Fame And Isolation, Both A Blessing And A Curse

Fame and isolation…. A by product of the entertainment industry. When it comes to fame the majority of the world sees the glitz and glamour, the money, the house, the cars.

The many things they can buy and obtain. When it comes to being in the spotlight some people feel this is the only way, they can obtain wealth by becoming an entertainer.

This is the illusion that they have. Fame gives the illusion to some that you are somebody. That you finally made it. People will see your name and your face all over the world. Some people want it so bad while others avoid it. There are some creative people who really love the arts for what it is and not because of the attention or the award shows or the things they can obtain from it. These people really respect their craft and have a passion for it.

When God blesses you with gifts and talents that you are supposed to share with the world. It can be very overwhelming. You are like wow, I get to share my music or my art with people all over the world. In different states, countries, people who you may never meet. You get to touch them and inspire them. But through this gift comes great responsibility.

What the entertainment industry fails to disclose, is how isolating fame can be. Being in the public eye is both a blessing and a curse. You want to share your gifts with the world but at what expense? When you decide to live your life in the public eye. There are a lot of things that you have to give up without even realizing it like trust and privacy.

When everybody wants you and you’re hot and people find you attractive. It makes it harder for you to do things that other people can do, without causing an uprising. I remember when a few people recognized me on TV, I was riding the train and this guy kept staring at me. So I said something to him because he was making me feel very uncomfortable staring at me and then he said, I know where I saw you from and everybody looked.

I got off the train and waited for another one. Peoples eyes on me the whole time was not very  comfortable. Another time I was checking in to a hotel and somebody else recognized me and next thing you know, everybody waiting to check in, was trying to figure out who I was. Another guy tried to follow me to my room. This made me feel very uncomfortable. When you are on tv or in film. Your world changes. You become a target.

If an entertainer gets married or has a baby, the world goes crazy when in reality there are people, who get married and have babies all the time and no one is making a big fuss about it. On some level, the world forgets that people in the public eye are human. When you are famous, it causes you to distrust people. You may feel like you are the same person but the people around you start to change.

The ones that are close to you like your family and friends and the people who want to get close to you. You question their motives. Whether one likes it or not fame and money changes people. Unless you’re a really grounded humble person. Not to mention having really thick skin. If you can stay and remain humble, you may just be able to handle being in the spotlight.

When your name is out there, it can change the people around you. We’ve seen this happen countless times, when you’re on top, everybody loves you, but when you’re not and you’re not making the same kind of money, you see who’s really down for you when you have nothing. This goes for real life too for people who are not famous.

Fame can interfere with finding love. You can try to open your heart to love but in the back of your mind, you’ll always be wondering, does this person really want me for me and not for what I do or what I have? We see this happen to men and some women but mostly men. People in the public eye can’t just be with anyone. They have to be extremely selective about who they interact with.

If you are in the relationship with the wrong man or woman and if you marry them and if it doesn’t work out. Or if you have kids by them. You take risk of now having your private life exposed to the whole world. It’s no longer about the art anymore, it’s about your personal life. The person you broke up with and the media doesn’t care about intrusion and neither do some of the fans.

The world can make entertainers seemed larger than life when they are really just like the rest of us. People are watching your every move. They want to know every little meticulous detail about you. And they will stop at nothing to get the information that they want. You see it every day, we have shows dedicated to the rich and famous. As if the rest of the world are just mere peasants.

The viewers watching and the ones who want that lifestyle. Feel like they need to change their life in order to live life. They want to wear what the stars are wearing. I’ve seen how people act behind the scenes when their main focus and goal is to be famous. They have low self-esteem, they feel this the only way to be loved.

They feel like the entertainment industry is the only field that they can be and feel important. They want to go to famous parties and become friends with the elite. Get free shit because they see celebrities get free stuff. When these people enter the industry they have no idea, how this industry will make them feel isolated and alone.

The public eye and fame can make you question everything about life and who you are. You start to morph into someone who you never thought you would be. Your ego gets inflated. You start feeling entitled because of the way people treat you, that you think the red carpet should be rolled out everywhere you go.

