SongVersations: “POISON” By Bell, Biv, DeVoe

“That girl is poison…. Never trust a big butt and a smile that girl is poison. If I were you, I’d take precaution, before I step to meet a fly girl.”

Isn’t that what Bell, Biv, DeVoe warned men about? Don’t trust a woman who is attractive with a nice body. Lets really think about these lyrics for a minute, shall we….

This song was the theme for a lot of men, whether they were in the industry or not. To never trust a beautiful woman and if she has a nice body, forget it, she’s POISON, LOL…. She’ll break your heart, take all your money and trap you. Although I love BBD and I like this song to dance to, I really paid attention to the lyrics when it first came out in 1990.

Lyrics are everything to me as I am very conscious as to what I watch and listen to. I already know that they were speaking their truth and experience (especially in the music industry) and what better way to convey that is through music. We all heard the song “ N.E. Heartbreak” It is very hard for these men in this industry to find a woman who is down for them. Once you’re in the public eye, you are leery of everyone that comes into your space.

Regardless of what society thinks, artist do not have it all. It’s easy to get it twisted and think because the cameras are rolling, that these artist that we love have everything, when in fact it is very isolating at the top. You may not have changed but the people around you do. As trusting as you would like to be, its hard. You trust the wrong person and if it doesn’t work out forget it. Artist have to protect themselves in ways that other people who are not in the industry, don’t really have to think about on a daily basis.

Your whole world changes once people know who you are. When I heard this song, I automatically knew that these men got burned by a ‘beautiful’ woman or several. And I’m pretty sure a lot of men in this world have. Some women know their attractive and use their looks to trap a man and get what they want. A woman is a man’s weakness. A lot of men will overlook things, simply because a woman is attractive. Next thing you know, they get caught up and this beautiful woman is making their life a living hell.

Now they don’t trust any woman that’s attractive because in their mind she’s Poison. I’ve heard comedians joke about not wanting an attractive woman, because beautiful women are too much of a headache, lol. They cause problems. They want an average woman, whatever that means. A woman that doesn’t cause to much attention. This song made me really observe how society treats what they consider “attractive or beautiful” people.

My question for you is, what is beautiful? To me what makes a person beautiful is their soul, who they are on the inside. All the things that make them real and vulnerable. Not what they have or what they do for a living.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting someone who is easy on the eyes. That’s the first thing you notice. I do however notice that when people find you attractive, from both sexes, there is this negative stigma attached to it. You see it all the time in the movies and in television. A beautiful woman or handsome man snaps. An attractive person always has issues. They can’t find love, they have low self-esteem and they are just a nut case.

If you’re married or dating an attractive person issues come up. You think they are cheating. Because every one is staring at your significant other admiring how attractive they are. It makes one feel insecure then you become more possessive, wanting your mate to tone down who they are for you. When people find you attractive, you’re idolized. You’re perfect in their eyes. Attractive people can do no wrong. Thats what they want us to believe.

I notice that whenever a man has a beautiful woman, he doesn’t know how to fully love and accept her for who she is on the inside or her mind. It takes a secure man to be able to be with a woman who is attractive and has a brain. Men and women get possessive over their significant other. Especially if you’re in the public eye and they feel everyone should back up off you.

What they fail to realized is that you are not a possession, you don’t belong to them. It’s very naive to think that your S.O. will never find another person attractive. Attractive people in the public eye, feel isolated. It can be a pretty lonely way to live. You never know why someone wants to be with you. It’s both a blessing and a curse. This is article is not a pity article for attractive people, you can’t help how you look.

It’s just an in-depth observation. When people notice that you find them attractive, that’s always going to be at the forefront of everything. Attractive people are bombarded with adulation. People think every attractive man or woman has many lovers and that is simply not the case. Why is it that we have these negative stigmas surrounded by our idea of beauty or what we deem to be attractive?

We automatically don’t trust them because they are attractive in our eyes. I know people who are beautiful on the inside and it reflects on the outside, that suffer from low self-esteem, depression and they don’t see themselves as attractive because of how people treat them. Everything is about their looks. Attractive people have to fight harder for people to see that they actually have a brain. They’re craving to be SEEN.

The intimacy they crave is being overshadowed by their looks. They feel they are never going to find love, so some settle just to have someone, even if it means that they are not treated well. To them, somebody is better than nobody. They simply do not love themselves enough to wait for the right person to accept them for who they are. Why is it so hard for people to look into someones soul and see that’s where their true beauty lies.

