Are You Too Much? Too Passionate?

Have you ever had someone tell you, that you are too deep? Too much? Too extra? Or tell you that it’s not that serious?

Well, I have more than I can count and you know what? I know that these people criticizing me, the only reason that they are saying this, is because they are void of passion.

I’m a very passionate woman and I know this trait of mine can be very intimidating to people. I’m always being told, I’m to deep. Keep it short. When I use my brain I use it.

Some people gravitate towards it while others simply can’t, take my passionate intensity. Whenever I express myself about something or someone. I use all of my senses. When I answer a question and give advice.

Theres no such thing as being too much or too passionate.

I’m very passionate about the advice I give with my open heart and my energy. The mind is a very beautiful thing which should be explored passionately. Hearing a persons thoughts about life and their experiences is quite intriguing. To be a passionate person is a great thing, but you have to be careful about where the receiving end of that passion.

At times you will have to guard your passion because not every one you meet, it’s for them. My passion sometimes attracts negativity and people can take your passion for granted. Life is meant to live passionately. When I’m into something or into someone, I give it my all. I become very passionate about loving or else it’s a waste of time and energy.

I was listening to “Your Touch” by Ralph Tresvant and it made me think about, how some of us are not using all of our full senses, when it comes to our relationship with our significant other. How many times do we not see, touch, feel, hear or taste the person that we’re with. That we are not filled with the very essence of their being. Why don’t we look at each other with passion and hunger in our eyes?

Why aren’t we touching the one we love? Why aren’t we making love to their mind,body and soul? Affection in our intimate relationships is very important. So why did this fade? God gave us these senses to use them in every thing we do, but most importantly when it comes to loving someone. When I listen to this song, I’m fully immersed in Ralph’s music and lyrics, as the music makes love to my soul.

The tone of his sensual voice as I let him, take me on a euphoric journey is intoxicating. Feeling those lyrics in my spirit and on my skin. Listening to how passionate and sensual the music is. How much he wants to see her smile and to feel her touch. The look and passion in her eyes and how her smile is connected to the way she touches him is beautiful. Making love starts with your senses first.

This is how one should be, when they love and when they are in love. They should be so intoxicated that they can’t get enough of the person they are with. That person becomes a drug and they can’t wait to get another fix. That’s loving passionately, fearlessly……as if you need the very breath they breathe out, so you can breathe it in, to give you life.

If you aren’t feeling this way, if you aren’t, seeing, touching, tasting, being aromatic of someone and hearing the person you are with. Then you are not fully loving them with all your senses. Love is supposed to make you high and addicted. You’re supposed to love passionately with every fiber of your being and not with half a heart but with your whole soul.

If you can’t love this way, while you’re here on earth then don’t love all. Be full and healed when you choose to love someone. Don’t bring your past issues to new love. Love can open your eyes to the possibilities to so many things. When you know you’re loved and you know that you have someone, who loves you with all they have inside of them.

When they see something in you enough to cultivate it and believe in you. You feel like you can accomplish anything. When you choose to love someone, love them as if it’s never going to hurt. When you make love let yourself go and be totally uninhibited. Love making is freedom… just like music. Let your emotions flow, so you can experience a mind-blowing mentalgasm.

That will turn into a physical one. Really passionately want the person your with. Crave them as if you starving for their love. See yourself in their eyes. It’s very electrifying when someone puts their hands on you and touches your body. It can feel like magic. You feel alive. Don’t be afraid to be passionate and vulnerable. It makes you human and most of all it makes you beautiful.

Are People Disturbed By Your Kind, Quiet, Peaceful Nature?

I know you must be reading this title and thinking how can being kind, quiet and peaceful be disturbing to others?

Who wouldn’t want that kind of person in their life as a friend and especially in a relationship.

Well, as bizarre as it sounds, let me let you in on a something. It can be disturbing to others. There are people in the world who have a problem with these kind of people. I’ve encountered them on many occasions and it always makes me question why?