We’ve all seen the rich and famous buy their way our of trouble. Theres no accountability, their name alone holds weight. Some people in the entertainment industry, whether they are a singer, actor or athlete. Some of these people use what they do and who they are to get what they want. I’ve met people from all fields, that feel the need to try to impress me with what they do as if I care.

I recall being at an event in my 20s and this guy that was trying to talk to me, I had no idea he played football. He introduced his profession to me before he introduced himself to me. Right then in there I wasn’t interested. I was turned off. I politely rejected him. As the event went on, the guy throwing the event, said to me that there was somebody he wanted me to meet.

Ironically it was the same asshole that tried to talk to me. The athlete, said to me, “You see, you rejected and me and you didn’t even know who I was.” I said and I still don’t care who you are.” and walked away.  I guess he thought I was supposed to be impressed and I wasn’t. Men claim they want a woman, who’s not materialistic but then they throw what they do in a woman’s face and some women will latch onto a man because of who he is.

I’m sorry but as much as I love my favorite artist or actors. They are human beings and I will treat them as so. I’ve met some people in the industry that were really nice, kind and humble towards me and others that were straight up arrogant assholes. I’m pretty sure they have women throwing themselves at them every day, so they figure this should be easy, until they come across someone like me, who gives them a slice of humble pie.

When I was younger and waited to be an actress. I saw how the people around me started changing. People never introduced me by my name first, it was like oh, let me introduce you to this model/actress named so and so. When people treat you like a commodity, that’s not a good feeling. When all people see is how you look. It can make you feel like, that’s all people care about is your looks and your status.

I just decided that this was not the field for me. I had a genuine love for the arts but not to be famous. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m not comfortable with attention. I try to deflect it as much as I can. You can’t help who you meet and who you bond with, but I had to decline artist who wanted to date me, simply because I did not want to be in the spotlight because of what they did for a living.

I like my life private and they didn’t respect that. In this industry you can meet a lot of opportunist. It can be hard to decipher who really wants to work with you and mentor you or help you reach that next level. I have never been able to successfully work with a man in the entertainment industry. Every time I think it’s a Go, it’s a No. Apparently they have something else on their mind. They’re men, that pretty much sums that up!

Entertainers have to watch EVERYTHING they do any say. They have a reputation to uphold. This industry teaches you to very, very cautious. Now with social media forget, there is no privacy at all. People use their cameras to their advantage. Shit can come back to bite you. You can’t even interact even if you want to. I’ve seen celebrities get bullied and attacked, by the very same fans that claim to love them.

A famous person has to protect themselves with a prenup or they should go further and make the person they date, sign a contract. That’s what Jennifer Lopez did, when she married her first husband. She was smart and right for doing that, because he wanted to put their business in a book to profit off of it, now he can’t. Question is, why would you want to do that in the first place?

Opportunist don’t care about an artist reputation, everything they work so hard for, being dragged through the mud. They don’t even care how it makes them look, they just want the attention and money. As much as artist say they don’t care what the general public thinks, they do. Words do hurt. I’ve been grateful enough to have conversations with artist and they are human.

But the world doesn’t seem them as such. They are put on a pedal stool. There’s the need to always be on top. To front and act like they are doing big things, when in reality they are not and they are lonely. The stories that men have entrusted me with, the things some women have done. My heart aches for them. Because no one should be put through that regardless of who you are, but when you are an artist its amplified.

Instead of people being inspired by the art, the magic, the fantasy, the music, their attention is on the wrong things. We watch how some people succumb to the pressure of fame, whether they are on top or not. Some people even choose suicide. They want to make it so bad and when they don’t, they feel like a failure. People forget that they have to put in the work and that nothing happens overnight.

As much as I love the arts. I will choose my path behind the scenes, because having the camera on me, is not the life I choose to live. I feel sad for artist who can’t find love and somebody who’s really down for them, just because of what they do. We see how beautiful or handsome these people are and even though they are easy on the eye. We have no idea the kind of pain is behind their eyes and their smile.