You have people who know they are attractive and they want the whole world to know it. They have no humility. I’ve been called names by people who think I’m a stuck up and they never had a conversation with me. I hear all the time from people, “Oh my God you’re so nice and sweet. I thought you was a bitch.” And I’m like why? This is all because of how I look. I simply do not see what people see when they look at me.

Anyone who knows me on a person level, knows I don’t like attention of any kind. I hear from men all the time, its hard to find a woman who is both beautiful on the inside as well as the outside and has a mind. Or all the qualities that they want in a woman. But when men find this kind of woman, they fail to know how to treat her. Especially if she’s in independent. Some men will try to make this kind of woman feel insecure, because of how he feels about himself. Instead of letting this woman evolve. He’ll try to hold her back and become possessive.

It takes a secure man to be with a woman who other men find attractive. Thank goodness for songs like  New Edition’s, “Sorry you’re not my kind of girl”. Which is one of my favorite songs by them. I love this song, because you don’t always hear men say things like in music. Songs like this just prove that just because you’re beautiful doesn’t mean, that I’m attracted to you. I need to get to know you first on a deeper level. There needs to be chemistry. Not everybody is blinded by beauty.

Songs like “Shop Around”  Lets you know, a man wants a well-rounded woman, that has something going for herself, as well as being attractive. You gotta bring more to the table than just your looks. Looks can only hold your attention but for so long. Dreams and goals are attractive. Have this for yourself, not for a man. Men are tired of carrying a woman. You gotta shop around and selective. I think BBD learned their lesson. They learned to look at more than just a big butt and a smile, LOL :). Hope you enjoyed!
















SongVersations: “Do Me Baby” By The Legendary Meli’sa Morgan

Meli’sa Morgan,… where do I began?

Passion, sensuality, rawness, daring, erotic and emotional depth… oh and goosebumps… that’s what comes to mind when I hear the legendary artist Meli’sa Morgan sing. Anything else would be an understatement.

As soon as I hear the name Meli’sa’s Morgan, my mind automatically reverts back to 1985 when I first heard her sing on the radio. I stood still as I was captivated!

Here we are in this big ol’ empty room, staring each other down. You want me just as much, as I want you. Lets stop fooling around. Take me baby, kiss me all over. Honey play with my love. Bring out whats been in me for far to long. Baby you know, that’s all I keep dreaming of. Do me, baby, like you never done before, oh give it to me. Till I just can’t take no more. “

Let that marinate……. Let that sink into your cells…. You feel that? You ready for more?

Let me take you down memory lane. Meli’sa Morgan made Prince’s song “Do Me, Baby” A classic hit in 1985! Even Prince admitted it. It stayed at the top of the charts for 3 weeks. Meli’sa brought that raw, soulful, feminine sensuality that was needed to make this song a hit. When Meli’sa came out the world had to stop and take notice of this sultry singer.

I think you would all agree with me, when I say Meli’sa did this song justice. Prince was very pleased! I wonder how many people had babies off this song, LOL. I love the boldness of how female artist back then, reveled in their sensuality. How can you listen to this song and not want to make love. It just puts you in the sensual mood. I got that look in my eyes right now, as I listen and write this article, lol :).

If you’re not in the mood while listening to this song, something is clearly wrong with you, lol. Back in the day, artist told stories, they took you on a sensual journey with their music.

You could hear a song like this and get a visual of two people staring each other down, with passion in their eyes just ready to be intertwined in each others souls.

You can’t just listen to an artist like Meli’sa and not get caught up in her voice and sensuality. Meli’sa makes you feel every lyrical emotion throughout your body. If you’re not naked by the time this song is over, something is not right, LOL.

Singing like this brings you to your knees. You have to have a spiritual musical breakdown, to get that passion out of your body to sing a song like this. Every song has its climax and it starts at the 3:34 mark and ends at 3:52. Leaving you breathless. I anticipate this part so much. I love the mentalgasm I get from it. It leaves my body weak in ecstasy. It’s a world-wind of ecstasy and passion. You feel it in your gut.

Singers like Meli’sa Morgan come once in a lifetime. Meli’sa brings that soul to music, you can tell she used to be a gospel singer the way she belts out those soulful notes. You can always tell gospels singers from the way other singers sing. If you can sing gospel, you can sing anything because of your vocal range. You can hear her musical influences as she sings.

