decline and so many families are out of sync and order, because we are slowly moving away from this natural traditional way of being.

Sorry…..but I’m not going to join in a bra burning session, male bash and go on strike, not clean and agree with you women about keeping a dirty house. Why are you rebelling against being a woman and having a clean house anyway? What about having a clean home bothers you?. I don’t know…maybe there’s a good reason, why your house looks like an earthquake hit it.

Maybe this makes perfect sense to you, having roaches, bugs and rats, lol. If that’s your truth and you are comfortable with it. Enjoy yourself! Enjoy being lazy…To each is own. Some women I know expect me to spend the night and get mad when I don’t want to come over. Just because I like a clean organized home and I enjoy cooking, don’t try to make me feel bad for it.

If you are a woman with kids (or single), you should really be ashamed of yourself. The majority of women I know are single mothers and I know it’s not easy. I’ve seen my mother raise the five of us and still cook every day and take care of the house. And some of you women only have a child or two a piece and you still can’t get it together.

Just because your parent (s) didn’t instill these important values in you, doesn’t mean you can’t do something different with your own child(ren). My dad was not a tidy person…..hey I’m just telling the truth…and my mom was the opposite. Men should step up too, if you are blessed to have a two parent household, but the majority of the time, women are home with the kids or they are single mothers.

If you can’t get it together. Ask for help. Your kids should be helping too. You’re not a super woman. As women we do a lot and we need help and a break at times.¬†

Your home should be your private oasis. It’s where you relax at the end of a long hard day. You should want to be in a clean house and have clean linen and a decent home cooked meal. Don’t get mad at someone who values having a clean home. Just because you see something in them that you are not. When you neglect your home, you neglect yourself, kids, your husband and everything else around you.

All that effort some women put into looking good, nails, feet, expensive hair, expensive clothing and shoes, put the same amount of effort into your home. You look good, drive a nice car but your house is a mess… really?!! Talk to the hand! You can continue to hate on my domesticated articles Just remember I’m the type of woman your man is looking for!


gavel-300dpi-smallCan you hear the gavel slamming? To those of you, who have a family. If you feel like you are losing control, with having order in your home.

Then it’s time to go back to more traditional ways with parenting.

Old school discipline needs to make a comeback ASAP.  Your child(s) life depends on it. Children today are not learning the values that they once did from back in the day.

I see so many single mothers especially and even some two parent households struggle to have order in their home. This shouldn’t be. You are the parent, not your childs friend. Everything starts at home. The way you raise your child at home. This will show them how they conduct themselves in the real world.

Children today have too much. unfortunately a lot of single parents think that the way to have balance in their home, is to give the child everything they want. Even if the child behaves badly and brings home bad grades. They still get rewarded for it. They are still allowed to do and have what they want.

I saw a woman on a talk, trying to get help from Steve Harvey about her son by way of hypnosis, for not doing his homework. She looked petrified to discipline her 8-year-old son. Parents why are you afraid of your child?? A child you carried for 9 months. Is your child the devil named Damien, LOL. Your child should fear you in a way, to know not to mess with you and know you mean business.

That when you say do your homework and do your chores, there is no back talk. There is no negotiating. Stop giving in!!! This child got to play video games as soon as he got home. Parents have to stop negotiating with their kids. Instead of this woman just taking the game system away, she gave in and let him have it in his room.

This is what most parents do, refuse to instill discipline. Children know exactly how to play on their parents emotions to get what they want and to not do what they have to do. This is very damaging, this child and like many children not taking their education seriously. Now youre raising an illiterate child who doesn’t see the importance of learning. This is why some kids drop out because they don’t know how to read and write.

If their parents don’t care, why should they care. This kind of lackluster attitude is the reason why kids manipulate their parent(s). I’ve witness a father turn off the tv, and tell his kids not to watch TV and do their homework and pick up their clothes and the kids, turned it back on and the mother did too. Because she did not want to hear her daughters complain or cry.

By her doing this, this why the kids choose to go against their father’s word, because the woman of the house, does this on a daily basis. Not once have I ever heard the mother say “listen to your father” or agree with him. That’s because she does not respect him as the head of the house, so the children don’t either. Most single mothers are tired and when they get home, they just let their child(ren) do whatever they want.

Because they don’t want to be bothered. They want to have me time, so they keep their child occupied and busy with TV and gadgets. Not monitoring what they are watching or doing. As long as they are out of their hair. Even when it comes to food, they let them just pop stuff in the microwave.¬†The average single mother is tired and doesn’t want to be bothered. Therefore there is no order in the house.

The kids are not picking up after themselves. I’ve seen kids come home, throw their clothes on the floor and immediately go do other things. Instead of doing their chores. They always tell their mom (and even their dad) it will be done later. Now they have the authority and if they get away with it. They continue to do it.