We think they have it all just because of their looks and because the camera is on them, but in reality we have no idea the pain they are covering up. At the end of the day, ok you have money and nice things. You have a nice house and several cars. But do you have love? Do you love yourself? Do you know who you are and not what the world wants you to be?

Do you have someone to hold you at night? Someone to talk to you? Someone that you can be vulnerable and raw with that truly gets you? Someone who wants you for you and not the lifestyle you can provide them with? Hows your spirit? How’s your relationship with God? Money can make things easier but all of these things money can’t buy.

La Colaboración Del Artistas: “Dwelling Place” By Cameron Evans (featuring Allen McNeil)

Dwelling Place


No es todo el tiempo te encuentras con una hermosa pieza de exquisita arte compuesta de música. Eso es lo que encontrará cuando escuchas “Dwelling Place” del album “Flaunt It” por el legendario Allen McNeil de R & B grupo de TROOP y su colaboración con el talentoso saxofonista/ compositor Cameron Evans.

Esta no es la primera vez Allen y Cameron colaboraron. Ellos colaboraron en el álbum “Carte Blanche” de Allen en la balada sensual “I Miss It” (Lo Extrano) y ahora de nuevo una vez más, nos están dando de que la música del alma sensual que anhelamos y una delicia que es.

Esta canción es una hermosa pieza contemporánea de la música R & B infundido con el jazz en su máxima expresión. Desde el momento en que escuche el sonido de las olas, a continuación el saxofón, sabes que estás a punto de ser tomada en una ola de relajación, de diferentes emociones de los máximos de euforia. Cada música ritmo que toca. Es puro éxtasis!

Simplemente estoy enamorado de esta pista y no puedo tener suficiente de él. Una vez que lo usa, no obtendrá suficiente de él tampoco. Me encanta el paseo melódica esta música me lleva sucesivamente. No quiero que termine. Es simplemente hermoso! Me encuentro en la música. Esta pista me recuerda a mí mismo …. Tranquilo!

12321519_513894735461352_7925078502310883792_nCameron se complementa con voces melódicas de Allen y es una hermosa mezcla de amor y armonía expresada a través de la música. Cameron toca el saxofón muy bien junto con letra y música de Allen. La forma Cameron toca el saxofón soprano es simplemente increíble y muy bien compuesta y orquestada.

La música por sí sola le relajará y hará reflexionar sobre la vida y el amor. Música como ésta le recuerda que debe reflejar y ser agradecido. Se le recordará que está bien para relajarse y dejar ir, para entregarse a la quietud, a entregarse al amor y para relajarse sin importar dónde se encuentre.

Este es el tipo de canción que se puede empezar el día, con y terminar el día con una buena copa de un vino, o con esa persona especial la abrazando cerrar. Se facilitará su mente y hacer que sueño y inspirar al mismo tiempo. Su creatividad se inspira. Si te gusta el R & B y jazz. Le encantará “Dwelling Place”. Así que sentarse y relajarse en su santuario y relajarse con Allen McNeil y Cameron Evans.

Las baladas próximamente este invierno!

Flaunt It” está disponible en iTunes, google play, cd baby y Amazon 

Allen también está lanzando el álbum doble 42 temas lentos y mediados de AL MAC pasado y presente. “The Ballads”. Es necesario esto en su colección de este invierno.




The Entertainment Industry Is Not The Only Way To Be Wealthy

Everyday we see people chasing their dream to be famous or to be in the entertainment industry. It seems like a pretty exciting life right? Dreaming big, having a number one album or a number one movie. Looks like fun right? Well, I’m pretty sure it is fun, until you get to the business part of it. When I was a child, I wanted to be an actress and a singer. I used to hear my favorite artist on the radio and I had dreams of singing back up for them, lol and touring.

Not necessarily to be famous or have money, I just wanted to be in the background. I actually didn’t know people got paid for being on TV. It just looked like a fun job to have. When I started going on auditions, I quickly learned that in this business, no one really cares about your talent. Really, It’s pretty much about how you look and can you bring in the big bucks. Also it’s about who you know.