Meli’sa is up there with the greats of Whitney Houston, Chaka Khan, Anita Baker, Miki Howard, Karyn White and many more to name a few. Back in the day you had to come with it and that’s exactly what Meli’sa did.

Meli’sa was just too much!! You had to sing with passion and emotion or no record deal. Now record deals are giving out like free food samples at the mall. It makes you wonder can music be saved?!?

Will artist like Meli’sa get the shine and recognition they truly deserve in a major way? Artist like Meli’sa is what’s missing in today’s music. You just don’t hear this kind of soulful singing anymore. It’s hard to find soulful artist that sing with this kind of depth. This song makes you feel beautiful and sensual. I love the rawness and passion in this song. Songs like this lets you know its ok to be sensual and uninhibited  as a woman towards your lover.

If you want him say so. So many times women hold back who they are, as if they don’t feel or have sexual desires. And here you have a woman saying, “Bring out whats been in me for far to long. Baby you know, that’s all I keep dreaming of, Do Me Baby.” Like right now! Take me got dammit, LOL. Do me like you never done before. She wants her lover to make her feel alive. Like a woman. She hungers for that passion when two sensual souls connect. That kind of passion is missing in romantic relationships.

I never knew there was another version of this song and until I found out Prince did this first. It never got the airplay it deserved until Prince let Meli’sa covered it. This song has Prince written all over it. We all know how sensual Prince was.

That energy came across in his music. The fire and passion all over this song is pure orgasmic ecstasy. It’s hard not to listen to this song and not have it on repeat for hours or rewind certain parts. You anticipate every beat.

Meli’sa vocals hits you at the back of your neck and shoots down your spine. If you wanna ignite that passion and romance in your relationship, just play Meli’sa’s music. I love how in an article in Essence Magazine, as Meli’sa was reflecting on Prince’s life and legacy. How Meli’sa pointed how selfless Prince was with sharing his gift and mentoring other artist. Prince was not selfish. It’s true you have a lot of artist who don’t mentor others and they want the shine all to themselves.

Sometimes its like that, you have artist that come a long and make other artist songs great. It’s not taking anything away from who they are as an artist, but sometimes it’s just meant to be. To have another artist cover a song. Music is a love affair between many artist and you have to humble yourself or already be humble to say “wow, you did that, you turned my song into a hit. Thank you!”

That maybe this is the reason why I did the song, so someone with a beautiful soulful sensual voice as yours could bless it and give it life. Not to many artist do that. As artist are very critical of their work. You hear stuff like that happen all the time. Songs are just meant for other people who passed on it or couldn’t give it what it really needed. It happens like that in creative fields. It made me think of myself as a writer.

It’s hard to come across people who genuinely want to mentor and help you. I’m always grateful for artist who take time out to read my work and even other writers who ask me for my opinion on their work.

In order for me to write for someone, I must have their music already infused in my spirit. I have to understand them as an artist. I need to feel that sensual energy. Creators want to know that their art means something. They need someone to go in-depth and really hear, not just listen.

Meli’sa also brought us hits like “Fool’s Paradise.” This is a favorite jam on Ralph Tresvant’s  “Inside the Ride Show”. Every time Diggy plays this song on the air, I’m just brought back to a time when music was soulful. When it was just sensual. From the moment that beats drops, I know Meli’sa’s about to bring it! I’m so glad I grew up in a time when artist could really sing and they made you feel. It was a full mind body, spiritual experience and even brought you to tears with ecstasy.

Music like this got deep down in your soul. Living legendary artist like Meli’sa Morgan, are still around and we need to pay homage to them and let them know how much we love and appreciate their creative contribution to real soulful music. God blessed them with the gift of voice and song and they need our voice! Artist might feel like the world has forgotten about them, but I know I haven’t and I hope you haven’t too! Music matters. It really does!

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Enjoy Meli’sa’s Classic Remake Hit “Do Me, Baby”




































SongVersations: “Your Touch” By Ralph Tresvant the middle of the of night. I woke up to my favorite artist voice singing in my ear. The sensual peaceful sounds of  Mr. Ralph Tresvant singing “Your Touch”,

“I’ll be waiting for your touch. Nothing’s quite the same as when we touch. Love me with your magic touch. I’ll be right here baby by your side. I’ll be waiting for your touch. Nothing’s quite the same as when we touch.