When you’re a kind, quiet and peaceful person, it can make others feel uneasy, especially when they are not used to it. Whenever a person is quiet and kind, we question whats wrong? What do you they want? No one acts that way without an ulterior motive.

Red flags go up for no reason. This is how we have been conditioned to think. We can’t fathom how a person can be so quiet and peaceful. Kind nice people seem to get taken advantage of. They see the good in the world and the good in others and unfortunately it’s not reciprocated. This is what makes good people not want to trust and love.

I never understood why my nature disturbs some people. I’ve quarreled about this with friends, family and even in a relationship. You would think being a kind, quiet peaceful person, people would want that in their life on a daily basis. But when you are this way, people will try or want to change you. They feel like because they are loud and talk all the time and they like to go out.

And can’t stay home for nothing. They want you to adopt their lifestyle and be the same way. I’m constantly being told by people who I’m too nice and quiet. People have called me perfect and I’m not.  When I’m quiet around others and I’m kind to them, for some strange reason, my positive energy is met with negativity. This of course is mind-boggling to me, because I treat people the way I wanted to be treat.

We live in a society that we think quiet people are boring. That quiet people are negative and I’ve been asked why don’t I talk. I guess these people don’t take the time to read anything I write, LOL. I talk, I just don’t talk the way they talk. I love intellectually stimulating conversations. I can talk to people for hours, when its something that interest me. I’m not a fan of small talk. I don’t like meaningless conversation.

My articles are not even short, lol…. I’m in-depth for a reason. We live in a world that people think we all have to be the same, especially extroverted loud busy people. When you’re a quiet, kind, nice and a peaceful person, people think something is wrong with you. Ever notice that when a child is quiet or even an adult. People think something is wrong? We expect people to talk from sun up to sun down.

We have a problem with solitude and other people’s solitude. Extroverted people can’t understand why introverted people want to be alone. I notice that a lot of people who fear solitude and being alone.

Have no idea who they are. They don’t love who they are or know what they want and need out of life. Because they don’t take the time to be alone and be still. My opinion is they are running from themselves.

Its like the person that can’t stand to be alone and they are always in a relationship whether it toxic or not. To them anybody is better than nobody. They keep looking towards other people and even things to make them feel whole in some way. It is possible to get addicted to people and to things. This is why some people start to hoard. There is something that they are not dealing with.

I notice that whenever I’m around people who can’t seem to take a chill pill and they act like they are wired all the time. They don’t feel heard. Especially if they grew up in a large family. An old neighbor of mine was always talking loud, especially when I was sitting right next to her. The reason she did this is because she grew up in a big family and felt she had to raise her voice to be heard.

As a quiet person, I can be around a certain level of noise and busyness when I’m socializing but the one place I do require peace at, is when I’m home. When I walk through the door the outside world no longer exist. Its time to relax and recharge. People can’t understand why I like to eat while its quiet with some soft music playing in the background. I can’t enjoy my food around constant chatter.

Whenever a quiet person is a certain type of way. People feel there needs to be an intervention. I had a family member of mine tell me that I had to adapt, to her lifestyle and routine just because I stayed in her house. I moved out. Just because someone lives with you, doesn’t mean you get to control them and not let them be. I wasn’t being respected. I was sleep deprived. I couldn’t get a moment to myself.

I couldn’t write or eat in peace without someone disturbing me on a daily basis. And if I didn’t want to go out, forget it! That caused even more tension. I’m told because I’m young, that I shouldn’t rest and that I should have more energy. More energy for who and for what? For someone else’s external lifestyle that’s not mine. Whats important to me and what I spend my time on, that’s what I have energy for.

It’s not selfish to want to do your own thing. I shouldn’t have to be joined at the hip with someone, just because I decide to be in a relationship or meet new people. There needs to be a balance. Introverted people can be extroverted at times, but not 7 days a weeks or 24/7. This is one of the reasons of many, that my last relationship (and even my friendships) ended or came to a pause.

