God And His Angels

1437182537I don’t know if you believe in Angels but I do. Yesterday I had a crazy night, I had planned on having a peaceful quiet weekend. I was looking forward to my weekend getaway, as I felt it was long overdue. I needed some R&R, time to mediate, connect with the creator and his angels…

But God put a stop to my plans. Whenever something doesn’t go my way, My internal conversation with God is “ok God, you’re in control, you know what you’re doing”. “Every time I do some something and I don’t get what I want, I know that’s you, LOL. A delay is a not a denial” So I learn to trust your process.

But during that conversation.. I’m like really God?? You just won’t let me have that job or car I want, lol. I’m a good person, why do you keep doing this to me, lol?? When it comes to people. I ask, why do you keep placing people in my life, that treat me a certain way and it’s not always nice. Can I please have some genuine people in my life who love and care for me, the same way I do? I think it’s because I need to love and care for myself more than I do others at times, to be honest. I’m always doing for others no matter what I’m going through.

Anyway…..I was stranded for hours somewhere, had no idea how I was going to get home or anything. I reached out to a few people, no answer. So I just waited. I was patient. I knew help would arrive soon and I just prayed and asked God to send me an angel. I know God heard me because this couple noticed, I was in the hotel lobby for hours and they came up to me and said “Are you ok? Do you need a ride?” Who left you here?” And I just thanked God, because I honestly had no idea how I was going to get back.

These people did not know me, they didn’t have to offer me a ride, but they did because they noticed I was there for a long time and I had my luggage. The couple said to me, “ever since they turn their life over to God and became christian, they try not be afraid any more and have faith in others, that when they see someone in need, they go with their intuition and ask”. The guy also mentioned that in the past he’s been burned and lost his faith and his wife said the same thing but she took him to church, (that’s a good woman), but that they had a good feeling about me and that I looked sweet 🙂

But he said , he said to his wife, “I think this woman needs help so let me go and ask” and I did. To be perfectly honest I wanted to cry, lol, not because I was sad but because I was happy and I know God loves me. Last night, even though I wasn’t able to check into my room and I was in a lobby for almost 15 hours, lol. I needed that alone time and to talk to God. God always finds ways to get me alone, LOL :). He knew that the money I had, I needed it and not the hotel. He knew that spending that money would have made me worry about it, so he didn’t let my plans go through.

God sees everything I’m trying doing to fix my situation. Even when people don’t. Even the concierge people were nice to me, they could have told me to leave, but they knew I was waiting for help and the security officer, kept checking on me. You see there are kind people in the world. God has angels all around us, if we would just open our eyes and see. Angels appear everyday. I had no idea how I was going to get home and out of nowhere this couple gave me a ride. I could have said no, thought they were crazy, have pride, have an ego but I needed it and I trusted them, God told me it was ok.

That’s another thing, we deny asking for help or turn it down, because we’re used to people abandoning us and not being there. We should not get used to the people in our lives, not being there. That’s not something you get used to, people not loving and caring. We’re worth the help and love we receive, and we need to believe that. If we give, we should receive, not just give and give. Because trust me, if you give, that person will have no problem taking. If we need help, we must say so, no matter what the answer is on the other persons end.

Help always comes when it’s needed on God’s timing. Whenever God sends me an angel, I just feel so loved :). When I come to him, I don’t feel judged or pushed away. I know he will never abandon me. Where people fail sometimes, God is always faithful. I know who holds my hand. What these people did for me, something as simple as a ride. Was so kind. I would do the same for someone and I have. When I see and know someone is in need. I reach out. There really needs to be more selfless people in the world.

I hope you know that God loves you, even when you don’t love yourself. Always know that you can trust in him and that what you need will arrive on his timing. Always know that the people that are meant to be in your life, will love you no matter what and be there for you. Don’t let your past bad experiences, stop you from reaching out to love ones. God reaches out to us, so does Jesus, so we need to do the same. God gives us favor even when we don’t deserve it, because he’s trying to change our hearts and spirits.

“BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER” Ellen Degeneres

I love that saying, because it’s true, “Be kind to one another”. No matter what you’re going through, always find time to pray for others. And do for others, let them know they are not alone. No one should have to struggle on their own with anything. What’s the point of family and friends? Let people know, that they have a friend. One minute you can have everything, the next it can be gone. It can always be worse. I see homeless people and I know that can be me or any of us. I pray that if you see someone in need, that you will do the right thing and help, because I’m sure you will want the same thing.

If you’re still and quiet, you will feel your hand being touched by an angel. God has these angels and they are real, so believe in them because they are there 🙂


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