Love me with your magic touch. Love me with your magic touch. Magic touch. Touch me. Never thought it be so easy to fall in love, but when you smile, I feel the difference in your touch. And loving you is so easy, you stolen my heart. In your eyes make all the difference, in your touch.”

Every time when Ralph says those two words “Touch Me“. That whisper calms my spirit as those words flow throughout my body. I feel his music touching me. I find myself rewinding that part over and over again. Letting those words and the sound of his masculine voice, how angelic, loving and peaceful it is, get infused into my soul and my subconscious.

It feels like ecstasy. It makes me feel like a beautiful woman. I laid there in bed and just took in the music. It was peaceful and relaxing. It was simple. I thought for a moment how nice, it would be to have a lover, that I could reach for in the middle of the night to hold me. To make love to me. Someone to make me feel like a sensual woman.

Someone who I can have the first thing in the morning, before I have breakfast and before I start my day. A sweet endearing kiss on my forehead and warm embrace. Someone who makes me forget about my past pain. Someone who is gentle with my love. Someone to make me feel safe and protected. Someone who can be my peace and I can be their peace.

Listening to this song when he says “loving you is so easy.” Those lyrics remind me of myself and my first love. It was just easy for him to love me and for me to love him. Two simples souls who never pressured each other and just thought to themselves. How can make you happy because I love to see you smile.

Love shouldn’t be difficult. I don’t know why people keep thinking it should be. Maybe because they are used to pain. Someone shouldn’t make it difficult for you to love them. They should make it easy. When it comes to love or being with someone, it’s either you want to be with that person or not. It’s not difficult. But I’m not looking for perfect, I’m looking for honest and real.

As I lay there in bed, the sun begin to rise, I heard the birds singing outside my window, it made me smile and in that moment. I thought I was going to hear that beat drop and hear  “Can you stand the rain” By New Edition.” Classic songs like that always remind me of home. Music is what love sounds and feels like.

As I take a trip down memory lane as a child being at home with my mom. When things used to be so simple and quiet. I find myself craving more and more of it each day. I know that anyone who threatens and disturbs my peace, is not meant for me to love or be around. As I am very sensitive to negative frequencies.

People ask me all the time, why are you single? They don’t get it. I would be a rich woman, as many times as I’ve been asked that, lol. I’m told “you’re so peaceful. You’re so nice.” I don’t understand why you don’t have a man, that’s loving you and giving you everything you want.” Well I say, it’s not really about what I want first.

What good is wanting something, if it’s not coming from someone you want to be with, love or someone who loves you back. It’s about what I need first, my wants will come later. What I want is peace and quiet. What I don’t need and don’t want is someone disturbing my peace of mind. I want someone who is just as quiet and simple as I am.

Someone who appreciates the little and simple things in life. Someone who enjoys being in the moment. I want someone who revels in my peaceful calm spirit as I revel in theirs.  Someone who hears what I don’t say and is thoughtful and kind. Someone who looks at me and in their eyes alone, I can see into their soul and know that they love me.

I want a magical touch, a touch that I can feel the passion and desire emitting, from the depths of their soul to their finger tips, when they touch me and when they kiss me. Someone I can’t wait to crave and breathe in the way I need air. Someone who’s love is untainted by a previous lover.

Someone who allowed their heart and spirit to heal, so they can be open and free to love again. I want someone to love me with their magic touch. I’ll be waiting….. I’m patiently waiting for it. Is it too much to ask for? No…not all 🙂 .

SongVersations: “Never Noticed” By Ralph Tresvant“Oh, where did you go?
Why did you leave?
No chance to say goodbye
And let’s be honest

Ever since you went away
Living hasn’t been the same
Missing you and wanting you back here with me

Heaven knows how far I’ll go
I know its not logical to be with you But if I could, I would

Never noticed how much I loved you. Until the day you said goodbye for good. If I knew what I know now my love. I’m just thinking bout it”

Words beautifully sung by Ralph Tresvant. When you listen to these lyrics, it makes you wonder about the person you loved, that suddenly walked out on you and never gave you an answer as to why. It’s hits you when you are alone. You start thinking about it. You ask yourself what happened? What didn’t I see?

Why did you leave? I never got a chance to say good-bye. Why didn’t you talk to me and let me know you were unhappy, or maybe they did and you just didn’t pay attention. There are always signs in a relationship that your significant other, is not happy but are you paying attention?