People trying to change me and having a problem with me being quiet and keeping to myself. I’m told live a little. I am living just not loudly. I don’t need to draw attention to myself or be noticed. I don’t need to be ON all the time. I got tired of the constant going out all the time. People have tricked me in order to get me to go somewhere with them.

If I hate malls and shopping, why would you trick me into going to these places and keep me out for hours, knowing I have stuff to do. Just because one wants company. I don’t spend my days at the mall buying shit. People who keep to themselves and are private are not selfish. If I had a long day, the last thing I want to do is attend to someone as if they are a child.

Even when I’m quiet and still….. I’m still busy. I’m busy thinking. I’m listening to the holy spirit talk to me. I’m quiet so that I can receive answers and know whats my next move. It’s hard to get to know yourself and what you want in life, when you have others in your ear all the time and to many obligations. I observe the behavior of people who can’t be quiet and I see how uncomfortable it is for them.

Noise to them is how they live life. If that’s how one enjoys life, fine. Live it up! That works for you. That doesn’t mean that you should try to change, another person just because it makes you uncomfortable. Quiet, kind peaceful people take time to smell the roses. They are in the moment. They get to decipher what really matters in life. Where they are going and the kind of people they want to be around.

Theres a certain kind of quiet strength, humility and resilience that these people have. Whenever I’m faced with something. I get still. I don’t panic. Extroverted loud busy people panic. The make mountains out of mole hills. Their thoughts are all over the place. Their decisions are not rational. They also make hasty decisions too. They feel if they are not busy life doesn’t make sense.

Always remember, that the way people are and how they treat you, is a reflection of who they are. A person can be busy, but busy doing what? Just being busy? Quiet people like to enjoy life and have fun. There is no right or wrong. It’s just how one chooses to live their life. The next time you encounter someone who is this way. Relax around them. You just might learn a new way of being.

Naked…..Love The Skin You’re In

Do you love yourself? I mean do you really love the skin you’re in? I was lying in bed on my micro-plush sheets, just reveling on how good the sheets felt against my naked skin.

My music volume was up and I felt the lyrics traveling on and throughout my body. Hmmm, you didn’t know music could do that huh? Yes, it does but you gotta be naked in order for you to feel it :).

More people should love to be naked but yet some don’t. I never understood that at the end of the day, after your body has been in clothes all day. That when one comes home and relaxes. Then takes a shower.

As soon as you get out the shower you put on clothes again. It doesn’t make any sense. Your skin needs to breathe. Every part of your body needs to breathe.

Once I’m in for the night and someone ask me to go somewhere. I’m actually debating on whether or not should I go. Going out requires me to put on clothes and that just doesn’t sound fun for me, lol. It better be worth it if I have to get dressed, after I just finish freeing my skin. Ok I get that some of you may have kids and you don’t have the freedom to walk around naked like single people.

After the kids go to sleep, lock your door and get out of your clothes, got dammit, lol! Be free! Love the skin in you’re in. Look in the mirror and love the beautiful vessel, that God blessed you with and be good to it too. There is no such thing as the perfect body, if you don’t like the body you have you can always change it.

The body is an amazing machine. Be good to it and it will be good to you. Get naked and look into your soul and just love the image that is staring back at you. If you don’t ask yourself why? We all have our insecurities things we need to work on.

There can be many things going on in our life, that can make us not feel beautiful or sexy in the skin that we’re in. There was a time I didn’t feel attractive. Men, for the longest used to say things about my body and even family members and friends and it made me feel very self-conscious.

To the point that I would try to cover up every chance I’d get. I didn’t notice at times I was doing this until people pointed it out to me. I would go into the store and find something to cover my hips and butt. I would wear baggy pants to cover my legs. I went through my whole Aaliyah phase when I was a teen.

