Do Women Really Want Men To Lead? 

IMG_4589Some women say they do, but I don’t think a lot of women have any idea, of what it really means for a man to truly lead under God’s supervision and his innate intuition. Women don’t trust men to really lead them in life, when it comes to certain areas and to make decisions. Some women feel like they are taking a step back into the 1950s. Some women feel if a man leads, they will be subservient to him. Or maybe even lose their independence. The fear of engulfment is a fear as well.

Letting a good man lead is not about being subservient, not having your own mind, or letting someone control your thoughts and every move.  Women who get upset at this notion clearly have it all wrong. There are some men who want to lead, JUST to control a woman but that’s not a good man. I’m talking about a REAL good man, which I’ll continue to reiterate.

I personally think that there is beauty and a certain kind of organic and sexy protectiveness, when it comes to masculine energy and letting a man lead and protect you. When a man is a MAN and he’s masculine at his core, its just sexy. A woman can be feminine at her core and submit, when her man is able to lead her.

“Comfort of a man” by Stephanie Mills is one my favorite songs and she clearly gets it.

Pay attention to the lyrics…

“Nothing understands, like the comfort of a man”… Oh! Back to what I was saying!

Women can learn a lot from that particular song.  Here’s my personal take on letting a man lead. Maybe you’ll agree, maybe you won’t. The only way you will be open, to this natural way of being, is if you take the time to really know yourself and know what it truly means to be feminine. Women by nature are feminine and nurturing.

We just are.

I feel like somewhere a long the way, women are losing touch with their femininity and nurturing side and morphing into men. There is a power struggle going on. Educated women think they have cojones. I’ve seen women throw their education in a man’s face. They’re very proud in an egotistical way. I’m very educated, I have my own mind, and I love being independent and making my own money. But at the end of the day, when I come home, I’m not bringing that masculine energy of being in control into my home. I’m not a man.

Only a real man that is highly evolved will know how to lead a woman. A man of faith. A man Of God. Men are suppose to balance a woman in a loving way and women are suppose to balance men in a nurturing way. There is nothing wrong with letting a good man lead. Just because you let a man take the leading role, doesn’t mean that he will not seek your guidance, as well. Nowadays some women want to make all the decisions, be sassy and don’t give a man a say so, and they’re just like “hand me your ATM card!”

Just because you let a man lead, doesn’t mean that you can’t have your own life and do your own thing. This doesn’t mean you are giving up your all your independence. A good man will know how to nurture that side of you. A good man that wants to lead does not want a slave. This is not about being a “YES” woman at all.

This is not a religious POV. I don’t subscribe to that. Knowing your role in life, can only come with developing a strong relationship with God and knowing yourself. A lot of this is already innate. We just have to get back to it. I feel like a lot of people struggle in relationships because of this. I hear from so many men, that their woman is acting like a man. She’s trying to emasculate me in my own home. Women are trying to lead. A real man, that knows his role, is going to have a problem with that. Some women treat their man like a child. No man likes to be reprimanded in his own home.

Some people don’t know what their role is and how to complement someone else’s life. People go into a relationship with a list of wants and needs. Instead of looking at it like, what can I offer this person and how can we grow together and build something? When two people don’t look at it like this and their needs/wants are not met, we get mad at the other person. It starts with you. You have to give to get from both sides. You have to know why you’re there and what you can bring to the table.

When it comes to a man leading, I just innately know that it is his role in life. Men are supposed to provide and protect. Men are men for a reason. God built men a certain way for a reason. Men are supposed to be physically strong and exude masculinity. Men are supposed to work and make sure their family has a roof over their head. When a man is not evolved and not exuding masculinity, women sense this.

I think this is the reason why some women don’t like nice guys, because they feel that nice guys are not masculine enough and that they are a pushover. Some women will go as far as emasculating men when they feel he is being to “feminine”. I’m not saying nice guys are not masculine, but according to these women, they are not “rough or manly enough”. (I think this is total nonsense). These women that think this way need help!

I know several women, who have confessed that they want a man to lead them. They got married and had children for the wrong reasons because they thought this is what women are “supposed” to do. They had no clue who they were marrying. They didn’t even know who they were. Their spouses didn’t know who they were, either. So you have two people who are not fully cognizant of who they are and why they want to get married. Then when these women develop a relationship with God and get to know themselves. They’re like “Wait a minute! My husband is supposed to be leading me?!”