Sometimes it so easy to get caught up in our careers, that we neglect the one we love. The one that held us down. Material possessions can’t hold us at night. At the end of the day, we want someone to love and hold us and to just be there. To just be a friend.

You start thinking of your long-lost love and your heart aches, for that person to be back in your life. You know that if you could just get a second chance, that you can love them better. That you are changed man or woman. When I hear these lyrics It makes feel like someone’s love was taken for granted.

Maybe this woman just couldn’t deal with his life and how busy he is. Why else would she just pick up and leave without any explanation. Or maybe she fell in love with someone else. Now he’s sitting there missing her, wanting her back in his life. When he says “It was you, It was you.” Maybe he felt that she was always it for him.

That the mistakes he made, by not showing her how much, he loved and cared for her. That if he did maybe she would have stayed had she not felt neglected. Or maybe he loved her to much, gave her everything she wanted and still it wasn’t enough for her. Some times the more you love and give to a person, they take you for granted.

As the song plays it reminds me of the men I’ve dated and not dated. That claim I’m the one that got away. Now they are alone, missing me, wanting me back. They never realized how much they loved me, until I ended it. But when they had me, they took my love for granted. They keep wondering how their life would have turned out, if they just knew how to love woman like me. They want a second chance.

Why is it that when someone walks out of our life, we never notice how much they meant to us while they were in our life? Why does it takes someone absence to appreciated their presence? Some times we really do love that person, but we never notice how much until they are gone. When were alone with our thoughts it hits us.

Damn! I let the best thing I had slip away from me. We start feeling like a fool. The thoughts of the person we miss invaded our heart and spirit. We hear their voice, we want them near and we think, If only I can get a second chance. Life may or may not grant us with a second chance. But in life there are no do overs. We just have to live with the pain.

If we knew what we know now, we wouldn’t have made the mistake in the first place. Everyone we meet that walks in and out of our life. Is there to teach us a lesson, about love. They are there to help us grow and evolve. Hopefully we’ll know better next time, not to make the same mistake twice with a new love. We’ll recognize the rare spirit of love in front of us, next time around.

SongVersations: “Do What I Gotta Do” By Ralph Tresvant

Do you remember this timeless classic ballad,”Do What I Gotta Do” sung by the iconic and legendary lead singer of New Edition. Mr. Ralph Tresvant.

Breakups, they can get messy. How do you tell someone who you love and care for, that you want to be alone?

It’s not easy letting someone go, no matter how much you love them. It’s something you debate over and over in your mind. Should I? Shouldn’t I?

But deep down inside, you know you gotta do what you gotta do. What’s the best way to let someone down gently. Truth is there is no way to let them down gently. Either way it’s going to hurt you or the other person and no one likes to break someone else’s heart especially when they  still care.

When this song first came out, I remember the first time I heard it. It was May 11th 1991. I looked at the clock and it turned 5:16. My mom was in the kitchen cooking. She had the radio on 98.7. I heard this beautiful harmony coming from the radio and I just stood there…wondering who was that?

I turned the volume up and got lost in the music. I said is that Ralph Tresvant but wasn’t sure, until it went off and they announced his name. I had to have that album right then and there. Which my mom got for me. I thought it was a beautiful sad love song.

I knew it was a song about heart-break and understood the lyrics, I just thought it was beautifully put into song. I immediately got a visual and wanted to see the video. I didn’t really know the significance of the song until I was in my teens and into my adulthood. Thats when the lyrics really resonated.

In “Do What I Gotta Do” Ralph is in turmoil over ending his relationship with his lover. He doesn’t want to break her heart, but his heart and soul is breaking because, he needs to figure some things out and he needs to be alone. Sometimes the person you are in a relationship with doesn’t understand that. When he sings this note. “I’ve been feeling lately like being single or just alone, to get into myself.”

He feels like his woman, is playing games and he has to change the rules and look out for himself. When You are creative person, you need space to create. Unfortunately, the one you’re with can feel neglected, even though that’s not your intention.

img_1453Some of us are there right now. Feeling stuck. We need help letting go. We need to figure out who am I? Rediscover our passions. Figure out what do I want and need out of life. Instead of this whole ‘We or Us thing’.

We’re with someone and we don’t feel the same anymore. The chemistry is gone, we fell out of love or we’ve outgrown the relationship and we are in a war between our heart and our mind. We know deep down in our soul, that we gotta do what we gotta do. You try to find the right words because although it’s hard, you don’t want to continue living a lie.