Only wearing a body suit and the rest of my clothes was baggy. Still wanting to be feminine but not draw so much attention. I felt ashamed for being a woman with curves. I wished that I could look like a little girl and felt cursed for developing so quick. I wanted people to see I had a brain. I wanted people to see pass my physical.

When I saw that other women felt the same way and when I saw them embrace their bodies. It gave me the courage to embrace mine. To embrace being a woman. I’m not naive. I know we’re visual creatures but when that’s all people see is how you look, it makes you feel invisible. I had to get to a point where I really felt comfortable in my skin. I had to love myself more.

When it comes to men, I never cared for the attention because it was always negative  with very few positives. I just wanted one person to fall in love, with my naked soul and see that I was beautiful on the inside than out. Being naked is not just about how you look on the outside. It’s about how you feel on the inside which radiates on the outside.

Loving the skin you’re in and being naked makes you feel sensual. It makes you feel beautiful. It makes you feel like a woman! If your blessed enough to have a lover in your life. Sleep naked more. Infuse yourself in each others bodies. Touch each other. Make love without saying a word or without penetration. Look at each other and look deep within each others soul. That to me is ecstasy!

SongVersations: “Your Touch” By Ralph Tresvant the middle of the of night. I woke up to my favorite artist voice singing in my ear. The sensual peaceful sounds of  Mr. Ralph Tresvant singing “Your Touch”,

“I’ll be waiting for your touch. Nothing’s quite the same as when we touch. Love me with your magic touch. I’ll be right here baby by your side. I’ll be waiting for your touch. Nothing’s quite the same as when we touch.

Love me with your magic touch. Love me with your magic touch. Magic touch. Touch me. Never thought it be so easy to fall in love, but when you smile, I feel the difference in your touch. And loving you is so easy, you stolen my heart. In your eyes make all the difference, in your touch.”

Every time when Ralph says those two words “Touch Me“. That whisper calms my spirit as those words flow throughout my body. I feel his music touching me. I find myself rewinding that part over and over again. Letting those words and the sound of his masculine voice, how angelic, loving and peaceful it is, get infused into my soul and my subconscious.

It feels like ecstasy. It makes me feel like a beautiful woman. I laid there in bed and just took in the music. It was peaceful and relaxing. It was simple. I thought for a moment how nice, it would be to have a lover, that I could reach for in the middle of the night to hold me. To make love to me. Someone to make me feel like a sensual woman.

Someone who I can have the first thing in the morning, before I have breakfast and before I start my day. A sweet endearing kiss on my forehead and warm embrace. Someone who makes me forget about my past pain. Someone who is gentle with my love. Someone to make me feel safe and protected. Someone who can be my peace and I can be their peace.

Listening to this song when he says “loving you is so easy.” Those lyrics remind me of myself and my first love. It was just easy for him to love me and for me to love him. Two simples souls who never pressured each other and just thought to themselves. How can make you happy because I love to see you smile.

Love shouldn’t be difficult. I don’t know why people keep thinking it should be. Maybe because they are used to pain. Someone shouldn’t make it difficult for you to love them. They should make it easy. When it comes to love or being with someone, it’s either you want to be with that person or not. It’s not difficult. But I’m not looking for perfect, I’m looking for honest and real.

As I lay there in bed, the sun begin to rise, I heard the birds singing outside my window, it made me smile and in that moment. I thought I was going to hear that beat drop and hear  “Can you stand the rain” By New Edition.” Classic songs like that always remind me of home. Music is what love sounds and feels like.

As I take a trip down memory lane as a child being at home with my mom. When things used to be so simple and quiet. I find myself craving more and more of it each day. I know that anyone who threatens and disturbs my peace, is not meant for me to love or be around. As I am very sensitive to negative frequencies.

People ask me all the time, why are you single? They don’t get it. I would be a rich woman, as many times as I’ve been asked that, lol. I’m told “you’re so peaceful. You’re so nice.” I don’t understand why you don’t have a man, that’s loving you and giving you everything you want.” Well I say, it’s not really about what I want first.