Some of these women might as well be single, because they do everything and kind of lose respect for their significant other.

If your single and independent then a man leading does not really apply, unless the two of you work that out on another level. Not everyone is religious. You have some men who want to be the head of the house and lead and they are not even married to you and don’t have any plans to marry you. Those type of men abuse their authority if they have a good woman. A man of God is suppose to consult with God and be the disciplinarian in the household. It’s a known fact that children fear their fathers in a way, more than their mothers.

I’ve seen a lot of my friends children, run all over their mother and listen to their father. A woman I know thats in a same sex relationship, with a very dominate masculine woman, said that she’s the disciplinarian, she brings that masculine energy into the home. She allows her to be “the man” and really thinks she is a man. She wanted a male presence in her home, and decided she couldn’t find a good man, so she was open to a butch female. That’s some confusing shit, LOL.. I’m sorry it is. It doesn’t matter how masculine a woman tries to act. She will never be a male, or disciplinarian or lead a household especially if she gave birth to several kids.

So even in a same sex relationship, there is a need for masculine energy and presence. Lesbian women know this. This woman plays more of the subservient role in her relationship, she’s a yes woman, she was this way with men, now she’s this way with a woman. Her lover confessed that she hates being a woman, because she see’s women as the weaker sex. So she wanted a docile woman so she could play the man and be in control. They actually had a conversation about who was going to be the man and the woman in the relationship, but they are both women. Alriiiiiiiighty then!!! Now I’m confused, LOL…It’s simply impossible. All of this to negate the male presence needed in life.

When it comes to equality, yes women can probably do the same things men can do or hold their positions, like when it comes to really demanding strenuous jobs. But why would you want to?? Why would you as a delicate feminine woman, want to be in control and masculine all the time?? To prove what?? That you can protect yourself. That you are strong, that you can do a man’s job? I personally don’t know why a woman would want to a police officer or a firefighter. To each is own but come on. Call me sexist if you want, but thats a man’s job. A woman shouldn’t be jumping into buildings, and chasing down the bad guys like a man. Women are not physically fit like men.

When I was younger, I thought about going to the army but not to fight. I thought about school and to be a nurse and to help the wounded. To heal and nurture these men post war. To offer my support. To be a listening ear. Not be in the battlefield. We’ve all seen women who take on that masculine role and act manly and that is not attractive. Tapping too much into masculine energy is not good for several reasons. It makes you look hard. It throws your hormones off too, BIG TIME! Women, when we step outside of our feminine grace, it makes us look unattractive. Not just to a man, but to ourselves.

If you have kids its even more confusing. I seen my mother be both mom and dad, even with my father in the house. This taught me to have less respect for my father as a man and to not need him, EVER. This taught me to never depend on a man to provide and protect. I had to unlearn this and learn to trust the male presence in life. People used to tell me I looked intimidating and I never saw it, men told me this a lot. I had my guard up, before they even opened up their mouth. My answers were always short and curt. I was always ready to defend myself in anyway, because of how my father treated me. My tone and look alone would make a man bleed.

Take for example when we raise our voice, our voice is soft for a reason. Our soft tone is suppose to calm a man down. Our voice is meant to soothe. When we raise our pitch it makes us look like men. Men need us to be graceful and act like a lady. Not curse like a sailor. I’m not the arguing type, I can remain calm when I have something to say. It’s not in my nature to argue, if I find myself feeling like I’m about to raise my voice, I’ll just take a deep breath, it’s not to say that I don’t get upset, but I’m not going to raise my voice, unless I feel threatened to do so. Men have deep voices for a reason, women don’t.

There is a stern and calmness in a man’s voice that he uses in everyday life to be a man, make decisions, and how he handles his woman when it comes to being romantic. Women think that some men can’t handle a strong woman with her own mind. Some can, the ones that can’t are insecure. But the reason why men are attracted to you as a woman in the first place, is because you exude femininity. When a woman acts like a man, that is a huge turn-off. If a guy wants to do guy things, then he will do it with the guys, not with his woman. Men need feminine energy just as much as women need masculine energy.

Men for the most part, do not mind giving a woman what she desires, but women have to stop demanding it. That’s where the problem comes in. When a woman is feminine at her core, nurturing, and stands by her man, helps him, he in return wants to give her what she wants and needs. In a relationship (marriage if that’s what you choose), a man wants his wife to trust and believe in him. When men feel like you trust them, it gives them a sense of empowerment to be the best, that they can be for you and if you have a family.