It kills you deep inside that it has to come this. Because although you love the person you’ve known. You know the best thing is for you two to be apart. Breakups are not easy this is why some people ghost. They don’t have the courage to tell you it’s over in your face or give you closure. What I love about this song is that towards the end.

Ralph is letting her know that even though he loves her, that the best things is for them to be apart and continue to be friends. Why continue to be in a relationship you’re not happy in. Which will lead to nothing but a spiritual death and regret. He still wants to be her friend and be there for her.

He just can’t continue breaking his own heart and being unhappy anymore for the sake of someone else. No matter how much he loves her. I know to many people who stay in relationships way past their expiration date. Knowing they should have left a long time ago.. we’ve all been there.

Trying to work things out because of the time we put in and because we truly care. But it gets to a point that if you don’t end things you are going to go mad. In my last relationship, one day my ex came home. As soon as he walked through the door. I got up went to the bathroom and closed the door. I had this song playing in my ear. I just sat on the bathroom floor and wept.

I was so unhappy. He knew I was unhappy but didn’t care as long as he had a roof over his head and what he wanted. My bed was cold. There was no love or affection. Just him needing me all the time. I fell out of love and I just wanted to be alone. I never wanted to live with him. It was hard telling him to move out of my place. But I had to or else it would have continued and it would have been my fault.

He would have continued living off of me. We have to take responsibility for what we allow to continue in a relationship. Set limits because takers don’t. When I cried, I was mourning the lost of myself. My dreams and my passions. I needed him to be there for me, the same way I was there for him. He wanted me to put my life on hold to support his dreams, which he said in so many way without saying it. That was not happening.

I never had his support and I got tired of the games or feeling like there was a love triangle going on. I realized he never really knew me. My needing to grow and wanting space was a threat to him. Space and discovering myself meant, I wanted better or that I would find someone else who could love me better, which was not my focus and the last thing on my mind.

I wanted a relationship with myself again. I wanted to love myself again. So I prayed and ended it. He didn’t want to be the man I needed. He didn’t want to add to my life just take from it. He only wanted the lifestyle I provided and my money. It wasn’t all bad… the relationship in the beginning, but I was TIRED. I wasn’t the same. My needs and wants since I was approaching my 30s were different from my 20s.

He never expected me to grow and change. He thought I would always be around and took my love, the things I did and how I held him down for granted. I wasn’t being supported in any way. Me wanting help with basic simple things was meant with resistance and arguing. There was no peace in my home. I tried to remember the friendship we shared, that’s the only reason why I let him stay, so he could get himself together.

But he didn’t want to get himself together. I found out his scheme to live with me and have me take care of him was planned. When I ended it, I felt revived. I felt like I found myself again. I was born again. I started smiling, laughing, being happy again. Listening to music, especially love songs again with out anyone turning it off., music was one thing we should have not been arguing about.

I started dancing and writing again. I dropped weight both mentally and physically. I started doing things I used to do before we met and before my mom passed. For so long it was about other people from when I was 14. In a relationship its hard to hear your own voice. It’s even harder to hear Gods voice too. With constant noise and be ‘ON’ all the time, with the wants and needs of another.

Sometimes you can’t be there for everybody. You can’t save everyone. You can’t make everyone happy at your own expense. Being single can be a great thing. It strengthens you. Relationships can be great when there is genuine love and a common ground and two people are supporting each other. It shouldn’t feel like a job you hate because eventually you’ll quit.

It can’t be one-sided and its unfortunate that that’s what some people want. They want to use you for the own selfish gain. I know there were lessons I needed to learn and I learned them. I know that I will never go through that again. Every time I feel like a man is trying to trap me, on purpose or move to quick. I just do what I gotta do and let them go, because life is meant to be lived and I will not exist in someones shadow.

SongVersations: “Can You Stand The Rain?” By New Edition

I was listening to “Can You Stand The Rain” By the Iconic and Legendary R&B Group New Edition. From the moment the birds starts singing and the beats drops and Johnny Gill hits that riff, that’s gets deep into your soul.

You know, just by hearing the melody that you are about to be taken on a sweet melodic ride. This is one of those songs that can you play on repeat for hours.

There are so many different waves of emotions in this song. You’ll enjoy the music and melody but you will understand and feel the lyrics. Have you ever paid attention to the lyrics to this song? Like really paid attention?