What good is wanting something, if it’s not coming from someone you want to be with, love or someone who loves you back. It’s about what I need first, my wants will come later. What I want is peace and quiet. What I don’t need and don’t want is someone disturbing my peace of mind. I want someone who is just as quiet and simple as I am.

Someone who appreciates the little and simple things in life. Someone who enjoys being in the moment. I want someone who revels in my peaceful calm spirit as I revel in theirs.  Someone who hears what I don’t say and is thoughtful and kind. Someone who looks at me and in their eyes alone, I can see into their soul and know that they love me.

I want a magical touch, a touch that I can feel the passion and desire emitting, from the depths of their soul to their finger tips, when they touch me and when they kiss me. Someone I can’t wait to crave and breathe in the way I need air. Someone who’s love is untainted by a previous lover.

Someone who allowed their heart and spirit to heal, so they can be open and free to love again. I want someone to love me with their magic touch. I’ll be waiting….. I’m patiently waiting for it. Is it too much to ask for? No…not all 🙂 .

Signs From Above, How Angels Communicate With You To Heal Your Heart

img_1720Ever notice that when you are going through something. A series of sudden so-called coincidences seem to happen to you.

It may be in the form of music. You’ll hear a song echoing in your head. You may see a repetitive sign. You’ll hear voices subtly whispering in your ear.

You’ll get goosebumps and not feel alone. I don’t think a lot of people realize that we are not alone in this world.

That there are unseen spiritual forces working behind the scenes on our behalf. I am very in tuned with my surroundings and my frequency. I notice that whenever I’m feeling a certain way, about life and the things that have happen to me.

I will get signs from Angels. Angels are always communicating with me. I’ll see feathers out of nowhere or I’ll see a slightly invisibly presence in front of my eyes. I’ll feel like someone touched me, held my hand and it’s always a good feeling. I’ll even see sparkling lights that sometimes follow me. I woke up in the middle of the night and found a feather on the side of my pillow.

When I’m listening to music, the music will get louder and at times I can’t even turn it off. I’ll wake up with a song in my head that I just can’t shake. I know that angels are communicating with me. When I wrote about not having the strength to love  or whenever I write about my thoughts about love. I will get signs from Angels, trying to heal my heart.

I’m human and at times when it comes to love. I feel it’s elusive towards me for some reason. I’m not looking for love but whenever I’m open to it. It goes awry. After the last few guys I was talking to as friends, so I thought. They completely did a 360 on me and it left me feeling mentally drained. I was disrespected. Felt I was being rushed and this keeps happening to me over and over again.

So at times…..I’m just like screw this being open to love, because every guy keeps acting the same after claiming they are different. When the same thing keeps happening you start to wonder, will I ever have the love I desire one day? Will anyone ever really get me, love me and be peaceful. All that I am, I want that when it comes to love.

I know myself and I’m a good woman. I know I have a lot of love to offer, to the right man one day. I know that angels see and know whats in my heart. They keep reminding in so many ways. The music that I listen to, it’s all about love. Some of my favorite artist I become addicted to there music, but it’s a good addiction :).

Lately, more than ever, I have been listening to Ralph Tresvant’s last 3 Solo Albums. If you don’t have it buy his music. His personality and music reminds me so much of my first love. His music is really healing my heart and I can’t be anymore grateful.  Ralph’s music is sweet and endearing. It’s romantic. I thank God for blessing this man with the gift of music. His voice is just soothing and angelic to me.

It lets me know that REAL MEN do feel. They have emotions and that they want real love. When I hear his music, it just reminds me of a time when I was really happy, when my mother and sister was alive. When I fell in love and it was just a memorable time in my life, that I wish I could go back to. But life happens and the thing about life, is that you can always revisit those memories and bring them into the present.