It’s all about networking and proving yourself to a whole bunch of people, that you’re good enough for the role. If you have the tenacity to pursue this type of career, by all means, pursue it. But it will not happen over night. That’s the part that most dreamers seem to forget. A lot of people think being in the entertainment industry, is the only way to be wealthy as if it’s the only path to life’s riches and it’s not. A lot of people want the illusion of it and forget that it’s hard work and a lot of hours. You give up a lot in the is business, especially your privacy.

A lot of people are willing to do anything just to be an A-list actor or singer. I know quite a few people that have made it and when I see them, I’m happy for them and I’m really not surprised, because I saw early on, how bad they wanted it. A friend of mine asked me, how I felt about seeing an old friend of mine in movies and where she is today and my answer, was simple, I’m not surprised, she wanted to be an actress. That’s all she talked about and that was her destiny.

I could not see myself living my life in the public eye. I’m too private and introverted. I know from seeing her and anybody else I know, that if you stick with it long enough, it is possible, but that life, I don’t want that life. I love the arts because I love the arts, when I was acting for free, it was fun and exciting. But I was not in the public eye.

I go through great lengths as a blogger to keep my identity protected, LOL. I have some loyal readers who enjoy reading my blog and (the men) want to know what I look like, but I am not revealing myself. Sorry, lol :). I don’t feel what I look like is important. I want people to pay attention to what I have to say, not how I look. I don’t need people idolizing me in anyway. I’m just a human being. You can’t get to know someone’s work, if all you see is their exterior. Which happens a lot in the entertainment industry.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the artist that I listen to and I am grateful, that they chose to share their gifts and talents with the world. I know it must be exciting and hard at the same time. To constantly give the people what they want and to be creative. I’m not saying every famous person, wants to be famous but the majority of “normal” people do want to be famous! Fame to me just changes people. You have to morph into what the public wants. Your identity starts to change and your ego.

People feel like they know you, because you’re on tv, when they never had a conversation with you. Everything is magnified when you are on the big or little screen. To the audience, you’re larger than life, people start imagining, the type of money they can make, the fame, the parties, the famous people they can “make friends” with. The adoration from the masses, the free stuff they can get, the clothes they can wear. People love taking pictures with famous people and posting it.

I remember when a few people recognized me on TV they thought I was rich and had connections and I had neither. I quickly learned that a lot of people just wanted to be around me, just to say they knew me. They introduced me as a title not a real person. Look what happens when a “nobody” becomes a “somebody” and people want to put their business all in the media. If that person wasn’t in the public eye, then that person’s business would not be in the media.

The entertainment industry on some level, makes it seem like people who live normal lives, that they are not dreaming big enough. That they don’t want more out of life and that is simply not true. That the entertainment life seems so much better than the life they are living now. Whats wrong with having a simple life?! Absolutely nothing!

Theres no privacy in the entertainment industry, when you pursue a public career, your life is not your own anymore. People know you’re every move, especially with social media now and when you get paid a big salary the world knows. Why do we need to know that said actor, got paid X amount of millions for? Then some people are sitting at home, thinking damn I’m at this 9-5, I want that to be me. Then they start chasing the money and the fame.

There are other ways to be wealthy, whatever that means to you, try investing, having your own business, inventing something. The entertainment business is not the only way to be wealthy or to have what you desire. Be wealthy in all areas of your life, let abundance flow and you’ll attract wealth and be more abundant that you’ll ever know. Let your love of God, life and passion guide you not just money. Find something you love to do and you’ll never work a day in your life.


Would You Date A Celebrity?

Would I date a celebrity? Hmmm, well first and foremost, let’s get rid off the title of a “celebrity”. People in the public eye are human beings. They deserve to have love and be loved too! That’s like asking would a celebrity date a fan? They are still human. Just because they like your art, doesn’t mean they are off limits. This question is a tough one, because I’ve met people in the public eye, that took an interest, in wanting to date me and I simply declined. I don’t get caught up in, “oh you are said actor or entertainer. Let me date you”. I’m not an opportunist.