What you hear is men expressing themselves. Being vulnerable. Saying I need you. I can’t do this alone. Yes I’m strong but I need the love of my woman. These kind of sentiments is missing from todays music and the hearts of men in society.

Luckily we still have artist like New Edition that still keep the magic and the love and romance alive. You don’t stick around for 30+ years for nothing. You gotta be doing something right. Thats because real men know how to get the hearts of women, with love and romance.

This song let’s you know that REAL MEN do feel. Real men do have emotions. This song poses a simple question… Can You Stand The Rain? Men want to know that when times get hard, will you be there by their side. Will you lift them up and take care of them the same way they take care of you.

Will you love them unconditionally no matter how much money or things they have. A man will be with a woman no matter how much money she makes or what she has, (some) women not so much so. Some women have a set figure on what a man should have in order to take care of her, which is sad and selfish.

A real man sees himself as a provider and protector of his woman and family and when a man can’t do that, his heart and pride is bruised. For a real man knows his role in a woman’s life and what God has called him forth to be. Whether you are an artist or just a regular blue collard hard-working man.

Every man wants to know that they have, the security of their significant other by their side. After dealing with the stresses of the world outside of their home. They need to come to a loving woman, who will make their house a home. They need a woman’s love to inspire them through difficulties. From an artist perspective, they are on the road performing and touring.

They won’t be able to see or talk to their significant other or even be with their family and they want to know, will you be there by their side when money fluctuates. Will you live with me in a studio apartment and not just a mansion. Can you weather the storm? Can you hold things down if I need you too.

“Love unconditional, I’m not asking just of you, we have to make it last, I’ll do whatever needs to be done” “When it’s tough she won’t run, she will always, be right there for me.” I’ll do my part but will you do your part? Will you trust me and us and what we have? Tell me, will you be there for me? 

It doesn’t matter whether these men sing or are in a group and ‘famous’. They are still human and men first. They still go through the same trials and tribulations that other men go through. Being in an iconic group, doesn’t mean that life does not happen to you.

Everyone wants to be around you, when things are good. When you are on top. When you have money. But what about when things fall apart. Thats when you really see who has your back. Every man wants unconditional love from his woman. They want her to stay when times get hard, not just be there for sunny days.

I hear from men all the time, how they don’t have the support and love from their woman or don’t feel appreciated unless its pay-day. Or they thought they had a supportive woman until they lost their job and they found out they were weathering a storm all by themselves.

These are good men who are doing everything, to make their lady happy, but when they fall on hard times, who’s going to be their rock. Who’s going to lift their spirit up and not make them feel less of a man and inadequate. A real man is not going to feel good about living off his woman.

This song is not just for men singing to the hearts of women. I find myself relating to these lyrics because I ask the same question when it comes to men. Can you stand the rain? Will you be there for me if I need you?

In my last relationship when the ship was sinking, when the storm got heavy and it started pouring rain. I found out the hard way I was alone. I had to rescue myself and make sure I didn’t drown although I saved him when his boat was sinking. He had me in ways that I never had him.

Until one day I punctured a hole in his boat and found out he could swim and take care of himself. Men have given to much in their previous relationships and now when they come across a good woman. They want to know whats she’s going to do for him first and they want a woman to give of herself first. I keep meeting these ass@*%$, lol..

Times and men are changing. Men are looking for women to have their own and be independent so they can just come in a have a free ride. Men want women to weather the storm. They’ll go M.I.A. on a woman if she needs him. When times get hard, they want her to pick up the sword and fight for them while they relax.

Why do men want woman to carry the relationship now a days? They want to see how strong a woman is built. They want her to step into masculine energy. If she can do it on her own, why does she need you? That’s not a real man.

A real man knows a woman can do it on her own, but a real man will not let her. Can you Stand the rain? I’m sure she can, but will you hold the umbrella for her and protect her?

Whatever happen to being each others rock. Isn’t that the whole purpose of being in someone’s life. Isn’t that the purpose of loving someone unconditionally? What’s up with these one-sided relationships and self-entitlement? Thats not love. Thats self-centered narcissism.

Love is freedom. Love is all-knowing and seeing. It should happen organically. Love is protective and being there for each other in good times and bad times. We shouldn’t let each other drown. When you say you love someone….show it.

“Storms will come, this we know for sure…I know all the days won’t be perfect” but there is no pressure.” The next time you decide to open your heart to love, ask for what you need and want. Ask, can you stand the rain? If the answer is yes and you see it in their actions, then you will know you got a good one. Then you can say, “Come on baby, let’s go get wet.”