Every one becomes a memory at some point, but it’s the impression and the lessons they taught you while alive. When I listen to love songs on repeat, I know that there are messages in them that I need to hear and I know that I need to heal my heart. Heartache is a part of life. There’s nothing you can do about someone who treats you a certain way, except walk away when it threatens your peace.

img_1712Angels remind me every day that I am loved by sending me signs. By whispering just hold on. They shower me with love while I’m alone.

I’m not perfect, but I’m a loving person with a good pure heart and spirit and one day, the love that I want will come to me. Who knows when that will be.

I know just by the music that I listen to, that I can have that. I know my loved ones who have transcended and God are conspiring on my behalf, when I hear songs that they loved.

I just smile and I’m like ok, I know that’s you. Even when I’m writing like now, I saw sparkling lights and felt a presence around me. It feels good to know that I’m loved even when I don’t feel that I am.

Love is meant for everyone and God sends us signs all the time, with these spiritual beings that radiate light and love called Angels. Believe in them because they are real and always near by your side! Just call on them and get to know them, because they are here to help, guide and protect you!

Namaste! God is love!

Why Every Man Should Fall In Love With A Woman, Who Loves To Write And Read

img_0966I think every man should fall in love and get to know a woman who writes and reads and here’s why. A woman who writes and reads, shows that she’s in-depth. She’s a visionary.

Thats she’s passionate about everything in her life. She’s not going to look to you for the things you have. Your words, effort and presence is comforting enough.

This kind of woman wants to get to know you on a soul level. She will listen to you. A woman who writes, will want to know every thing about you.

From what makes you happy to what makes you sad. Your passions will become her passions. Your pain will become her pain. You’ll become a book to her and she’ll want to read every chapter.

Your love is free to express itself. She will pay attention to the things you do not say. This kind of woman is very intuitive. She will care about your feelings. She is very in-tuned with your energy. A woman who writes, will always be curious about your life. Her mind will always be challenging.

A woman who writes and reads will always have in-depth conversations with you. You will never get bored. She will make you think which is a beautiful thing. She’ll makes you see things in a way you never thought of. Words to her are like music lyrics, always telling a story.

For she knows their is a story behind your melody. She will not be void of emotion. Ask her she feels about you and she will tell you. She’ll tell you the truth. This woman is not a half ass woman. Her silence means she’s thinking. Always searching for the right words and editing them before they leave her mouth.

She will feel every word you say with passion and vibration. When you date a writer, they see past the surface. They are curious about everything. They feel everything is connected. A woman who uses her mind, will always search for solutions when a problem arises. She has an insatiable thirst and hunger for knowledge and for words.

A woman who writes uses her senses. The get infused in her bloodstream slowly giving her a high. Your words are delectable to her she can taste it, touch it, see it, hear it. A woman who writes will always challenge you and make you a better man.

Be careful with this kind of woman.. she is rare, she’s not going to take your shit. You can’t run game on this type of woman and be inconsistent and expect her not to notice. What she gives she wants in return. If you have no plans on getting to know this woman on a deeper level or loving this woman, simply leave her alone.


I’m not saying women who don’t write are not as in-depth, but there is something about a woman who writes and reads…her creativity and imagination with words comes to life. She’s a dreamer. words appear on her skin like braille.

A woman who writes is strong, she thinks about her words before they leave her mouth. She’s peaceful, she’s quiet. She’s not argumentative. Her words and her presence is very nurturing. This kind of woman, you can feel safe with, so don’t be scared.

Her love is not meant to harm but bring out your sensitive masculinity. You can let down your guard with a woman who writes. She will not judge you and have your best interest at heart. She’s protective. No harm will come to you if she can prevent it with her armor of love.

A woman who writes is very intelligent, she knows the power of her words and only wants to lift your spirit not break it. If you quarrel with a her, she will want to kiss and make up. She believes times is to precious and just wants to love you and see you happy. Because seeing you happy makes her happy.

Her communication is effective and meticulous. A woman who writes, her word is her bond. She will not say things and not back it up with action. This kind of woman knows how to love and make love. Her world of words, as soon as she thinks of it, she wants to make it a reality.