When it comes to making decisions, I for one, trust men’s logical way of thinking, when I want my own logic challenged. If I feel I’m going to make an emotional decision. I will seek a man’s guidance at times. I’m not saying women can’t make sound decisions, but for the most part, they’re emotionally based. Men don’t make decisions based off their emotions, women do!

I feel like, If I’m in a healthy relationship with a good man who loves me, provides, protects me, makes sure I’m secure, takes care of me on an emotional level, and he’s a spiritual man of God. Why wouldn’t I shower him back with that same love that’s nurturing? Why wouldn’t I cook for him (and our family) and make sure he has something to eat every day and that our home is clean and peaceful?

I just think that it’s selfish when a woman doesn’t cook or show her appreciation towards a good man, but she will show her appreciation towards a bad one that’s not doing anything for her. This is not about being docile at all. I just happen to love cooking and having a clean home. It’s makes me feel good at the end of the day. Our nurturing energy is needed in our home.

I can’t function in a house that’s out of order. It’s not because it would make me “wife material”. It’s just in my nature. It should be in all women’s nature too, especially since we bear children. Women who don’t cook and take care of their home, shows how they will raise their children. I used to know several women who didn’t cook and clean and I really don’t have any respect for that. Their kids picked up these same bad habits. I like a man who can cook too, but that’s not really a man’s thing all the time.

But in the same token, men should share some of the responsibility too when it comes to chores. I feel like some women just want the ring, baby, and that lifestyle and then after that, they don’t even cater to their husbands anymore. If he’s busting his ass every day, so that you can live a comfortable life and stay home, if you choose, why wouldn’t you take care of your home?! That’s you’re way of contributing and showing your appreciation.

In conclusion, I just prefer a man to lead and I trust his guidance. Submission and letting a man lead is not subservient at all. It shouldn’t be looked at that way. It’s takes a strong woman to submit to a man to relinquish control, since we are taught to not need a man. By a man leading I get to be a feminine woman. It shouldn’t make me feel less of a woman because I prefer to stand beside my man, support him, and be his anchor when he needs me. If he’s nurturing my independence and doesn’t see it as a threat, why not?? Men, (the good ones) deal with a lot of crap every day and women really make it hard on them. At the end of the day, he just wants to relax and be in your graceful feminine energy.


15 thoughts on “Do Women Really Want Men To Lead? 

  1. I couldn’t have said it better myself. You seem to have covered all basis. In my personal experience I have always led. I look for a woman that understands I need her to be tender and nurturing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a man I can live without it, but the right person for me has those 2 qualities among others that are important too. I love a woman that is so strong and confident that she allows her man to lead. There is something sexy about a smart and independent woman. A woman that knows who she is and understands her man. A woman that understands a mans strength is for his woman and his family.

    Allen McNeil from Troop

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    1. Allen, I appreciate you reading my article and commenting….Your perspective is one that many women should hear. As a lot of women fear they will lose themselves in a relationship. The fear of engulfment. A woman’s independence can backfire, and so can her nurturing ways, if she is not with the right man. It’s nice to know that some men, do not see this as a woman being weak. Some women tap to much into masculine energy, to the point where they start to morph into men. A lot of women don’t agree with me, and I really do not care. I’m not weak because I rely on a mans strength to guide me, It’s needed…I don’t know if you’ve read any of my other articles Allen, but I am very opinionated and some men can not deal with that. My sassy, protective ways is great, if I’m in a relationship and I need to defend my man or stand by his side but its not my job to beat up a man, if a fight ever broke out. LOL…it’s his job to protect me. I was faced with a situation in my 20’s where the guy did not come to my aid. I knew he was not the one for me, I knew I could never feel safe with him. He stayed quiet and I had to defend myself.

      Independence is great, but not in a relationship or marriage to the point, where one party acts like they don’t need each other,…The problem with todays society is that we are raising to many independent women, with the notion that a man ain’t shit and can’t be relied upon for anything and that they are only good for a paycheck and free dinners or materialistic things. These women have no clear example, probably because of their upbringing. I’ve come across men, who don’t want to be men, its to much work for them. They want to switch roles and take a break. Some women are raising men to be mamas boys, to find an independent woman, and they can have that, but they need to know how to nurture and complement that independence and be a man, not see it as, “you got this, I don’t have to do anything for you”…..(been there done that, not ever doing that again), but at the same time they want to be the man. But not be needed. A woman having her own and being able to take care of herself is great and the same with a man. No one in life should solely depend on the other as if they can not take care of their own basic needs.