SongVersations: Love The Pain Away, By The Legendary Jeffrey Osborne

fullsizeoutput_1cf0I was listening to the legendary soul crooner Jeffrey Osborne  song, Love The Pain Away, off his album, Music Is life. I love this song because Jeffrey recognizes how strong a womans love is. He admits that he’s hurting in some areas of his life, financially (which is hard for a man to admit) and he’s not afraid to admit that he’s man and human enough and needs the love of his woman.

We all know that there are a lot of women (and men) that when you are struggling financially, they will leave you and make you feel like a failure. Everybody needs someone to be there for them, especially their mate when times get hard.

A good man will do everything in his power to provide for his woman and his family and when they can’t do that. It hurts them so deep, like Jeffrey sings about. It’s hard enough a man is struggling and his pride and ego get the best of him, but there is nothing like a having a good woman by your side to let you know, “I got you and I’m not leaving you, we’re in this together”.

Jeffrey wants his woman to have the best, but he must know that his woman loves him for him, whether he makes 20k or 20 million. Jeffrey needs his woman to love the pain away. Seeing his woman and hearing his womans voice just makes it all better, after he has had a long day out there grinding. He knows that had it not been for the love of his woman and how fortunate he is to have her love, he would have gone insane.

Isn’t that what we all need, that special loving man or woman, to love the pain away. Someone to hold us and touch us at the end of the day. Life can seem so unreal at times. It’s a good feeling when you are not left alone or abandoned because you are going through hard times. I’ve been there as a woman, a man cutting out on me. “Yeah, you love me, ok. But you’re M.I.A”.

As a woman, this shouldn’t be. This is why a woman doesn’t trust a man to lead or provide.  If you love me, you would be there for me, supporting me in any way, not just monetarily. I’m not sure whats happening to men now a days, not being a provider or protector or lending emotional support to a good woman and they want to switch roles.

There’s nothing wrong with admitting you want love and need someone. The world can seem so unreal and cold and there’s nothing like having someone in our life that loves unconditionally. That ask how our day was and means it. Not how much money you have and can I go shopping. But some men will cater to this type of  materialistic woman, but leave a good woman to struggle. If that’s not some backward B.S. I don’t know what is!

41lvajs9mflEven in his song, I’ll do it all for love, off his album, “Thats For Sure” he’s sings  “just sitting here thinking about cha, thinking about cha, he talks about hopping on a plane so fast to be there for the love of his woman. He’s in a long distance relationship. How many of us have done that? You can admit it… even if it didn’t work out but it was worth a try. When you love someone you want to be where they are. You can’t stand to be away from them.

My favorite lyrics from this song is ” I feel the fire slowly burning in my veins, so much emotion driving me insane. No womans ever made me feel this way, but aint nothing wrong with that. My heart is reaching stretching out in search of yours, just say the word and girl, I’m out the door and I’ll jump on the first plane headed for, the chance to be in your arms, for you love baby, I’m willing to sacrifice, to have you here in my life, won’t think twice, I’ll do it all for love”.

Jeffrey can we clone you :). LOL. Where are men like this?!! Jeffrey is old school, that’s why I love him dearly, because men now a days don’t think like this. Jeffrey always give me hope with his music that love does exist. Love and romance are missing from todays music and todays relationships. Men don’t have time to be consistent but they want the most, with the least amount of effort. Well go find a naive woman who will put up with your inconsistency.

It’s not even a question he will make sacrifices in the name of love. When a man has a good woman and he knows it. He’s not going to be an idiot. lol and mess it up. He’s going to go get his woman before someone else comes in and scoops her up. For he knows that a woman like her is rare, and doesn’t come around every day and the choices out there are few and far in between.

Jeffrey is a passionate Pisces soul balladeer.. .born of a rare and different breed. You can hear his emotions in every lyric..Good lord that voice, will give you chills….his music and voice is timeless. If Jeffrey Osborne is missing from your music collection, something is clearly wrong.

I’ve been listening to Jeffrey since before I was born, LOL. My mom played him so much. I was born loving his music and it has been in my DNA ever since. I suggest you listen to his music. It will put the spark in your love life, that you’ve been missing and waiting for.

Lost hope for love, buy Jeffrey Osborne’s music, because music is life and music is what love feels like!