A woman who writes is very simple. You can take her for a walk on the beach, plan a picnic or a simple home cooked meal. For she likes to stay home. Simple things make her happy. Your heart is safe with a woman who writes. So talk to her, be gentle, be kind, don’t deflect a conversation when she wants to know how you feel. Don’t let her slip away if you find her.

You Don’t Get To Walk Away, Every Time You Feel Something

We all know someone that every time they start to feel something, they suppress it. They don’t want to acknowledge how they feel in any way.

Well you know what… it’s time to put an end to that BULLSHIT!

You need to stop running. You don’t get to walk to walk away every time you feel something.

No matter how little or intense, acknowledge how you feel, admit it to yourself first.

If you have feelings for someone, acknowledge it. Why every time you start to feel, you start to walk away. You disappear.

Stop being a coward and feel what you are feeling. Stop deflecting your behavior and putting it on someone else just because you do not want to deal.

You don’t get to confuse someone and lead them on, just because you are not sure of what you want.

You don’t get to not acknowledge how someone else feels, when they are asking you a question and they want to know whats in your heart.

Oh but I see, you ignore because that way you don’t have to deal and you get to string things along. Keep doing that to a good a woman, she’s not going to stick around.

But I guess that’s what you want and don’t want. Hell… you don’t even know.

You know you don’t want rejection, you say it’s cool but deep down, you want what you want and want to control the outcome.

When things don’t work out, you say to yourself,  “I knew it. I was right all along.” You find fault in everything, every word, every action just to coincide with what you are thinking and feeling.

What? You think you don’t deserve love. You think you don’t need nobody?

Didn’t you love the wrong women? How did that turn out? Oh you stayed, you gave your all.

That pain and hurt and everything they put you through, your spirit became immune to it and you called that love.

You don’t get to use the word love and do the opposite of it. If someone you know loves you and wants to be with you. Don’t push that person away.

Man the fuck up and stop running from the very thing, that you say you want the most.

Stop hiding behind email, text and the phone. Stop ghosting!

You’re not that busy, you’re scared and you’re hiding.

Stop doing shit to other people that you clearly do not want done to yourself.

Stop not listening to your heart. Stop pushing people away and not listening to them.

Have the courage to say what you want and need from the people in your life.

Learn how to recognize love and pain. Don’t confuse the two because love does not hurt nor will it ever.

If you believe in your heart, that you have a shot at it, don’t fuck up a good thing. This goes for both men and women.

If it doesn’t work out, then that love was not meant for you. Stop breaking your own heart and deflecting blame.

Stop being such a narcissist and leading women on, when you clearly don’t have any plans on staying. Sweet nothings, means nothing.

For god sake, stop walking away every time you feel something and those feelings are good.

You’re human, don’t you think you think you deserve love?

Don’t you think you deserve to be happy? The answer should be yes.

Stop thinking every one is out to get you and hurt you.

Stop being an asshole. Stop ruining things before they even start.

You don’t get to play with someone emotions and use the word love and not mean it. When you say you love someone, stand behind your word.

Stop not being a man of your word. Stop being so short, deflective, cold. Aren’t you tired of that?

Stop blaming the other person when you don’t get the love you want. The problem is not them. It’s you. You’re the one who has your guard up. You’re the one who’s inconsistent and silent.

Isn’t time you start to be open to the love you truly desire? Why is it so hard for you to be vulnerable. Thats where your strength lies.

Don’t you want a love that brings out the best in you? Don’t you want loyalty, honesty, respect?

A woman whose a woman of her word, that’s consistent. Trustworthy, that has your back. Thats passionate, protective, thoughtful, kind. A woman who never makes you feel alone.

Well in order for you to have those things, you must be all of that. Don’t ask of what you can not give of yourself and feel entitled.

Lose your ego if you want love.

When you feel, deal…. knowing that love will heal.

But please do yourself a favor, stop walking away every time you feel something.