Nor do I care who you are, like that. It’s no disrespect but you’re still a man. There are several reasons why I declined. One being, I don’t want my life to change in any way because I know you. I’m a very private person and I don’t want people wanting to be in my life, just because I’m with someone who is well known. I don’t want people following me and being nosey about my private life, because I’m with a famous person.

I had to decline one entertainer, because he just wanted to parade me around and to live and be about that lifestyle and I didn’t want that. I don’t want to be famous by association. Then I’ve met some entertainers that think, because of who they are, it should be easy to just get any woman they want…and they act like something is wrong when they get rejected. Some artist need a slice of humble pie. Knock them right off that high horse they riding on. The humble artist that are in the spotlight, they can’t help who they are.

Dating a famous person is tricky, it’s a catch 22. One has to be really secure, because their will be other men and women vying for the attention of your mate.

A very good friend of mine is famous but I don’t care. Ahhhh, wouldn’t you like to know, LOL. :).. NOPE! Not telling, LOL…never ever, ever, LOL. Now he has express some indirect interest in me and at first I thought when he said something, that he was just flirting and trying to use who he was to impress me or test me. Because I’m sure because of who he is, any woman would have jumped at the chance to be with him. If I ever decided to take a chance and date my famous friend …. I don’t know…..thats still up for debate well the universe 🙂

To be honest, I’m not really thinking about dating him, lol…. if it happens it happens….If I did I would have to be incognito. I just don’t want the attention. It may be hard, if theres a special occasion and this person wants the support of his mate by his side and If I say no, does that make me a bad person? I know there will be cameras there and I just don’t want anybody taking my picture, knowing who I am. I don’t even have my own picture up on my blog. I’m just not willing to give up my privacy for love.

Jaime Foxx has a song on called “Hollywood” talking about a woman, who just wanted to be with him because of who he is and for the perks of his lifestyle. Jaime told Ellen, that one day he was sick and he was suppose to go to an event but he really did not feel good. The woman he was dating knew he was sick and she didn’t care, she still wanted to go and be in the spotlight and he told her to go without him.

I recall LaLa Anthony saying in several interviews that women kept asking her in person and in emails, “how do they bag a baller”? She was like “WHAT?!!!! What kind of question is that?”And she said the key is “not to want to”. LaLa never wanted to date Carmelo Anthony, because of who he was and what he did. She wanted a regular guy, not some ball player because of the negative stigma attached to ball players. These women asking this question, sound like Paula Patton in the Queen Latifah movie “Just Wright” Paula planned and schemed her way, just to be with Scott McKnight played by the rapper Common.

She actually said in the movie, that she had to plan for her future and that included bagging a baller. She wanted to be like the other celebrity wives and have a brand. And he fell for her beauty and he found out the hard way, she wasn’t the woman he thought she was. Looks can be deceiving. Scott and Leslie became friends. Something him and Paula did not become. Leslie was there for him and had his back, she believed in him and cared about his future. They had a love for the same music. She fed him, she took care of him when Paula left him.

This is why men in the public eye are very leery, about who they choose to date or let into their lives. Don’t look at them as a “celebrity” because the whole celebrity thing is really overrated.

They want someone who see’s pass what they do and loves them for who they are or hoe much money they have. “Famous people” feel isolated. It’s hard for them to find real true love, because you have a lot of opportunist looking for a come up.  If you are interested in dating a famous person or if that famous person wants to date you. Become friends first. Get to really know each other. The great thing about my friend is that, we got to know each other and we’re still getting to know each other and it’s not about the physical either or him spending money on me.


I’m kind of glad we haven’t met yet, because men tend to focus on a woman’s physical at first, and that’s something I didn’t have to worry about with him. I never expected to be friends with someone, I’ve been a fan of for so long, but he’s really just a pretty awesome normal guy. He’s not stuck up like the rest of the entertainer I met. He’s very low key to be well known….So who knows… there’s no expectation either….no pressure….At least we both know that being friends, is a great foundation to start on, if love ever blossomed, and if it didn’t at least we still have our friendship and I wouldn’t trade that for anything 🙂

What I Took Away From The Movie “Titanic”.