      A relationship is like the act of dance, someone has to lead, it can’t be both and it’s always the man who leads in the act of dance. I had a guy tell me, (when I was ballroom dancing), stop me and say “let me lead”. He looked me dead in my eyes and took a firm grip of my hand, respectfully, and said let me lead, trust me and smiled, lol but he was serious…I let him….I was so used to as soon as the music came on, I just started dancing, lol. Thats great when you dance solo but not with a partner…my instructor had to tell me, let him lead…when he lead, I felt at ease, I didn’t have to worry about, the dance going wrong. I had to trust my dance partner and I enjoyed it more when I relinquished control and let him lead…The problem wasn’t him it was me,….I didn’t trust him. when I got home, I thought about that and I was like, I’m to much in control of every facet of my life and I didn’t even realize it…..I’m a woman, I don’t want to be the man, I’m tired of it! It’s not my job to be in control and strong all time, it throws my equilibrium off, it does something to my mind and body, when I know this is not how a woman is suppose to be.

      Allen McNeil from TROOP read my article and commented,…oh my goodness!!!….get out of town, lol…. I wasn’t going to let that one slide, lol… Do you have any idea of how much of a huge fan I am of yours :). Thank you for reading and for your perspective.


      1. Allen, brother, you hit it right on the nail. I could not have agreed with you anymore or with the woman who wrote this article. You just don’t hear women talk like this anymore. Surely this woman is highly evolved. I showed a female friend of mine this article and she said the woman who wrote this must be brainwashed. I’m sure this woman must get a lot of hate comments. A woman like this, any man would want in their life, because she knows her role and she sounds like a woman of God. She clearly states “this is not about being docile”. What’s wrong with a woman, seeking her mans guidance? I find nothing wrong with this article. This article is really refreshing. I agree with what you said ” A woman that understands a mans strength is for his woman and his family.” Some women just don’t get it and if we as men say something, its like we look bad. I don’t want a yes woman. I want a woman who challenges me, but I also want my future wife to know that I will lead, the way God intended and would like for her to trust me and be nurturing.

        Women today are losing faith in men, just like she stated. They don’t trust us to lead. A godly woman, knows her role in her husbands life. But a woman who is stuck on getting her way all the time, will never understand an article like this. I meet women who don’t know how to keep their home or their kids in line. I’m old school. I’m 53 and the dynamics of women and relationships are just changing. I want a woman who keeps her home in order, instead of worrying about how she looks all the time. I met a woman the other day that had something to say because I drove an Acura. But had she taken the time to get to know me, she would have known that I own my own home and that I have good credit, like some women want and I own my own business. But she never got the chance to know the real me. A lot of women are just shallow. I like a woman who looks good just like the next man, but you got to have more than that to keep me. Us as men can get sex from anyone, but who wants that anymore, I’m 53 years old. It’s hard to find women who like to stay home and cook sometimes. That was also nice to read. I don’t remember the last time a woman cooked for me, instead of wanting to eat out all the time. It’s just getting more and more expensive to please women. At this point I’m just frustrated with women. It’s like they don’t want a good man, they want an ATM card like she said.

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      2. Johnathan, thank you very much for your comment and compliment… and yes I do get a lot hate comments from women, lol. It’s all good though. These women struggle in relationships and its clear why. Just like I mentioned to Allen about the “dance analogy” someone has to lead, it can’t be both. I’m very observant of men and women in relationships and a lot of these women, their independence is backfiring on them. They claim they want a man to take charge and want a man to be a man, but as soon as he does, they have a problem with it. Men and women we come with our own issues, but to me relationships are not suppose to be that difficult, especially if you know why you are in one and what your wants and needs are. I hear women bash men, call them names I will not write here and some even go to the other side and date a very masculine woman, proving that the masculine presence and energy is needed.