Most kids in a single parent home have a tendency to not listen to their mom, because their mom is softer and more lenient. I’ve seen kids call their father mean, just because he tried to establish some order and discipline in the house. Now little girls that will turn into young women and eventually an adult, will think that all good men are bad.

They will not let a man tell them what to do, because they don’t respect authority and leadership. Because they see their mother talk back and disrespect their father. I knew a woman who left her man, took the kids away from him, because he wanted her to be responsible and cook and clean and he has OCD. Pretty much he wanted her to be a mother.

Nows she’s with a woman, that’s untidy just like her, because she didn’t want to clean and listen to a man. She’s raising her kids to be the same way. What kind of dumb ish is that?? She dropped out of school now it looks like her son is headed the same way and she gave up and doesn’t care. You see the cycle here? Letting your child do whatever they want is not the best way to raise a productive adult for society.

Parents today really need to go back to the way, our great grandmothers and elders raised their children. Starting with home cooked meals. I’m really tired of seeing young kids eat crap every day, just because their mother refused to cook a home cooked meal. A child that’s 5 years old and up, should not know how to even use a microwave to prepare themselves dinner.

I’m sorry but this is bad parenting. When I was a toddler my mom had me in the kitchen. I’m 36 and I’ve been cooking ever since. Now I’m not saying you can’t go out to eat every once in a while. Because even people who cook get tired of cooking, but not 365 days out of the year, you eat out or you’ve become a microwave queen.

And everything you buy is already in a box. That’s not a home cooked meal for your family. The worst advice I ever got from a woman who had kids, was “set a side a budget to buy lean cuisine and to eat out, because women are not cooking anymore and people in CA do not want you in their kitchen”. And this was coming from a woman who was 56. She should know better and be ashamed.

No child should be allowed to avoid responsibility. Kids today get away with too much, this is why they don’t know how to cook and clean when they get out on their own. That’s because their mother didn’t teach them that having a clean home and cooking was important. Everyone should love a clean home. Your home is not a landfill.

Everything starts at home, the values and life skills you teach your children will take them further in life. They will be more disciplined in all areas of their life. Stop enabling them to keep them quiet. They need these life skills to be self-sufficient. One day they will have a family of their own and teach their children the same things they were taught.

Don’t raise a slob. No ones home should look like a bomb hit it and dishes are in the sink for days and the laundry is piled up like mountains.¬†Stop being lazy and establish some order in your own home. Take back your power and stop letting a child rule you. Stop rewarding bad behavior. Only reward good behavior Show some tough love. They will thank you for it later.

Do We Not Love Our Homes Anymore?

6e339bcd07b29188604acdf1d167c618I sometimes wonder why people like to go out so much and others wonder why I like to stay home so much. I wonder, what is going on in the world, that people have to keep busy with outside interest ALL THE TIME. Why can’t people be still?

I’m not saying stay in the house 24/7, 365 days a year… but why don’t we enjoy our homes anymore? Why when the weekend comes, we just can’t relax. Why don’t we respect others who do enjoy being inside. If you read my article about being a homebody. Yes I like to get out, enjoy some fresh air.

But what am I really missing? Nothing…. Noise? Sorry but you can have that. Does date night always have to be out? What about a romantic night in with your significant other.

There are people who travel to different countries and states and yes it may look different. You may get a different vibe. Some states have different things, that other states don’t have…but to me it’s pretty much the same thing. It’s just a matter of preference and where you choose to live.

To me everything starts at home. Your foundation and what you are taught starts at home and most families are simply choosing not to be more traditional. No home cooked meals, no family time. No relaxing after a long week. Every day has to be filled with being busy. Why? Why can’t we keep still?

2e4fedbe54c1ded7914a9d29b96ef3ebWhat about the joy of sleeping? Of being in a comfortable plush bed by yourself or with your significant other. The world can be draining.

God can not intervene if we are busy all the time. He needs us to be still and home and we need to schedule our lives on a daily to work on our relationship with him. To check in. to check in with ourselves. We can’t keep giving the outside world our attention or people.

Our minds needs to relax.¬†The one who made this world we live in, the one who made us, needs us to be quiet and it starts with being home and being still. There is peace and joy in stillness. Maybe I’m to much of a homebody. It’s a just ¬†breathe of fresh air to be still, to hear my own thoughts, to connect.

Exploration, reflection, starts within and it’s ok to move to a different city or state but it starts within. People also need to make you feel at home. Love makes you feel at home. When you have someone you love. That you enjoy being with. Thats home because that’s where your heart it.

We need to get back to that, so our spirits can find peace.