I remember when the movie “Titanic” first came out, when I heard it was over 3 hours, I was like. Oh hell no, lol…there is no way I can sit through that. But I endured it and what I like about the movie is that, Jack and Rose REALLY SAW each other. They fell in love. Rose was engaged to a man, who only cared about her, being subservient to him and he also wanted to marry into her money and good fortune.

Rose’s family also wanted her to marry him because he was rich as well. They were grooming her to be a wife. Nothing more. Her fiancé only cared about what she could do for him and wanted to control her. He even put his hands on her, when he felt she disobeyed him. When she met Jack, he was a free spirit, he didn’t have much, but he made her feel wanted.

Jack made Rose remember that she was a human spirit, that she was more than just someone to cook and clean and to be subservient to an insecure man. He made her feel alive. He made her feel loved and like the sensual woman, that she knew she could be. Jack peeled back all her layers. I love the chemistry in their eyes. It was so believable.

From the short amount of time that they knew each other, they both brought out the best in one another, they both had passion. They trusted each other. Rose knew in her heart that if she married her fiancé, she would be miserable forever. All she wanted to do was be free and not have her life or love have any restrictions. Jack was picked and won a lottery to board the titanic, but the real lottery was when he met  Rose. They both hit the lottery that night, they both took a chance on love.

Jack allowed her to be herself, he saw who she really was and did not judge her. He wanted her to be with him and to return his affections, and the only way she could do that was to let down her guard, surrender and be free, the same as Jack was. Jack was an artist, she fell in love with his free spirit and imagination and she wanted him to see her and paint her. She wanted to feel beautiful, like a woman.


Jack wanted Rose to have more faith. To trust. He wanted her to feel like she could fly. He wanted her to trust him, that he wouldn’t let anything happen to her. Being surrounded by water was very metaphorically symbolic. Water flows… you either move with it or go against the tides, you either float or you sink. Everything that happened between Jack and Rose was spontaneous, even when they first kissed up until they made love. They first made love to each others heart and spirit first. That’s how making love should be, it should be a build up.

It should be spontaneous and with passion. Delayed gratification can be so intense. It causes you to be in the moment and to be present. Jack didn’t have much, he was pretty much poor but she fell in love with him, because his love made her feel rich, she saw the possibility of their future together, towards the end she told him, that when the ship docks, she’s going with him. And he said, “this is crazy, this doesn’t make any sense and she said I know, thats why I trust it” and when the ship was going down.

Rose got on the rescue boat and then got off because she knew, right then and there that she couldn’t leave him behind, if it was going to be her last day, she wanted it to be with him. She felt more alive with him in her whole life, than she did with her finance. Rose knew with a man like Jack, her life would be fulfilled with love.

Time meant nothing when it came to the passion they felt for each other. In life, sometimes you can be with someone, for years and not even know them, and then you can meet someone and ascend in love in short amount of time, it’s even better when it’s mutual. Rose and Jack never measured time, they were just in the moment.

urlThey loved, they laughed, they danced!

Yes, this was a movie, but isn’t this what we all want in life, for someone to fall in love with our beautiful soul? To believe in us, to trust us, to love us past our imperfections, to love us past our pain, to make us a better person? The main themes in this movie was about trust, faith, love, spontaneity and simplicity.

That’s how life should be, sometimes in life, we plan and plan and we try to control every facet of our lives and even others… and all of that planning we end up, feeling empty inside, disappointed that we didn’t get what we wanted, at the time we wanted it. I’m all for making plans and having short term goals, but sometimes in life, you just gotta let go, have faith, let God and just be.



Television Spotlight: The Carmichael Show

THE CARMICHAEL SHOW -- Pictured: "The Carmichael Show" Key Art -- (Photo by: NBCUniversal)

THE CARMICHAEL SHOW — Pictured: “The Carmichael Show” Key Art — (Photo by: NBCUniversal)

I really enjoyed yesterday’s, The Carmichael Show ,”Mans world” …. I missed the live tweet, as I’m not on twitter…. the topic was about a women’s role in society. This show is very thought provoking. I’m so glad they gave Jerrod a show to be creative, because they see where his mind is at. The way Jerrod and the other writers think.