        It’s sad that a lot women have not had an example, but it’s never to late to seek that. Someone I used to know, is very subservient and that’s not what being submissive, or letting a man lead is about. She’s a “yes” woman. A people pleaser. She was that way when she was dating men, now she’s with a masculine female and she’s the same way. And she wonders why she gets taken for granted and can not receive the love she so desperately desires. She has no self love and does not know who she is or God. This is learned behavior and she’s stuck in this cycle, looking for love from anyone she can get it from. Shes looking for someone to lead her. For a male presences to be the disciplinarian for her kids, but a masculine woman, who wants to act like a man, can not be a male figure for a young boy to transition to manhood. It needs to be a man. I told her that and it’s obvious she didn’t like it.

        A lot of women want to have the final say in how they are led instead of trusting their man to lead. When I didn’t get guidance from my last relationship. I had to end it among other reasons. He did not want to be a man and lead or for me to seek his guidance on anything nor was he a man of God or spiritual. The closer I drew towards God, the further apart we got. God said he was suppose be a certain way and he didn’t want to be that way. I sometime wonder what’s wrong with women and thank God I’m not like them. You have good godly men out there, that want marriage and a family but for some sad reason, these women that men meet, want them to prove how worthy they are financially above anything else.

        Johnathan I pray that you find a godly woman who will appreciate you one day. She’s out there, just be patient. A dear friend of mine told me, “that God has someone special for everyone” and I’m doing my best to have faith in those words. That’s sad how that woman you met, had something to say about your car. It’s sad and unfortunate that some women are extremely materialistic. Take it as a when God says no. Take it as you dodged a bullet. A female like that will never see the real you or your heart. Only what you can buy her. It’s great you didn’t go out with her or get serious. Say thank you God and keep it moving. Women like that, expect you to buy them the world.


    2. Al, I feel the same way man……that’s how the old school women used to be. They need to get back to that….PREACH!….I take my hat off to you my sister. What an in-depth article coming from an in-depth woman. It’s about time a real woman said something about this issue. I keep getting into arguments with women, who are trying to fight me, instead of working together. I agree with all these comments. It’s getting harder and harder to find a good quality woman. To the women who hate, let them hate. People only take offense to things, if its something that they feel they are not. I love what you said about not raising your voice and being calm.

      I want a woman that calms me, when she sees that I may raise my voice and get a little frustrated, one of us has to stay calm. These women, now a days with reality tv, they are extremely loud and disrespectful because of the platform they are given. What happen to class? I love smart and independent women, but I don’t want it being thrown in my face all the time. I’ve met several women who would not date me, because I did not have a masters degree. These women wondered what our future would look like, because I didn’t have all the degrees they required in a man.

      It didn’t matter that I had a great income just under 6 figures or that I’m a christian man. Their main focus was a piece of paper. Women who are educated and independent are moving away from what God ordained, when they feel they don’t need a man or our guidance. Men need a woman’s guidance as well when it comes to certain things. It’s great to know that you as a woman are not weak because you seek a mans godly guidance to lead. Are you married? lol what planet did you come from, lol. Do they make more women like you, lol. I want a nurturing woman too, some of these females do act like men. I don’t understand why they are not feminine, tender and warm anymore.

      I want a family one day but if a woman is not nurturing, how will she care for our family. I’m 46 thought I would be married and have kids by now, I still got time, but women are just not the same anymore. We need more women like you in the world that understand men and what we require. I know as men, we can be a bit much but with a woman that at least tries to understand us, she can help a man get to that next level by standing by our side. Really enjoyed this read. Great article!

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    3. Al, My marriage ended because my wife was to demanding, over the years she changed. I felt like she was one of the guys. A woman shouldn’t stop being nurturing, a man needs that, theres no reason we should have to live without it. We can’t stop being men. They would hang us. My ex wife stop being nurturing to our kids and I had to fight for custody after the divorce. Women just don’t know how hard men have it and the pressure we face on a daily basis. I’m a leader and it’s my role to provide for my wife and kids. The disrespect I had to deal with after 14 hour work days. No upkeep of the house or home cooked meals. It just got to a point where I had to do it, or else me and my kids would not eat. She just checked out. Marriage counseling didn’t work. She wanted out. No one talks about single fathers. The woman who wrote this article, would make any man feel safe and secure to provide for his family. I see I’m not the only one who feels this way. More women should take heed to this article and be like this in my opinion.