I felt the need to write this article, because a lot of what Maxine said, I know women who said the same things Maxine said, about, not being taken seriously and because she’s nice and sweet and feminine and doesn’t want to be a pushover. So maxine felt like changing a tire would prove, she was equal to a man and can do anything a man can do…

There’s nothing wrong with knowing how to change a tire, but change it, because you have to and if you don’t have triple A and if there is no man around, and because it’s an emergency and you need to get to where you are going….not because you want to prove to society and to a man, that you can do the same thing he does. If a man see’s a woman changing a flat tire, he should immediately pull over and help her.

Women don’t have cojones, men do!! When my ex got a flat, I stood there and just assisted him and handed him what he needed. I didn’t try to do it myself. Women need to let men be men and stop trying to be the man themselves, that shit is not attractive. If God wanted women to be equal to men, he would have made them like men. I don’t know why some women, feel the need to step outside of their feminine grace.

A friend of mine, wanted to prove she could stomp with the big dogs, by getting a big SUV, because she’s not that tall. She wanted to be taken seriously and for men to take her serious and be a little intimidating. She wanted to prove that she can drive a big car like a man… I’m not sure if they took her serious, all I know is that in her attempt to be equal to man, she got hit with a huge car note, LOL. Well over $600.00… Yeah… $600.00 Was it worth it?! No….it was a very asinine financial regret, that she later admitted to. Now she doesn’t even want the car.

You see,… this is what happens when you have an ego and you try to be equal to men. I never understood why women wanted to be equal to men. I really don’t…I’ve express several times how I feel about not being equal to men, especially in a relationship…It’s the same way I feel about men leading in a relationship . No heterosexual male that loves women, wants to be with a woman who acts like a man. It’s not attractive. A lot of women have a problem with the things I say, but thats not my problem, lol..

I think more women should embrace more tradition roles, especially when it comes to marriage and raising kids. The day I decide to have kids, I will not be letting daycare, the babysitter or the tv raise my child. I had the child, I’m raising my own child. I’m not doing a maternity leave for 3 months and breaking that bond with my child, to go back into the workplace. More women should take pride in their homes, everything starts at home. Enjoy cooking, because you know you are feeding your family a nutritious meal.

I’m so glad Cynthia told Maxine, that if she wants to bake and cook for her husband and family and take care of them, it doesn’t make her less of a woman and that real feminism in knowing what you want and who you are in the world……I feel the same way, although I’m not a wife and mother yet, I’m very domesticated in a sense that people wonder why I’m not married of have kids….I’m not this way because I’m grooming myself for a man, but I felt like Cynthia, I enjoy being in the kitchen. I’m a woman, I’m suppose to be nurturing.

We have a problem in this society that to many women, have hatred towards men. They don’t trust men to lead or to provide. Look at how some women morph into men and they take on jobs like construction, being a firefighter and police officer. I notice how hard these women look and how they act. They have to much testosterone. I’m not saying a woman can’t be a police officer, but why would you want to?? I’d rather stay at the office or at home…It’s the same with the army…me personally I just couldn’t do it…to me, thats a place for a man, to protect…not a woman…but to each his/her own…. I wonder what are these women trying to prove….be a woman, for pete’s sake!

‘‘Jerrod likes to make people uncomfortable not for the sake of making them uncomfortable, but to shake them out of their regular way of seeing the world.’’ I totally agree!!!


Artist Spotlight: The legendary Karyn White, The Original Super Woman!

When I found out one of my favorite female vocalist, Karyn White was into interior design, renovation and acting. I had to shine the spotlight and show this legendary, sultry artist some love. Karyn white came into the music scene in the late 1980s, and it didn’t take much for her to steal our hearts and have us singing and dancing. Karyn just had IT!! It was so organic. Karyn brought us hits like “The Way You Love Me“, “Secret Rendezvous” and “Love Saw It” a duet she did with Babyface. off her debut self titled Album “Karyn White”. But the song that Karyn White is most famous for, is her hit song “Superwoman“.

Karyn White had every woman, singing to the top of their lungs to “Superwoman“. This song resonated with women worldwide and still continues to do so to this day. I could never get tired of this song. It’s such a classic and anthem for women to let men know, that we are human beings and not robots. We’re more than just someone who cooks, cleans and raises your child. We can’t do it all and a real man shouldn’t let us do it all. We need you to be men and love us and help us too! Let’s face it women do a lot!! We just do. It’s makes us weak when we have to pull so much of the weight in the relationship.

This song told a story that when a man has a good woman, he takes advantage of her and stops appreciating her. We all remember the part in the video, where her husband is sitting down, reading the paper and Karyn has to lift the 10 gallon, jug of water into the dispenser.

Her husband walks out and doesn’t even give her a kiss goodbye, so relatable. Karyn just celebrated her birthday last year and she is 50 years young.

She still beautiful as ever and still has remained true herself and humble. Karyn White is one of those amazing sultry artist, that only comes around, once in a lifetime.

Karyn’s raw depth of emotion, when it comes to her music and voice is impeccable! Her vulnerability in her voice when she sings, you can feel every lyric.

Karyn-WhiteWhen Karyn sings, she sings. I wish Karyn White was at the recent tribute to Babyface, singing her hit “Superwoman”. When Karyn’s presences was missing from the tribute, fans noticed it immediately and asked where was she??! The world really misses her and I hope she knows it!

I don’t care who covers this song and how many times. No one sings this song like Karyn White.  There’s only one SUPERWOMAN and her name is KARYN WHITE!! I must say I miss Karyn’s Whites presence in the music industry, you just don’t come across artist like Karyn now a days. Even though Karyn is not in the spotlight anymore, doesn’t mean that she has slowed down. Her last album was in 2012 called “Carpe Diem” but she is still touring and singing.. Karyn is still flexing and spreading her creative wings.

urlI love it when artist reinvent themselves and do something different. Karyn has an upcoming project series called “Finding Forever”  that she has produced with her own production company. I can not wait to see this series. What I love about this new series, is that it’s talking about the one thing, that we all can relate to and want in our lives….which is love. We all want that one special person that we can spend forever with.

Heart ache after heart ache, her character Terri wonders if she will ever find love again. I love how brave her character is…not everyone will just up and move and do something different, especially leaving the security of their job and their whole life, to live somewhere different and start over…only single people make such a courageous move..not knowing what will happen…

This series is hitting a little bit to close to home for me, LOL….I’m in the middle of relocating soon, making a brand new start… but love, hmmmmm….I’m very reluctant to give it a try again….I’m wondering if I meet someone and take a chance, will it throw a monkey wrench in my plans…..only time and God will tell. I’m looking forward to following Terri in Finding Forever , to see if she can find the love that she truly desires. Especially with a younger man.. not sure if I can do it, as I love older men, lol :).

13179105_780955662006534_4237330430828229139_nIn addition to acting, Karyn also has a love and passion for interior design and real estate. Check out her interior design website blog “My Southern Country Cottage”

There’s a certain peaceful energy about this site that I love. Maybe it’s the southern feel to it. There’s nothing like coming into a space and making it your own. I can’t wait to see what my favorite part of the house is going to look like, which is the kitchen.

Artist are not just singers, when you’re an artist, you innovate, you can do many creative things and it doesnt always have to be in the spotlight. I’m excited as a fan, to come a long on this journey with Karyn White, to see how her southern cottage turns out!

I can’t wait to see the final results as I love interior design…This show should be on HGTV. Maybe God will hear my prayer :).. This could lead to big things for Karyn White. I’m pretty sure we will be seeing much more of her soon, on a much broader scale who knows, she may start renovating your home :). Make sure you sign up for updates if you love Karyn and love interior design, You don’t want to miss a thing!!!

Until then …here’s a trip down memory lane with the lovely Karyn White singing her hit “Super Woman”.