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      1. Hi Eric, Thank you for reading and commenting. Sorry to hear about your marriage. And I agree with you, they don’t talk about single fathers enough and all that they do for their children. I feel like the justice system caters to women. They just do, look at how a woman can take half of a man’s earnings and she didn’t even help him build it or get an excessive amount of money for child support. The court alway rules in favor of the woman. Marriage is set up to protect the woman, not the man. Automatically the man is wrong it doesn’t matter what he says. Jails are set up for men more than they are women. Taking the male presence out the home. Causing women to be both mother and father. Then the men who are doing the right thing, run into the wrong women, and they can’t be the men they need to be, because they don’t have the right woman by their side.

        Us as women, you’re right, we shouldn’t stop being nurturing to our kids or to our husband. Women are acting to hard and really morphing into men. If you are working 14 hours a day, there’s no reason why you should have to come home and cook or do any other domestic duties. It doesn’t mean you are lazy but if I was working that many hours, I would expect a home cooked meal too. I don’t know if your ex wife worked but if she did or didn’t she should be the one to cook, since her work day is shorter than yours. Some women have no idea what marriage or being a mother entails. They think its some fantasy on tv they’ve been dreaming about since they were 5.

        If a woman does not want to cook or clean, then she shouldn’t have kids or get married. Plain and simple. The husband can help out too every now and then…but if you a stay at home mom. Then don’t complain and have your home in order for your husband and children. Women believe the man is suppose to do everything. It’s a partnership, it takes work. I get that some women don’t want to cook every day, and they don’t have to, they can prep the food on the weekends for the week. I’m old school, my mother cooked so I would not do take out, fast food or microwaveable meals, if I had a man or children. That crap is garbage and it’s a waste of money. Families are no longer having dinner the way they used to. Nurturing women are still out there, don’t lose faith. God will bless you with a new love again.


    4. Al Mac, agreed! I think some women get it twisted and think that men don’t like independent women. When we do, we just want our woman to be a lady. Only men who want dumb women are insecure. I come from a household that my father always said grace, and sat at the head of the table. The last woman I was engaged to, had a problem with me saying grace all the time and sitting at the head of the table. She wanted to sit there. We had a child together and she told me, that when we got married then I could sit at the head of the table. We never got married. I knew that if were arguing about saying grace and me sitting at the head of the table, what else were we going to argue about.

      I tried to dismiss the fact that she didn’t like to cook, I do, she wasn’t that tidy either, we worked on that, I figure I’d help her but when you work long hours and doing the type of work I do which is construction. Last thing I want to do is cook. I’m tired and she was home all day. I want a woman that is able to help me out every now and then, even though I made enough to support us. I just decided this was a deal breaker, she was smart and attractive but a marriage needs more than that. I just couldn’t see myself dealing with this long term. The woman I’m with now, treats my daughter as if she was her own, she does things that should come natural to any woman. She’s a great stepmom and they butt heads but it is what it is.

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    5. Allen McNeil how are you? Where you been? I enjoyed this post even though its hard to be nice to men, some men they want to play house, if you allowed them to lead. Maybe because they are not christian men. I love when a man is a man but its not easy because some men are controlling. I don’t mind being attentive to a man but I’m not his mother or slave and that seems like what most men want, for you to be be there mother. Great article though i understand where shes coming from, I guess its just finding the right man. God bless you all.

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    6. Al, as a christian man and father. A woman is suppose to be tender and nurturing. They’re women not men. Thats how God made them. No man should have to live without it. I don’t like hard masculine women. Some women have independence backwards. Great quality but not to emasculate a man.

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    7. I’m a man and I can’t live without it. Al Mac. women are suppose to be tender and nurturing. I refuse to be with a hard woman, who wants to be the man. Masculine traits in a woman is not attractive. I’ll be single before I put up with another, woman who wants to hang me by jewels. If a woman doesn’t allow you to be the man, then you find someone who will. This author needs to be cloned. lol. I’m not sure what race this woman is, but I find that most women of my race, I hate to say are very loud and manly and it turns me off, because I love my people but come on. If you want a man to be a man, stop trying to tell him how to be a man. Let us provide, protect and profess. Be the beautiful woman you’re suppose to be, stand in your grace the way God intended.

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  2. Hi,

    First I would like to say that I really enjoyed this post. Young lady, God has a hold of your heart and don’t ever let anyone tell you different or stray you from that. I read some of your articles and you are a very intelligent, opinionated woman. Reminds me of myself. Of course women will have a problem with this article, because they are worldly women. My testimony is different, before I met my husband. I struggled too in my relationships because I was very much so independent. I never depended on a man for anything, since my dad left when I was young. My husband and I actually got divorced once then got married again, and the only reason why it worked the second time is because we gave our lives to the lord and I let him lead. Before that we struggled to get it right the first time.

    He struggled with women and I struggled with men. My husband and I both work. We are partners and he comes to me for advice and I come to him too. I’m not going to quote your whole article, but there is a power struggle with women and men. When you have two head strong people, you will butt heads. My husband loves the fact that I’m educated and have my own mind. He’s not trying to control me or our children, like some men do. A lot of men take the leadership role or a submissive wife as being a doormat. That is not what a real man does under the leadership of God. As a wife and a mother, it is my responsibility to nurture. My husband and I and our children share the responsibilities of our home to make sure it runs smoothly.

    My kids do chores and they help with cooking. Since he works six days a week sometimes. I don’t mind as his wife, when he doesn’t pick up after himself. For the most part he does, but when he is tired the girls and I chip in but we never let our home get to the point where it’s messy. As I will not allow that and my husband picks up after me too. Women today need to really wake up, if they plan to marry a faithful God fearing man. I’m blessed and grateful that God brought me and my husband back together again. Letting my husband lead, has allowed me to be more of a woman, a better wife and mother and not so dominate. I never realized I was being like a man, most women don’t. But just like you said, when you know yourself and have a relationship with God, these things come back to you.

    God is first in our marriage. That time apart I see it as a blessing in disguise. And even though marriage is not easy, and we have our disagreements, like any other couple. I trust and appreciate my husband to lead, we respect one another and I don’t raise my voice at him and he doesn’t raise his voice at me either. My daughters have the perfect example of how a real man is suppose to be. When he has a rough day he seeks my comfort to balance him and I’m happy to hold him or give him his space because he gives me mine. You will find a Godly man that will love and appreciate you. You are a daughter of God never forget that!

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    1. Hi Amy, Thank you so much for your comment. It’s nice to get positive feedback from another woman. I really appreciate it! Glad this article as well as my other ones resonated with you. Yes, I agree, there are a lot of worldly women. They’ll come around eventually. As opinionated as I am, I can never be anyones doormat. Did you read the backlash, that Candace Cameron, got for saying she was a submissive wife? Women are taking that word “submissive” wrong, that’s the problem. They think it’s about being subservient and it’s not about that. I think a lot of women think that men will view them as weak or not having their own mind, if they let him take more control and lead or seek his advice. I’m so glad that you were able to rekindle your marriage. Doesn’t it feel calm just to relax and be a woman?! God made Eve from the Rib of Adam…he took it from his side, so that she can be by his side, not to be above him or below him. A few days ago…I was feeling a little bit frustrated about something and I reached out to a male friend of mine, because I felt I was about to make an emotional decision, and he spoked to me and calmed me down. Had I called one of my female friends, they would have said, take the page down, lol….

      When I’m feeling some type of way about something. I don’t need for someone to agree with me, unless I’m right about how I feel and they see that. I need them to comprehend what I’m saying or give me a different outlook on it. Take for example, I worked in corporate america for years and a lot of the CEOS and people at the top are men, and it got me to thinking, it’s not that women can’t be at the top like men, it’s just that men are more logical and they can handle the stress better than women. Their decision making skills are not driven by their emotions like women. Even the project managers and the men who are brokers. Even men who are in construction too. I wouldn’t want that type of job, lol. I would have to tap into masculine energy and it would make me look hard, as I used to work in those environments and it’s very tight. The tension is very nerve wrecking. It’s just in my opinion that men do very well in that line of work. I don’t want to be a man. I like being nurturing and delicate and calm. It’s just in my nature to be that way.


  3. Indepth woman, God bless you! It’s not every day you hear women talk like this. I agree with the other commentators especially what Al Said “I love a woman that is so strong and confident that she allows her man to lead.” Most women don’t. You sound like the kind of woman who has faith in her mans guidance. I would never want to control my wife or strip her of her independence. My wife is very independent and she’s a great step mother to my daughter and she never wanted to have kids but she changed her mind. I see how calm and easy going my wife is, she gets to be a woman, just like Amy said and settle into her natural ways. My wife keeps our home clean and she cooks and she enjoys it and I cook too on the weekends. I lucked up with this woman!!!

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